Introducing SCUF Vantage, An Officially Licensed Performance Controller for PS4

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Introducing SCUF Vantage, An Officially Licensed Performance Controller for PS4

We have good news for the competitive gamers out there! We’re excited to introduce
SCUF Vantage – a new officially licensed controller that was built from the ground up for PlayStation 4. Now gamers seeking a performance controller can enjoy a wide range of customization options that optimize comfort and gameplay performance, delivering both precision and flexibility for a variety of playstyles.

SCUF Vantage for PS4

The Vantage incorporates new unique features that provide additional configurability and personalization for players:

  • Side-mounted right and left ‘Sax’ buttons – designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers and provide additional configurability
  • Removable faceplate – makes it easy to change thumb sticks & personalize the controller
  • Advanced audio control for wired connection – a simple swipe of the audio touch bar adjusts the volume while players can keep their hands on the controller
  • Removable vibration modules – players can reduce the weight of the controller and lessen hand fatigue

SCUF Vantage for PS4

In addition, the Vantage’s ergonomic shape complements a suite of configurable components. These features are modularly designed to shorten hand movements and gain performance advantages, making it easier for players to tailor the controller to their individual preferences:

  • Paddle control system with four removable back paddles
  • A quick-access remapping switch
  • Customizable thumb sticks with 3 different heights in either a concave or convex configuration
  • Adjustable Hair triggers
  • Trigger stops and extenders
  • Choice of D-pads
  • Interchangeable magnetic faceplate

SCUF Vantage for PS4

* Travel case not included in wired-only model

Launching in the U.S. during late summer 2018, the Vantage is now available for pre-order at or, in a wired-only (USB) model for $169.95 USD (MSRP) and a wireless (Bluetooth)/wired (USB) model for $199.95 USD (MSRP). Canadian customers can also pre-order through Both models include a suite of interchangeable parts and a high-speed braided micro-USB cable, and the wireless/wired model also includes a protection and travel case for your controller.

(The Scuf Vantage is currently being developed with the PlayStation Official Licensing Program. Some of the features or functions described may differ from the final product.)

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  • Nice $200 Xbox controller bruh

    • It’s like Xbox & PS4 had a baby and the Xbox mom drank and smoked thus producing this Xbox ugly controller. F Xbox and to its followers ;)

    • “F Xbox and to it’s followers”
      OH yeah….you’re exactly what the gaming community needs.
      Be glad that you have a controller on PlayStation that doesn’t use the outdated and flawed symmetrical stick arrangement. Lol that’s 2 out of 4 official PlayStation controllers that copy Xbox. Zero Ps4 style controllers available on Xbox controllers, because we don’t need any.

  • ThEWhitEKnighT90

    Who had the bright idea to make it an xbox layout? Pass.

    • I have the scuf impact and this is similar and trust me it feels way better to hold for long periods of time. Also if you have bigger hands it helps.

    • It is objectively a better layout. The Dualshock symmetrical sticks are a remnant of an old era because the first dualshock came out when the D-Pad was more important than the sticks. Nowadays it’s just a claw hand inducing vestige, most games you’re controlling with the dual sticks and it makes more sense that your thumb naturally rests on the left stick than on a D-Pad. This won’t change tho the Dualshock’s layout may be a Dinosaur, but it’s an iconic dinosaur they can’t change it.

    • So XxRagnarocxX, are you saying that the right thumbsitck should also be moved up where the buttons are, or that your hands are so asymmetrical that your left and right thumb’s natural resting positions are at such different angles?

    • @Symaoye It’s a matter of what do you use the most which gets the optimal placement, face buttons are necessary enough that being on the optimal place makes sense over the right stick (unless you got paddles). Not to mention buttons take more space than the D-Pad. I don’t hate my Dualshock by any means it was my first dual stick controller ever back in the 90s, but I can recognize that after I got over what I was personally accustomed to the asymmetrical layout is objectively superior.

    • No Raganaroc. It is SUBJECTIVELY a better layout for some people. Objectively speaking, there is NO difference between the 2 layout designs.

      Objectively: in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.
      Subjectively: in a way that is based on personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

      You seriously don’t understand the difference between an objective statement of fact and a subjective statement of opinion do you? Just because the asymmetrical layout is better for you doesn’t actually mean it’s better for others. Your statement that the asymmetrically layout is objectively better is based merely on your opinion and nothing more. Since it’s based ONLY on your opinion and nothing more, by definition it CANNOT be objectively better.

