11 Tips to Dominate the H1Z1: Battle Royale Open Beta, Live on PS4 Tomorrow

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11 Tips to Dominate the H1Z1: Battle Royale Open Beta, Live on PS4 Tomorrow

Hit the ground running when the battle royale begins.

H1Z1: Battle Royale will be available to download for free on PlayStation 4 tomorrow and we could not be more excited! We know battle royale games can be a bit intimidating – outlasting 99 other people is no easy feat – so the team compiled a handful of tips and tricks to help you develop your winning strategy.


For those who are unfamiliar with H1Z1, it’s a fast-paced battle royale action shooter, where 100 players parachute down, but only 1 can win. Players must quickly loot up with base gear and then head for safety, as a toxic gas compresses the map. As time goes on, waves of airdrops release with varying levels of gear. The first wave of airdrops, which are colored green, contain level-1 items like the AK-47 and AR-15. Level-2 and level-3 weapons and gear come in the next waves of airdrops, which are identified with purple and gold light beacons. Players will have to decide when and how to engage if they want to get a leg up on the competition.

Now, let’s help you develop your winning strategy!

Starter Tips:

  1. Practice your aim and learn bullet drop mechanics in Combat Training before taking the dive into battle royale matches!
  2. Finding a weapon should be your first priority after touching down – remember, with 99 other players in the match, there’s always someone nearby.
  3. Master the weapon wheel – you can hold up to two weapons from the start, with level-1 and level-2 backpacks each unlocking a 3rd and 4th weapon slot.
  4. Pay attention to the planes overhead – the military crates they drop across the map are a guaranteed way to get more powerful gear and weapons.
  5. Use the minimap and compass to locate a vehicle – police cruisers, jeeps, trucks and ATVs make it easier to grab airdrops before the competition, and offer the quickest path to safety as the gas rings start closing.

H1Z1: Battle Royale

Pro Tips:

  1. Looking for a fight? If you can’t wait to find your next opponent, hop in a police cruiser, press Right on the D-pad to turn on the sirens, and head towards an airdrop.
  2. Feeling exposed while opening an airdrop? Drop a smoke grenade to provide cover!
    Molotovs are a key item to surviving. When used strategically, they can force other players out from cover, making it easier to take them down.
  3. Don’t skyline yourself! It may be tempting to run along the top of the hill so that you get a commanding view of the area, but that means everyone in the area also gets a view of you!
  4. Move so your head is just under the crest of the hill—you’ll still see a lot, but prevent enemies from spotting you.
  5. Remember to upgrade your armor – standard helmets and makeshift armor can be looted throughout the map, but stronger tactical helmets and laminated armor can only be found in airdops and military crates.


Bonus Tip!

When exploring the map, listen for radio chatter as it will tell you the location of a nearby military crate. These hidden crates spawn randomly in the world and can be a safer way to grab better gear and weapons than airdrops. They’re also a great way to loot up BEFORE the first wave of airdrops!

See you in the game!

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  • nice, can’t wait to try finally. Didn’t like the inventory part of the PC version

  • This is so cool. I’ve heard about this game being in development a while back. Hey Mr. Yee do you know if you and your team will include zombies in this game?

  • Finally a game where people can’t build their way out of a gunfight!

  • Might help player numbers if you include a link to download the beta… just saying..

  • @Ya-Kub : Good question. A game with this name should contains Zombie even in this new mode.

    @DEV_TEAM : We should be turned into Zombies when we die. ;) That would be FUN and makes it different from the dozen of BR games coming! …we should then have a stats section our “human life” and “zombie life”…with kills being really hard in zombie mode…just for the fun of adding a little spice to the game, we could be slow and the controls floaty…lol

  • Great more battle royale *sarcasm*
    I can’t wait until this fades out of the gaming industry.

  • well thats awsome honestly love rhis game on pc too but i mght play more on ps4\

  • Yeah, I’m already tired of these kind of games

  • My body is ready! :D

  • I just got this game and every time I get on it says failed to connect to server. I’m in Michigan so I’m on eastern time so idk if that has an effect on the server or what but I please like to know why this isn’t working.

  • I can’t find h1z1 on PlayStation store… help…

  • Why can’t I download?

  • I am still unable to find or download the game on the PlayStation store.

  • Still
    Not available

  • halloweenhavoc90

    May 22 2018…around 9am, I heard it should be up for free on psn.

  • Hi,
    I Can’t download for ps4, when access to PStore and selection the game but not found the download.

  • @playstation I’m in California.when will H1Z1 be available to download?

  • Now that the servers are open. Still can’t play it. It loaded two guys and says connecting but I e been sitting her at leave 15 mins. I want my money back.

  • I can’t even get passed the loading screen this is ridiculous

  • When joining a match of “Fives” with a team of 3 people one of the players applications occasionally crashes and it gives them an error code.

  • Very excited to give this game a try but I’m having connectivity issues it won’t let me connect to your servers.

  • Please make it offline . I would love to play it but if it’s online then I’m gonna lag to bad

    • Also , if you do make it offline then you will have more players playing it then fortnite because a lot of people lag to bad to play these games . It would be very helpful if you make it offline

  • May 23rd 2018 here in California! H1Z1 is amazing! I recommend the combat training mode to start out. It is an excellent foundation for new players. CT let’s you respawn forever, you start off with weapons and a lot of ammo. A player gets a good feel in CT mode.

    I enjoyed learning some tips and tricks and I look will definitely apply them when I play later on.

    Like most, I am learning how to play. I struggle using the map, specifically the bottom left part. I always have to guess where I am at in my bottom left radar after opening the main map.

    I do like how players could drop ammo or weapons! Conversely, I wonder if there is a way that players can share or drop bandages? Is there a way to drop grenades, Molotovs or other items?

  • There should be a way to go in first person

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