Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed: Details on Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed: Details on Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout

The team at Treyarch is building the most ambitious Black Ops game ever made.

Hello! Dan and Mark from Treyarch, here. On behalf of the entire team, we’d like to thank you for being a part of today’s community reveal. We’re so incredibly excited to finally reveal Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to the world, and we’re glad that you could be a part of it.

If you’re familiar with our workstyle, you won’t be surprised to learn that after Black Ops 3, we did what we always do: we questioned everything, broke everything down, and asked ourselves, “What can we do better?”

We responded with Black Ops 4: a game that represents what is easily our most ambitious Black Ops game ever. A game that is replayable by its very nature and is designed to be enjoyed with friends for years to come. From a deeper and more refined Multiplayer, to a far bigger, deeper Zombies than ever at launch, to the introduction of Blackout, our new battle royale-inspired mode that spans the entire series in a way that is uniquely Black Ops, we are leaving it all on the court.


Black Ops 4 represents the deepest, team-tactical multiplayer experience we have ever delivered. It pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a Black Ops soldier. Set in the Black Ops universe between Black Ops 2 & Black Ops 3, with fast and fluid grounded combat, and player customization that elevates individual playstyles. Black Ops 4 revamps the Pick 10 system, offers a diverse Specialists roster, and introduces new elements like Gear, so players can build the best soldier for themselves. There’s also a renewed focus on rewarding team play making Black Ops 4 multiplayer a fun and intensely engaging and competitive experience to watch and play.

Specialists return with tailored abilities that fit player types and can be applied strategically across game modes. Players can choose Specialists that create the ideal team composition – rushers for close quarters combat, long-range sharpshooters for coverage, and agile objective players to clear and contain.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed: Details on Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout

Not only are Specialists unique in themselves, their abilities can be creatively combined for explosive gameplay that is unlike anything Call of Duty has ever seen. Be a badass on your own or join a team and achieve more together than you ever could alone – all to suit your playstyle.

Additionally, Black Ops 4 delivers more character depth than ever before in the multiplayer universe, allowing new and returning players the ability to learn and master each of the Specialists in solo missions. These missions feature a series of fast-paced trials that give a hands-on introduction to the new and returning Specialists, while sharing information about their identities and backgrounds, inside of a Black Ops narrative.


Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Call of Duty Zombies, we’re going all out and delivering the biggest launch day offering ever with three full Zombies experiences: IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed: Details on Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout

With an exciting new adventure and a brand-new cast of characters, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Zombies will feature the deep gameplay and Easter eggs that its rabid community of fans have come to expect. And the fun and replayability with the undead are taken to a new level with our Zombies version of customized gameplay, called Custom Mutations.


Blackout combines the signature Black Ops combat, characters, weapons, gadgets, equipment, and locations, with the largest map by an order of magnitude in Call of Duty history. With its smooth, fluid combat, players will insert themselves into the action, scavenge, strategize, and compete against others with the ultimate goal of being the final survivor. Played solo, or with teams, players will engage in combat complete with air, ground, and water vehicles in a mode that’s all about Black Ops, and unlike anything else.

With Black Ops 4 we designed a game that gives you more ways to have fun with your friends than anything we’ve ever created. On October 12, 2018, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


Dan Bunting & Mark Gordon
Co-Studio Heads

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  • Cool

  • So when you asked yourself “What can we do better?” you came up with eliminate the single player campaign, and let’s copy the flavor of the week multiplayer mode?

  • No campaign, no buy. It’s sad to see that Call of Duty has forgotten it’s roots and left out the main feature that made the series as popular as it is today. I’m sure it’ll still sell well on name alone (as well as the new copy paste Battle Royale mode) but I won’t be supporting it any longer. Hopefully Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer don’t follow suit but Treyarch, today you have lost a fan.

    • They didn’t forget anything. The campaign was originally intended but they had to scrap the original concept mid cycle and start fresh, and it just wasn’t going to be ready in time. They figured they could release a rushed, low quality campaign, or they could go all out on what they could do well by launch. They made the right call. Now people who want campaign wont have to waste their money and regret it when they learn the campaign sucks.