    • EtIrvan, the objectivity of XxRagnarocXX’s statement lies in the science of ergonomics, and the current state of the art of video game design. Objectively, the D-Pad is used by game makers less than the Left Stick. Objectively, the face buttons are used by game makers more than the Right Stick. Ergonomically and objectively, with the exception of certain physical defects, the thumbs incur less strain, fatigue, and long-term, repetitive injury when not in the “claw-hand” position XxRagnarocXX mentioned, that of repetitive use of the current Left Stick.

      That said, subjectively I prefer the standard Playstation layout to the asymetrical layout, even though it is objectively inferior.

    • Wait, people actually play games with their pointer finger pressing on the face buttons?

      Silly argument for right analog being lower though, as in games that’d use it for camera control (3rd/1st Person Shooters mainly) it’d absolutely be better by that logic above the face buttons, since it gets more use.

      But that is extremely uncomfortable (ie Wii U Pro Controller)

      At the end of the day, it’s a minor difference.

      But with Dpad, I’m typically using the face buttons.
      With the left analog, I’m typically using the right analog.

      The dominant reseting positions varies depending on the type of game, genre, and control scheme. But symmetrical is definitely more comfortable for me. I prefer not to stretch my left thumb so far up the whole time just to move forward in my games.

    • @Etirvan I was gonna explain and break it down for you, but basically what PhyreflyXI said. Can’t say it better than that, he got the point.

    • Looks like it was the bright idea of the people who are paid to make good, functional controllers. Hence why it doesn’t use the outdated and poorly functional layout the Sony controller has. As far as I can see, that’s 2 out of 4 officially licenced controllers on the PS4 that use the superior Xbox layout. It’s objectively better if you actually used both controllers.

    • Mindset is also important. I rest my thumbs on the thumbsticks and move them to whatever face or D-Pad button I need to press WHEN said button needs to be pressed. I do this regardless of controller. I don’t claw hand. I also don’t like moving my thumb DOWN to press the D-Pad. I hardly like moving it up and have my Xbox Elite controller paddles set to the D-Pad.

      Personally, if I had to get at anyone about something on their controllers, it would have to be the hella sensitive L2/R2 triggers on the PS4. Can I get regular buttons back or something?

    • Who are these mythical people getting thumb fatigue/soreness from inside sticks? Most people’s thumbs don’t naturally rest in either position, they rest between, making it just as easy to reach up as it is to reach in. Crazy how they designed controllers where you could reach either location just as easily, huh?

      And all this argument about it preventing “claw hand” is happening on a controller that is designed specifically for games that make you keep your right thumb on the joystick. lol

  • Very exciting news. My concern is durability and warranty. SCUFS break. And not just paddles. I had the infamous R3 sprint issue just outside of their lackluster 6 month warranty. Luckily AMEX has my back and I got a refund. I am equal parts excited and concerned. Scuf makes a great product, but not a long lasting one.

    • As this would be my first “pro” controller, I’m excited by it, but I’ll be waiting for a non scuf sponsored hands on video before I purchase it.

  • Why the h is every single one of these controllers Xbox layouts? PS control layout is what PS users want… Stop this nonsense. I’m actually tired of seeing these damn elite controllers where Sony is having them as official PS controllers as Xbox control duplicates. If you’re going to have these controls, Modify a PS control, not a Xbox one. These can all burn in a pile for all I care at this point.

    • I bought the PS4 for the superior games, the controller is objectively inferior because of the vestigial 90’s symmetrical sticks.

    • I far prefer the xbox controller over the PS layout. I’ve been waiting for a decent xbox layout controller, but I’m not sure this is it. I have a Scuf Impact and I’m not terribly impressed with it. It’s too light and cheap feeling and I don’t like the layout of the paddles on the back. Wish I could just use my Xbox elite controller on my PS.

    • 1000x Agree

    • Ragnaroc, how can you say that the symmetrical stick loadout is objectively inferior to the asymmetrical stick loadout? That is flatly WRONG of you to say. There is absolutely NOTHING that objectively makes an asymmetrical loadout superior to a symmetrical one. SUBJECTIVELY the asymmetrical loadout may be better but objectively there is really NO difference between a symmetrical loadout and an asymmetrical one. Now, go learn what objective means because it doesn’t mean what you think it does lol.

