PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018 Begins Wednesday, June 6

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PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018 Begins Wednesday, June 6

Join us for a new announcement each morning at 8am Pacific time as we count down the days until the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase.

Hey, it’s almost E3 again! PlayStation’s got plenty of updates to share — so many, in fact, that we’re going to start the party a little early.

The main course will be served at the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase, which starts Monday evening, June 11, at 6:00pm Pacific.

But we’re preparing some tasty appetizers to hold you over until then. Starting Wednesday, June 6 at 8am Pacific, join us at, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook as we count down to E3 with new game announces and updates each day leading into Monday’s Showcase. PlayStation.Blog will have expanded coverage and videos each day as well, but if you watch live at 8am Pacific you’ll be the first to know!

Here’s our Countdown to E3 schedule:

Wednesday, June 6 at 8am Pacific
Announce: New PS4 Game With PS VR Support
Thursday, June 7 at 8am Pacific
Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title
Friday, June 8 at 8am Pacific
Announce: New PS4 Game
Saturday, June 9 at 8am Pacific
Announce: New PS VR Game
Sunday, June 10 at 8am Pacific
Details: An Eagerly Anticipated Game Comes to PS VR

Stay tuned! PlayStation’s E3 2018 Showcase is just one week away…

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  • So that release date is definitely Last of Us Part II.

    • Definetly not TLOUpt2 release date. They wouldn’t do that outside of a conference if they would be able to call it this early.
      The only ones possible are Days Gone and Dreams most likely. Could be Blood and Truth aswell.

    • No, it’s definitely not.

      As for what Zonde said, Dreams is the anticipated game they’re going to talk about getting VR support on Sunday, so it’s not that. And Days Gone is going to be early 2019, so we’re not going to get the date for that yet. Blood & Truth is a distinct possibility. Though, my bet is on Concrete Genie. That seems the most likely candidate to me.

    • boondocks_123703

      How can I get and Download the 2018 Symbols and the Sky Theme for My PS4

    • Nah, won’t be Days Gone. Probably will be Dreams or Concrete Genie.

  • June 7 – Days Gone Release Date

    • DREAMS release date.

    • Nope. Days Gone is an early 2019 title, so I doubt we’re getting a release date soon. I also don’t think that will be Dreams. Dreams will be the game they talk about getting VR support on Sunday, and we still need to hear about that beta. I think it’ll be Concrete Genie getting the release date.

    • I was wrong! They went with the uncharacteristically early release date announcement!

  • Please let it be the release date for The Last of Us.

    • That will not be announced before the main press conference. But I also would not expect that to be actually announced at the main press conference either.

  • Days Gone or The Last of Us 2 could be one of them is Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title

  • Hopefully is a release date for Ghosts of Tsushima> :fingers_crossed:


    nice cant wait.

  • Shadow die twice is the new game?



  • As much as I’d love the announced release date to be for Dreams, I see them doing that for the pre-e3 event with announcements they typically do (though it’s possible they’ll do both).

    More likely that Thursday’s announcement will be fore Medieval or Patapon 2.

  • Patapon 2 release date COME ON!

  • My first reaction to these upcoming announcements is wow, I am loving the PS VR love! So there will be at least 2 new PS4 games unveiled; that’s more than I anticipated and am certainly pleasantly surprised. I wonder what they are! The 4 confirmed games already have me hyped enough haha. I am gonna guess they will disclose the release date for Days Gone. Looking forward to it all, thank you!

  • Is the new game a Playstation All-Stars sequel, though? Last year’s “leak” had a lot of cool stuff in it, hopefully it turns up real.

  • Dear PlayStation.Blog, I say this with all respect given, I know you are all avid and passionate gamers and that you are loyal to PlayStation, but please please please keep the shopping channel fake attitudes and enthusiasm under control this year. Last E3 pre-show was so transparent and weak it became painful to watch, I felt I had to endure it to not miss the beginning of Sony’s keynote.

    I love PS Blog, I’d just love it even more if the staff were a bit more professional sometimes.

