Metal Slug XX Available May 29th, Powered Up For PS4

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Metal Slug XX Available May 29th, Powered Up For PS4

Enjoy an upgraded version of the PSP hit with different scanline modes, updated multiplayer options, and playable character Leona now available from the start.

Hi Soldiers! In celebration of the upcoming release of Metal Slug XX on PlayStation 4, we are pleased to share the following info from our dev team on many of the bells and whistles added to this powered-up version of the original PSP release!

Graphical Upgrades

For the first time in franchise history, Metal Slug can be enjoyed in 4K!

The game is fully 4K-supported with a variety of display settings, including new scanline filtering options and high-resolution border art styles.

We all agree that the Metal Slug Series features truly legendary 2D sprite-work, so we took extra care to create scanline options that we felt lived up to the standard of the amazing graphical style that fans adore around the world.

Metal Slug XX: Scanlines Off


The first new scanline style we call “TV”, with the simple goal of replicating the look of a high-quality Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor that you would use at home. In particular, we’re simulating the alternating colored and black lines as seen on CRTs and applying them carefully so that the image scales properly and looks natural both on a 1080p or 4K screen. Ever wonder what Metal Slug XX would look like running on your Neo Geo AES? Now can you see for yourself!

Metal Slug XX: TV Scanlines

TV scanlines

The second style is called “Arcade” – here we’re trying to capture the complex scanlines used in classic arcade monitors, just like the original machines. This filter was carefully crafted to simulate the delta-gun shadow mask configuration of an arcade monitor, including emission of red, green and blue phosphors. Additionally, a scanline effect is applied to complete the arcade monitor look and feel. A close examination of the screen will reveal the subtle triad phosphor effect. As one of the only Metal Slug entries to not have an original arcade release, we wanted to honor the series’ quarter-munching roots and give fans an option to experience the game through a classic arcade lens.

Metal Slug XX: Arcade Scanlines

Arcade scanlines

Controller Support, New Trophy Set

This “remastered” port of Metal Slug XX is also fully functional with DualShock 4 game controllers, including (optional) vibration support to make the heated battles feel even more hectic, and fan-favorite voice samples played through the controller’s speaker during the release of POWs and other in-game events. On top of that, more than 30 Trophies have been added for players who enjoy a good challenge, with some of them based on fan-favorite trivia and Easter eggs! We are also excited to announce that this is the very first time Platinum Trophies have been implemented in a Metal Slug title!

Leona Unlocked and Loaded!

In addition to the six characters found in the original release, “the silent soldier” Leona Heidern is now playable from the beginning! She is a very strong character with her special ability (Moon Slasher) that can be activated at any time by pressing simultaneously up on the directional pad, L1 and □ to nullify projectiles, cut enemy vehicles in half, and of course protect your brothers and sisters-in-arms!

2P Co-op Online Multiplayer via Share Play

Metal Slug XX can be enjoyed alone, together with a friend through local co-op, or with registered online friends via Share Play.

Metal Slug XX

As Metal Slug is also a game series known and praised for its unique art style, SNK’s original Metal Slug artist Tonko has prepared an exclusive illustration for the PlayStation Nation of iconic hero character Marco Rossi ready to clash with his archenemy Gen. Morden’s most trusted soldier, Sergeant Allen O’Neil! “C’mon, boy! Go home to mommy!”

Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX will be available May 29th on PS4 at PS Store for $19.99! Be ready for seven missions of intense action! MISSION START!!

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  • Thanks guys, happy to see this! I have XX on my Vita (Thanks to the PSP backwards compatibility, and PS+ that one moth they included it with the program), and I liked it a lot then, even purchased the Leona DLC.

    I was incredibly disappointed in another platform that had brought the game to “4K” through their backwards compatibility service, but that particular edition of the game had this horrendous smoothing filter on the sprites, it actually looked worse than the PSP version.

    Glad to see you went the extra mile to include various settings so that we could have the game look the way we find preferable.

    Keep on truckin’, SNK! Looking forward to more!

  • Glad to see the entire Metal Slug series is now playable on PS4. Will be picking this up down the road.

    Now can we get KOF 98UM Final Edition and KOF 02UM on PS4 with online play PLEASE!?

  • Lol! 4K support — Scanlines.

  • 4K? Seriously it’s the 40th anniversary and you will not remaster this game with actual wide screen support, not a stretch? How many times do we have to see the same metal slug-ish games re-release on the PS4? It’s the 7th+ time. I cannot forgive the input lag on SNK’s METAL SLUG ANTHOLOGY PS4’s port. It has scanlines too. Time for new material.

  • Some of us old guys are long-time fans of the series and STILL have this game on their Neo Geo. And 360. And PS3. And we are clearly the target audience for this game.

    I wouldn’t mind playing it on my PS4. But, $20? For ONE of the numerous games in the series? Which would equal $20 for each of the other games in the series?

    No way. No how. $10? Maybe, but probably not. $5? Sure, I’ll throw my money your way, yet again.

    As is, I’ll wait for a flash sale. Or, play it on the myriad of other sources available. Or, not play it at all.

  • There will be a version for PS VITA ?

    • I doubt that since METAL SLUG XX is already playable on Vita if you buy the 2010 PSP game, just like the 2009 PSP METAL SLUG ANTHOLOGY it is emulated. It’s a real shame neither of these are crossbuy bundled for PS4/PS3/PSVita at $20. What may burn your biscuits is the remastered claims is really a port. Games like the LocoRoco’s, PaRappa Remasters were found by hackers (see ArsTechnica) to be running an internal psp emulator with higher quality texture packs on PS4. So one would guess that these emulated metal slug games are being emulated through the powered up PSP emulator for PS4. If high quality border art is the highlight of the 4K graphical effort that’s one lazy remaster. Why not get the ad hoc network play feature to work online?

      This trend may continue as mini retro game collections are a hot cash grab at the moment.

      As a collector the physical NeoGeo Mini may be coming out soon, this portable arcade cabinet looks pretty looks cool, see @SNKPofficial on twitter for more details.

  • sucks no online co-op since share play doesint unlock trophies for both players. Though I am shocked a company actually promoted share play as its a pretty neat feature that I dont understand why some devs block it. So thanks for at least allowing share play.

  • I love Metal Slug, i’m a big fan of the saga, in the future i plan to buy a PS4 to play Metal Slug XX along with the remastered games of Patapon, LocoRoco and Crash Bandicoot. I also plan to buy Metal Slug Anthology for PS4, but i’ve read in many forums that this game has severe input lag problems, that completely RUINS the gaming experience, so, Sony PlayStation or SNK, i ask you to fix this annoying problem, don’t let a great game like Metal Slug Anthology be ruined by a problem like the input lag, please.
    I hope that someone who works behind the Metal Slug games will read this and in the future this problem will be fixed, i’m sure this is a minor problem that they can solve easily.

  • $20 is a bit much

  • Wow SNK what to ruin this release.

    First you charge $5 more than the 360 release, and now I see you removed online from the game to rely on share play which the 360 version had online except co-op disabled Achievements for whatever reason.

    Also, I think you guys forgot Anthology had a platinum.

    I was so looking forward to this release and you guys went and botched it. I’ll wait for a flash sale and once again play by myself. Thanks for nothing SNK.

  • I don’t see it in the PS store Is it out yet ? It says out on May 29th but don’t see it.

  • It’s a shame there is not smoothing filter like Metal Slug Anthology on PS3 System. The scanlines mentioned in this text, really suck!

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