  • CrusaderForever

    WTH! Why is it in the Xbox configuration? I understand it’s great to have choices but this is a PlayStation site so shouldn’t it offer both? This is one of the strangest posts on the Blog I have ever seen. I would love to see a PlayStation SCUF and would buy it.

    • Scuf Infinity 4ps Pro is a ps4 controller set up. I see that you have not been on their website…. Otherwise, you would have bought one by now :P

  • I like playing in my XBOX but I never liked the joystick layout, so apart from that and the price I’m gonna have to pass on this. There’s no reason why any controller would cost over $100. Even with those add ons!

  • TBH i prefer the xbox style joystick layout, so seeing these are great

  • So wait, if I pay the money to get the wireless, I don’t get a travel case? EXPLAIN

    • Pretty sure that asterisk is supposed to say that it’s not included in the wired-only model. The paragraph below says the travel case comes with the wireless/wired model and there is no “wireless-only” since it can be used with a USB cable.

    • I’de assume that the case isn’t designed for a ‘wired’ model, only a ‘wireless’ mode

  • what a joke…it was the ps4 symmetry that made it the best controller ever. i was really excited to get a pro controller, but this……ill never buy this.

    • The symmetry is flawed. Accessing the D pad in games like Witcher 3 and Horizon means you need to really stretch out your right thumb or take your left thumb off the left stick (the ones that moves the character) in order to use a consumable. It’s objectively worse, so now you actually have a good controller to use on PS4. Still not as good as the elite.

  • Nice

  • This actually sucks, 200 bucks for an Xbox controller!

  • *goat scream*

    No symmetry…

    *longer goat scream*

  • I like most of what I see, but I’m not a fan of the Xbox style layout. Also, the controller looks to be much more bulky in comparison to the standard PS4 controller. I’d like to see more before pre-ordering bc as of right now, it’s a no-go when I can make a SCUF the way I wish.

  • Staggered analog sticks? Deal breaker. Look get in line with the ds4 please. Also removable motors? Why? What dainty Xbox gamer gave you that idea. We’re not a bunch of Daisys with tired hands. Excessive cost.

    Sony quit being lazy and getting 3rd parties to do this for you.

    Here is what I want for a dual shock 5:
    *4 rear paddles with their own designation r4, r5, l4, and l5 which can also be mapped.
    *swappable analog sticks
    *traditional analog layout
    *wireless just like on the current ds4 with a usb override as needed.
    *trigger throw adjustment

    This is what modern control should now have. After 15 years of modding, these features should be standard.

    • Dainty Xbox user? I agree with you about the weight reduction, I far prefer my Xbox Elite controller to any PS controller and a big part of that is because it weighs about five times as much. I bought a Scuf Impact for PS and my biggest gripe with it is how light and cheap it feels and I bought the one with motors in it.

    • “Dainty Xbox user” just a user complaining that it is too heavy. I don’t know any such xbox user who’d complain about that when using an elite controller. Do you?

      Anyway I have a scuff Infinity 4ps. I love it, but there are things I’d see changed and I feel like Sony could honestly build a better controller than the scuff guys. This whole thing with the motors is silly. The only people I could potentially see having a need for this is the accessibility crowd. The exact opposite of who this controller is intended for.

  • Hahahaha. How to make your PS controller better…..turn it into an xbox controller

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if this were customized enough to let players swap out the stick and d-pad positions? I’d much rather play with both sticks in the lower positions instead of the Xbox-style staggered sticks here.

    Other than that, my only other concern would be build quality / durability, since SCUFs don’t exactly have the longest lives.

  • The Scuf Impact offers almost everything this new one does, but maintains the PS joystick layout. I absolutely love my impact. The only real upgrades are the side buttons (not necessary) and the switch for remapping instead of the current Magnet remapping. Check out the Impact, no reason to get this new one, unless you’re used to Xbox controllers.

  • I think that controllers like this are important for people with handicaps that cannot otherwise play but I kind of hate them myself. The first rise of these controllers came during Infinite Warfare where players could suddenly do al the jetpack throttling while still aiming which you cant do on a normal ps4 controller, or that guy in Fortnite who is constantly jumping while still nailing headshots is probably using one of these. Suddenly $200 decided who was competitive or not. These need to be standard on the next gen consoles for parity to remain in games.

