Introducing Evasion: An Intense Sci-Fi Shooter Coming to PlayStation VR This Year

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Introducing Evasion: An Intense Sci-Fi Shooter Coming to PlayStation VR This Year

Play as one of four unique hero classes in this FPS built from the ground up for virtual reality.

The Evasion team is focused on one big goal: to offer a shooter designed for VR that delivers on everything we love about FPSes. We want to evoke that fast, frantic feeling that you get from games like Doom and Borderlands where you’re ducking behind cover to avoid a barrage of attacks, laying down suppression fire as your teammate hacks a gate, or racing down a corridor with enemies around every corner. After almost two years building our dream game for VR, we are delighted to announce that Evasion is being released on PlayStation VR, with custom support for the Aim Controller.

Evasion was built from the ground up for full locomotion – getting around is so core to the game, it’s even in the name! When designing movement options, usability testing and really listening to player feedback has been key. No single movement scheme works for everyone, so we’ve made sure that the game has all kinds of options for different players and is totally balanced, no matter your preferences. We’ve tested with so many players that we’re confident you’ll find a locomotion option that works for you. We’ve also designed custom rifles for the Aim controller, so holding it in your hands and feeling the intense haptics brings a whole new level of immersion to the experience.

Evasion evokes the feeling of a ‘bullet hell’ shooter, so it’s packed with intense battles. Victories in our game are hard fought. Major engagements in Evasion aren’t one-on-one affair where you sit back and slowly pick apart an enemy’s defenses; they’re tense and chaotic, requiring you to run and dodge and take on multiple enemies simultaneously. It definitely nods to some of the old school arcade shooters like Space Invaders and Galaga, but designed for full VR immersion and AAA-quality graphics powered by the Unreal Engine.

Evasion was designed to be played either solo or co-op, and features both a full Campaign as well as a Survival Mode, where you face escalating swarms of enemies. You play as a member of the Vanguard, an elite special operations team who are charged with saving an embattled human colony from swarms of invading Optera. The Vanguard have four playable hero classes, each with their own unique full-bodied avatar, weapons and special abilities.

  • The Warden: Our tank. The Warden is ideal for players who like to charge into battle. He can take more damage than any other class and has unique abilities that allow him to get up close and personal with enemies before blasting them into dust.
  • The Surgeon: Our combat medic. The Surgeon heals himself and other players faster, giving everyone that extra edge in combat. The surgeon can also turn his abilities against the enemy by siphoning their health.
  • The Striker: Our damage class. The Striker is agile and deadly. Her weapons and shield have precision targeting, and she has a unique tether that allows her to bolster her teammates’ dps.
  • The Engineer: Our most versatile class. The Engineer can use her tether to grab enemies and whip them around. She can also clear the field with incredible chain lightning and energize teammates’ weapons.

Evasion is a passion project and we’re incredibly thrilled to bring it to PlayStation VR fans. We truly believe there is nothing like it on the platform and hope that gamers will love it, especially when elevated to the next level on the Aim controller. It’s been an incredible ride so far. We’re so happy with the feedback we’ve received, and we can’t wait to deliver this game to all VR fans later this year.

We want to hear from you. Got a question about Evasion’s classes or locomotion options? Drop us a comment in the space below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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2 Author Replies

  • man the psvr really needed this thank you <3

  • Controls, please keep the dual shock as an option, and please PLEASE as a gamer with a disability, please allow total remapping of the buttons.

    • You can always remap your buttons in the setting menu on the PS4 for any game. Devs rarely give it as an option in game for console but the system itself allows it. You just have to remember they its for all games and setting. I made the O the click button and kept forgetting when i switch games. But it works fine.

    • Jennifer Dowding

      We are definitely be supporting the Dualshock too! And as @wheremyconary said, it’s best to use the system for button remapping. We’ll also support right & left handed play.

  • This looks fantastic.

    Will there be a demo?

  • Thanks for supporting the Aim controller. Player base can be tricky in PSVR games, do you plan to support cross-platform play? If I play solo do I have AI teammates?

  • This looks to be right up my alley. Love that there’s aim support

  • Wow it looks like Farpoint meets Destiny. Sign me up with the aim controller support! I like the hand shields idea if full locomotion is too slow to keep up with the action.

  • Sweet! My move can get more use!!! Total buy for me!

  • Looks fun!

    What locomotion option is presented as the default? And, if it’s not the default, which is your favorite to use?

    • Jennifer Dowding

      Hi Paulogy,

      There is no default, all options are balanced, move at the same rate of speed & can be customized via settings. However when I player I use free move locomotion with comfort mode (narrowed fov) on. This wasn’t always the case, but it has been through a lot of tuning & testing! But not everyone likes smooth movement, so it’s great to have balanced options for players who experience motion sensitivity. We demo the game a lot and use insights from those playtests to improve our locomotion system for all players.

  • That music seems dangerously close to the 2016 Doom theme.

    Looks like a pretty fun game though. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • I’ve seen gameplay video with 4 player co-op! Is that only for the steam version?

  • Seems great cant wait to try it out. We also need more VR game. Not only space themed. Sony should really take advantage of the aim vr and ps move and give us more shooting games with actual human weapons. Maybe a vr call of duty type game?

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