    • Even if it had a bad campaign (Black Ops 3 for example) it would still be better than no campaign at all. The fact is that they are only releasing 2/3 of a game. Adding a new multiplayer game mode (Battle Royale) does not make up for the fact that they are dropping the campaign. I actively enjoy Call of Duty multiplayer and zombies but I’m not stupid enough to pay $60 for 2/3 if a game.

    • I actually disagree. It was confirmed to be a singleplayer mode, just not a full fledged campaign. Let’s be honest here, realistically over half of the players who buy cod games either skip campaign all together, or (like me) play the campaign and then don’t touch it for about a month until i come back trophy huntin’ and tbh having 3 zombies maps, technically 4, on release is kinda exciting, something they wouldn’t be able to do if there was a full fledged campaign.

    • Btw have you heard the rumors about the Blackout mode? It sounds a little unique and it includes innovative features that other BR games don’t have (yet). Like AI that attack you and parts of our favorite maps from MP, Zombies, and I heard even parts of campaign missions, which doesn’t make much sense seeing as most MP are based off of Campaign maps.

  • I’ll jusy wait for it to be $20 just so o can tryout zombies. Shame there’s no campaign. But it is what is.

  • No campaign, no point. Why bother calling it Black Ops 4 if it doesnt have a campaign? The campaign of the first three is what set them apart from the other CoDs.

    • Umm.. did we play the same BO3? That campaign was hot garbage haha. You should read the article itself to see how it ties in to Black Ops universe. The videos didn’t go into it..

    • Just because you didnt get it, doesnt make it bad.

  • Will it need PS PLUS to play game becose all modes use online features and ps4 need PS PLUS for online mode of paid game

    • You can do offline for local MP and Zombies, as well as the missions the article outlined.. but yea as with about everything that has been on PS4 since launch, you gotta pay Sony to game online. Paying for the game mostly gives money to Activision/Treyarch, with a small bit to Sony. The online subscription is entirely independent of the games you happen to buy. Same on XB and right about to be same on Nintendo.

  • The last time I liked a single player in Call of Duty was either world at war or the first black ops. CoD single play has always been trash and I’m baffled by the idea that people are really complaining about them removing it. I personally know no one that plays CoD for the single player. Most people I know got like no single player trophies because they never cared to try it lol. So I’m happy. Battle Royale being in games now is a blessing to me since I’ve been seeing this game mode from long time on YouTube in Minecraft as Hunger Games and thought that games need to make this a thing. CoD seems to have got that memo. Now I’m hoping Battlefield would do that too lol. Battlefield has better single player imo and I still don’t care for it

    • You know, “Battle Royale” did battle royale long before “Hunger Games” did it…

    • Well, thats because youre a child. No, dont deny it. The fact that youre sitting here saying youre happy because people that like single player content cant have any here makes it painfully clear that youre a spoiled little brat. I hope that in a few years you get to have this same talk with someone else when Activision ditches this style for a new flavor of the week and laughs in your face about how nobody likes that battle royale nonsense anymore. The difference will be that we’ll still have our single player campaigns and you’ll just have a pile of dead servers.

  • No campaign ensures I will never touch this game. Although honestly the last game COD I really played was MW2. Got Black Ops 3 for 5$ and did the multiplayer. Quit the moment I reached level 50 ( got it done in a weekend). Will come back to the campaign whenever I get to Black ops 2.

  • No campaign?? I have 14 C.o.D. games sitting on my shelf and I have never touched multiplayer on a single one of them. This will be the first one I won’t be buying.

  • No single player no buy from me. I like the stories from single player. # remake the game that has single player !

  • Call Of Duty used to be a trendsetter now it’s just following whatever the fad of the day is. Please add a campaign. Right now in the current form I will not be supporting call of duty franchise any further. Hope to see a campaign so I can buy this game.

  • I greatly respect the Call of Duty franchise, and have played all since Ghost but the lack of a single player campaign is distressing to me.

    I worry that this could become a trend, and I feel that a stance must be taken. I will vote with my wallet and avoid Call of Duty this year. I strongly recommend that those who enjoy single player campaigns in their online focused games join me.