  • Am I really gonna have to spend 170 bucks to get really good PS4 controller with a sensible stick layout, not the vestige from a 2D dominant era the symmetrical sticks on the DS4 are? Really?….Yeah I probably will I been wanting this for as long as I’ve had a Ps4 so like 4 years and the third party offers so far have been unimpressive to say the least.

    • You’re contradicting yourself. You noted you want a good ps4 controller and then called out you want non symmetrical joysticks. Make up your mind.

  • Hope it’s a comfortable controller. Going in blind buy definitely buying it!

  • Oh look.. a new controller for cheaters that provides an unfair advantage. Yay. I “love” playing with people that have an advantage over everyone else, it makes it so fun..

  • Theres a reason I play here, not about to buy a controller for the other console. Not everyone has (big hands) And that price, are you cereal right now? Im looking for a customizable controller and this isnt it. Money isnt an issue, its ethics that plays the biggest role here. Thanks Playstation for selling out…!

  • I had to look at my dual shock controller just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. I don’t play Xbox for the controller alone. 200 bucks and a Xbox replica, easy pass.

  • CrusaderForever

    Cool, thanks for the info.

  • Y Ahora que va a pasar con el control de Nacon, o cual es mejor este o el que saco Nacon?

  • Nothing for me, as I absolutely despise the xbox layout of the analog sticks. Symmetric sticks are more comfortable, imo

  • It’s getting closer to what I want. I like this Sax buttons. Might even not be too concerned about paddles if it has those. Which reduces cost, still has extra buttons and increases durability?

    I want the sticks in the middle. If it can reduce the cost just take the vibration motors out entirely.

    $150 for a wireless version and I’ll buy it. I would prefer retail too. Then I could trade in a game or 2 or my existing controller for credit, easier exchange if it does break, etc.

  • $200! Aren’t the current dualshock 4’s zero delay?

    For that kinda of money it should include mouse and keyboard with cherry mx switches lol.

    Ok scuf said how do I preorder?

  • I don’t comment much on here; however, I felt that the disgust I have for the change of layout to the awful Xbox controller design should be voiced. Now I’m going to start out early to everyone that is trying to convince people that the Xbox controller is 100% better designed than the PS controller to stuff it, because it is not, and I shall explain why that is the case.

    Let me start off by saying that yes, the resting position for the thumb is the most comfortable position to have your movement controls. With that in mind though, that is absolutely why swapping the position of the D-Pad and L-Stick is an awful idea. I imagine a lot of the people defending this decision play mostly shooters, action/beat ’em ups, or some other form of first person game. This is fine; however, as someone who lives on RPGs and Fighters, the D-Pad is integral to me.(cont)

    • When the D-Pad is moved parallel to the R-Stick it does become much harder to reach it. Also being that the D-Pad requires much more force to use than simply tilting a stick it becomes uncomfortable much faster when placed in such an uncomfortable place on the controller to reach. Also due to the new placement the D-Pad is usually made smaller making it more difficult to move accurately with which is extra frustrating on a control type that is best used for accurate movement.

      Now I’m not against them releasing third party controllers or what have you that give people the option to play using the Xbox control layout for those that play games where they don’t really need the D-Pad. Options are good, but I prefer that ALL the controls on my controller be accessible. I hope this isn’t Sony saying they plan to phase out their traditional layout to please only a portion of the player base.

    • You basically said everyone is right about the asymmetrical layout being better for 80% of games the games you like are the minority, but because you personally like to play certain types of games that uses the D-Pad mostly, just like most games did back in the 90’s when the first dualshock came out then therefore the symmetrical sticks are best. That argument is flawed. You made a great point of why they’re great for you personally, but RPG’s and Fighting games are a minority. Even in most RPG’s the D-Pad gets far less use than the left stick.

    • Except it is not. You say it’s objectively better, but the XBox layout makes the D-Pad practically unusable. A layout that makes ALL functions of the controller usable is a better design to me than one that ignores a feature just because some people dislike it or feel it is obsolete for them.

      Assuming RPGs and Fighters are not the majority of users on the Playstation, it is still definitely the console a majority of those players call home, which is a huge market they need to consider. Even if you aren’t a player of those genres just about ANY game you play has some form of menu navigation. The D-Pad is always much more comfortable for scrolling through menus. The L-Stick’s 360 degree precision can only cause issues when dealing with menus that have 4 way scrolling.

