Play Fearlessly: A Look at Our Newest TV Spot

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Play Fearlessly: A Look at Our Newest TV Spot

An invitation to come play in our world.

With our huge Days of Play promotion about to kick off and E3 around the corner, there’s never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family.

Our new campaign is called “Play Fearlessly,” and it’s an invitation to come play in our world.

The TV spot, which just debuted, tells a unique story about something we can all relate to: the exhilaration and pure joy we all feel when we get an opportunity to play. For some of us, play is nostalgic. For others, it is something we prioritize every day of our lives. In either case – we think play is fundamental to who we are. “Play Fearlessly” is our rallying cry for everyone to come play in the incredible, epic world of PlayStation.

We hope it inspires everyone to play just a little bit more.

See you at E3!

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  • wtf was that

  • Epic commercial (^_^)

  • Have a Pepsi? I don’t get it. Must be an Ad for that scared millennial thing…

    just kidding folks, please play safe and responsibly when online

  • Am I the only one that found that final shot on the beach to be the most terrifying thing of all?

    Also, it’s just a video game console. No reason to be so melodramatic. You’re not curing cancer or anything.

    • Have some fun. PlayStation has a looooong history of ambitious marketing just like this. It’s an inextricable part of the brand.

    • It may be just a gaming console, but gaming has helped a LOT of people through hard times in their life by providing empowering entertainment and connection to others.

      While Sony’s ads may be melodramatic, the impact gaming has is not a lie… it may not be such for you, but for quite a large number of people gaming is a method to cope with hardship, to connect with others, or simply to experience joys that may be otherwise absent from their lives.

  • You called?

  • I miss ol’ Kevin Buttler, best adds ever!

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