    Anyway, have fun at LA and tell Shuhei I love him!

  • No ps5 announcement this year, but would love a PS4 digital portable announced

  • The only eagerly anticipated PS VR title I can think of is Fallout 4. Later that same day, June 10, is the Bethesda conference, so it adds up that PS would get to tease it early and then Bethesda goes into it in their conference. This is the E3 we find out if Fallout 4 is coming, whether we find out it is, or hear nothing.

    • Just realized June 10 the game “comes” to PSVR.. not gets announced. Just sounds more like Bethesda announcing games right before launch. Could be something else though.

    • Yay, another 60 dollar Bethesda VR conversion, oh joy.

  • I’m ready to be amazed for the next few days with games games games!!!

  • I’m surprised no has thought of Resident Evil 2 Remake or Devil May Cry 5 to be revealed! I do not know though if this week or saved for Monday…..

  • TheTheDoctorWho8

    Medievil Release date i hope.

  • BioShock PSVR announcement on Sunday?

  • Hope this gets the PSVR stuff out of the way before the main event.

  • Please let it be Ridge Racer VR

  • Any New From PUBG?

  • Very interesting approach to PlayStation’s E3 this year. This has to be the most information we’ve been given ahead of time since… ever? :-)

  • RealDealPossiel

    What’s the point of announcing these things ahead of E3? That just takes the wind out of your own sails.

  • I hope the PSVR announcements don’t disappoint. I want full locomotion and lengthier VR games. As for the conference, we should’nt be concerned. Sony will be just fine talking about the 4 big games. Death Stranding might be a show stopper if gameplay is shown. The Last of Us 2 might be the entire E3 highlight; especially when considering a potential surprise Q4 2018 release date. Spider-Man is already a showstopper. Considering Sucker Punch’ pedigree, Ghosts of Tsushima should be a worthwhile spiritual reincarnation of Onimusha. Any announcement on top of those games is icing on the cake.

  • Bloodborne 2

  • PS Vita Successor :D :D

  • Una pregunta se que el evento será en inglés.pero habrá subtítulos o algo ?

  • I would love a release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • I would love to see a new PlayStation All-Stars game revealed.

  • Eu adoraria ver um anuncio de um PS vita 2 compatível com PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP e PS Vita

  • Legends never Die!!

  • Legends never Die!! :D

  • The Tetris Effect looks intriguing, especially considering it’s from the creator of Rez and Rez Infinite. It’s great to see new games. I love the PVR support.

  • I’m just hoping that the new PS4 game is Sly Cooper 5 / Sly Collection for PS4 or something related to Sly! Please make it happen.

  • SONY… please give us a NEW SOCOM war shooter game!!! It’s time to bring SOCOM back!!! SOCOM sold and made the PS2 great. SOCOM sold the PS3 for you!!

    Enough already with the Fantasy games and kid cartoon games!!! How about some games for your adult players! I’m about ready to give away or sell my PS4 because I’ve got nothing to play. Call of Duty WW2 was trash. Battlefield 5 WW2 isn’t worth buying!


  • Guys you have an error on the landing page for the E3 countdown. It says July 11, 2018, instead of June 11, 2018. Fix this. :)

  • Bring back clan wars to advance warfare on ps3

  • So the new PS4 game turned out to be “Twin Mirror” which looks more like a PS3 game. I’m so disappointed, I really really expected to be a new Sly Cooper game. The TV show has remained quite silent for a year and I thought this would be the perfect time to announce it. Come on, every single mascot has already had their appearance on the PS4, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and even Medievil. It’s Sly’s turn, don’t let him die like this announcing that trash game called “Twin Mirror”.

  • The only way I’d want to see another Playstation All-Stars was if 1) they made it play like a traditional 1-on-1 2.5D fighting game instead of a sad Smash Brothers rip off and 2) it focused on beloved Playstation exclusive or associated characters, instead of just trying to promote whatever the latest game out is. Donte, Isaac, and a Big Daddy had no business being in such a game.

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