      Once again, you don’t have to agree with me and that’s fine, because everyone has different preferences and needs for games. I’m not saying nor was I saying before that this controller isn’t perfect for your needs; however, I am saying that this controller layout is NOT objectively better. It is important to me though that Sony hears my 2 cents. They won’t know that there are those of us that dislike this layout if we don’t speak up.

    • Yea, Tai, it can’t really be objectively better. For something to be objectively better would mean opinions don’t play a part. Since literally every single argument being made about the asymmetrical loadout being better is based on nothing more than the opinions of the user, which one is better is subjective by definition. Objectively speaking, however, there is actually no difference whatsoever between the symmetrical and asymmetrical loadout. If Ragnaroc were using the term objectively correctly, he wouldn’t claim one layout is superior to the other. He’d claim they are equal simply because the layout doesn’t actually change the functionality.

  • If the paddles were staggered on the back so you didn’t have to reach over the outer paddles to press the inner paddles I’d be interested. Also, I don’t want a lighter controller, I want a heavier controller. The Xbox Elite is my favorite controller of all time and its weight contributes to that opinion. So yeah, both my gripes here basically equate to me wishing this was the Xbox Elite of the PS.

  • A great controller on paper. Too bad the thing is plagued with a terrible stick layout. Make a version of this controller with a properly balanced stick layout, and you can have $200.

  • I like the position the left stick is shown in the picture, makes my thumb less tired . But please tell me this controller will be supported on PS5.

    • “But please tell me this controller will be supported on PS5.”

      Asking the important questions

  • A definite pass. Should have gone for the MS license instead. I like what my X1X can do in terms of power (steady frames and fast loading), and while my PS4 Pro isn’t as fast, who cares since the PS4 catalog of great games dwarfs Xbone. PS4 gamers don’t need no Xbox controllers.

  • This looks like the best controller ever made. Need this now.

  • Why Xbox layout? Xbox sucks……………atleast have an option for Playstation layout

  • I definitely want one of these – wired I guess, because otherwise I’d need two wireless units if I required zero-interruption play, as I do – but even just $170 for the one controller sounds like a move I would immediately regret

  • $200 PS4 controller with xbox layout: nope.

  • Honestly, this is a huge step in the right direction. And for games like Call of Duty, which the PS4 is the main platform for CoD.

  • If you all want a PlayStation stick layout so bad, just get a Scuf Impact. Stop acting like entitled children.

  • The joysticks are in the wrong place. Seriously, why would anyone post this on the PS Blog.

  • Is this some kind of joke? Whoever approved that layout should be fired.

  • BUYER BEWARE! These controllers have a LONG HISTORY OF BREAKING due to the poor build quality. I’ve known a few people who have owned them and they ALL broke within a few months of use. Also many pro gamers go through these things constantly and post about it on twitter and reddit and other places… The price is WAY too high for something this defective

  • F Xbox and F this controller, ps3 controller was boss – all the new ones are waaay to big. I feel sorry for all you people with your big dumb gorilla hands.

  • Finally an Xbox controller layout on a PlayStation. I love it. Like some wrote here, the symmetrical position of the analog sticks are a thing of the past. It’s archaic. This is the 21st century people, time to move on to better things. I’m on both platforms, I’m a gamer, I love both systems. With that being said… $17/$200 for a controller?! It was painful enough to spend $150 on the Xbox Elite. Not for me guys… you won’t see my money.

  • I think Sony just admitted Microsoft has a better controller design…..

    Oh well, $200 for a simple controller…no, just say NO. Why are accessories getting priced so stupid here of late? I mean a $50 vr set for how many hundreds? Now a controller for how many hundreds? lol

    Oh well, still rockin my standard ps4 and standard controllers and it works just fine.

  • For $200 I would only buy it if it was made by Sony, covered under warranty by Sony, and actually have the button layout of a Sony controller.

  • Anouncing a 200 dollar controller on the same day you anounce that ps4 is entering the end of it’s life cycle…. Epic fail.

    Find out whoever comes up wij these brilliant business ideas and give that person a fat raise

  • Is there a model with a normal stick layout, the way God intended it to be?

  • Lame, I don’t see the $200 value here, why can’t sony just make their own PS4 Pro Controller instead of these over priced 3rd party that are’t worth their price.

  • Why why whyyyyyyy…. I am all in on everything PlayStation and I would have bought this if the THumbsticks were not staggard like Xbox Controllers.. Its a Scuff/PlayStation Combo so what the heck man… O well, i wont be buying it.

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