FAQ: First Contact Talks Firewall Zero Hour

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FAQ: First Contact Talks Firewall Zero Hour

Answers to your burning questions about the tactical VR team shooter's features, game modes, and more.

Firewall Zero Hour fans: we’re hard at work on the game so you can enjoy it a bit later this year. We have more to show you prior to then, but in the meantime we wanted to tackle some of the questions we’d seen on social media and forums these past few months.

What is Firewall Zero Hour?

Firewall Zero Hour is a 4v4 team-based tactical VR shooter where players must use teamwork, strategy and an arsenal of equipment to either acquire or protect a cache of sensitive data.

In Firewall Zero Hour, two teams of mercenaries (Attackers and Defenders) are hired by anonymous contract handlers to either protect or obtain the data, housed in a laptop located in exotic locations across the globe.

Each team’s anonymous contract handler acts as their ‘eye in the sky’ and guides each team by providing objectives and critical information in each match. Their sole concern is the data and they are willing to pay you handsomely for it.

Firewall: Zero Hour

What are my character/weapon/equipment options?

There will be a number of different weapons in Firewall Zero Hour, ranging from Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns and Pistols.

We also offer many weapon attachments and equipment to unlock through player progression that enhance your weapons and upgrade your loadouts.

There are also 12 different Contractors to choose from, each with their own unique skill. Each contractor can be customized with an additional skill and many cosmetic upgrades.

How do I progress? Am I getting experience or money?

Each time you complete a match in Firewall Zero Hour, you earn XP and our in-game currency, Crypto as a reward for your accomplishments. XP unlocks new weapons, attachments and equipment. You can purchase the items that you have unlocked using Crypto. The more you play, the more you unlock, the more you purchase.

Is internet/PS Plus required for Firewall Zero Hour?

An internet connection is required for Firewall Zero Hour. PS Plus is only required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.

Am I picking sides?

There are no sides in Firewall. You accept contracts and work for anyone willing to pay your price.

How many maps will there be at launch?

There will be nine maps at launch, set across three real-world regions: Russia, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Firewall: Zero Hour

How does the game benefit from PS VR?

Firewall Zero Hour has been developed from the ground up for PS VR – we worked hard to make sure that the experiences players have in VR when they play are as immersive, engaging and as unique as possible.

There are a number of examples that bring this to life:

  • Rich 3D environments.
  • Realistic characters with lifelike animations.
  • Satisfying gameplay reinforced by precise controls and intuitive locomotion.
  • A powerful social element driven by team communication and interactions that are hyper-effective via 3D sound and PS VR’s built-in microphone.

Playing with the PS VR Aim controller, you’ll benefit from an extra level of immersion as you aim down the sights of your virtual weapon.

Finally, communication with your teammates is critical in Firewall Zero Hour — and your key to strategizing, surviving, and completing your Contracts.

Firewall: Zero Hour

Is there a Single Player Campaign?

There is no traditional Single Player Campaign in Firewall Zero Hour. Our focus is making Contracts Mode (Multiplayer competitive PVP) as balanced, satisfying, and replayable as possible. Our Singleplayer and Multiplayer Training Modes allow you earn XP, and practice against AI with all of your weapons and equipment, preparing you for combat in Contracts Mode.

What are the details about the game modes in Firewall Zero Hour?

Training Mode (Single Player PVE)

  • Test and hone your skills alone against AI in nine maps. Earn XP to help boost your MP game progress

Training Mode (Multiplayer co-op PVE)

  • Public: Join a team of mercenaries to take on an AI army and earn XP.
  • Private: Create a private match with 2-4 players against AI to complete objectives (no XP or Crypto)

Contract Mode (Multiplayer competitive PVP)

  • Public: Join a team of four ranked players online to complete objectives, earn XP and Crypto.
  • Private: Create a private match with up to eight players to complete objectives (no XP or Crypto)

There’s much more to come and we can’t wait to get our game into the hands (and onto the heads) of the PS VR community!

Firewall: Zero Hour

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  • Will we be able to play the game with the Aim Controller?

    • Nevermind I reread it. Glad there is a single player mode as well as private matches.

    • @IsabelleDuncan

      Oh wow! Really? Do tell! We’re all so interested on how you did it.

      Please continue on…Please…

  • Can you clarify a little? So PSN is only required to play the Training or Contract Mode in MP… but it seems the only other mode is Training mode in SP. No game requires me to have PSN to play single player content.

    So the more accurate truth is that we DO need PSN to play any of this games multiplayer content… which is the main reason to play this game. So only Single Player Training is available to non PSN subscribers, right?

  • Please… Please… Please… take a note from Battlefield and let players utilize multiple pieces of C4! In fact, what would be cool is if you could set 3 pieces of C4, and look at your wrist to choose which one to remote detonate. That would be so dope.

  • Okay, yes. Those were pertinent questions. Good answers.

    But you didn’t ask the only question we really care about.

    What is the release date?


  • Please take the PlayStation Plus money and give this game the massive player base it deserves. I’d hate to see empty lobbies when 8 people are required for matches.

  • Please for the love of God do not make the middle east map just a bland sand map! There’s a lot of variety to environments in the middle east (and a lot of countries).
    And even if it is a sand map please be imaginative with it. They don’t all have to be war torn!

    ow much will the game game cost?

  • I wish this had a single player campaign. It could’ve potentially taken Splinter Cell’s crown. Or even better, imagine if the next Splinter Cell game and Firewall were meshed together.

  • In a Venturebeat interview posted earlier this morning…

    Orth: We want to emulate the feeling of something like old-school Rainbow Six, but we want to make it accessible to everyone. You can also play the game on PS4.

    Yes, please. Player base should be good to go.

    • Damoun Shabestari

      Hi there. To clarify, Firewall Zero Hour is a PS VR exclusive. This should read that the game is also playable on DS4, as in the DUALSHOCK 4.

  • Oh and in that same interview…

    GamesBeat: When are you shipping?

    Orth: I can’t tell you the ship date, but it’s 2018. There’s a lot more info about the game coming very, very soon. We’re essentially at the end of development.


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