  • Wow lol after seeing it no urge to buy it. Good job coping fortnight !!!!#

  • Curious to see Zombies gameplay. Clearly this is just one of the three modes and there will be ranged weapons as well.. but wonder how fluid melee combat will be, assuming this video isn’t misleading and there actually is melee Zombies.

    Multiplayer looks solid as always but will miss the wall running and thrusting. BO3 did it the best. Still Treyarch gameplay hasn’t let me down yet and I’m sure this will a lot of fun.

    For anyone upset about campaign, this isn’t a trend, just a one off. Treyarch spent a lot of time on a campaign, then ended up scrapping the first concept and restarting. The new campaign was started too late in the cycle so they got to a point where they had to either put out a rushed campaign, or take that time and make the parts of the game it could finish even better. Treyarch wanted a campaign so this isn’t them saying campaign is dead. This is just a hiccup in an otherwise campaign filled franchise. Though they will have some kind of co-op MP mode which sounds like Spec Ops. Won’t justify $60 if you don’t play the main game modes, but still worth keeping an eye out for at E3 so you know if you should get this on sale or used in the future.

    • I’m glad that you are optimistic about future Call of Duty games having campaigns. But knowing Activision, if Black Ops 4 sells really well regardless of not having a campaign, you can say goodbye to campaigns. All they care about is money so I urge anyone who wants Call of Duty to have campaigns to vote with your wallet and not buy Black Ops 4. They will only listen when the money stops coming in as fast.

    • Just adding in here that the rumor of them scrapping the first campaign is untrue. A treyarch officer stated that they didn’t tend on making a full-fledged campaign into black ops 4 but it WILL INDEED still include a story

  • I might get trashed by commenting this, but tbh yeah it kinda sucks for some that there won’t be a campaign, but I personally don’t buy COD titles for the campaign mode. I want to play some, Team Death Match, and OF COURSE Zombies. I own every single title, and I literally download, and go right to multiplayer, and then zombies. It’s not until way later I’ll try the campaign.

    • to be honest if it comes to the point we have to wait for singleplayer i might wait but its sure is tempting to get the game . i hadnt played a boots on the ground shoother since battlefield 4 . i currently deciding to get call of duty world war 2 or modern warfare.

      in the past i own the original modern warfare but never had the chance to play my world war 2 call of duty due to it not working . which really ticks me off lol

      do you have a suggestion on which game out of these three should i pick up this year.

      i am aiming to get zombie remastered maps for bo3 and i might get black ops 4 and modern warfare or world war 2 with black ops 4 .

      but again what is your suggestions on these games for this series

    • to be honest if it comes to the point we have to wait for singleplayer i might wait but its sure is tempting to get the game . i hadnt played a boots on the ground shooter since battlefield 4 . i currently deciding to get call of duty world war 2 or modern warfare.

      in the past i own the original modern warfare but never had the chance to play my world war 2 call of duty due to it not working . which really ticks me off lol

      do you have a suggestion on which game out of these three should i pick up this year.

      i am aiming to get zombie remastered maps for bo3 and i might get black ops 4 and modern warfare or world war 2 with black ops 4 .

      but again what is your suggestions on these games for this series

  • I don’t see a problem with having no campaign!
    Sure they are mostly good but like 85%to 95% of COD buyers(especially day 1 buyers)buy COD for the online MP and Coop modes! I mean the day 1 buyers part because thats full price; and even tho theyre mainly MP i alot who do the campaign; but still theyre paying full price for all the modes and modes which gameplay lasts the longest! The butthurt mo campaign buyers make it sound like they only buy cod for campain. If so thats a waste; not saying that the campaigns are bad but for 59.99 thats like a nights worth of gamplay and youll prob replay once in like forever so….

    • Im one who buys it for the campaign as well as Zombies but could care less about mp and never once thought I wasted my money. But when one of the two are gone, so am I. I prefer my MP to be a souls game where skills ARE required…!

  • This is the first time I’ve been disappointed by Treyarch. Every BO game innovates, but this looks like it’s gone back to BO2. Where’s the exo movement from BO3? It’s just another boots-on-ground shooter.

    • AW: (People complain about exo-suits) Bo4-(People complain about boots on ground?)

      Tbh Bo2 was the pinnacle of Call of Duty as a whole. Most Likely even the best. And to see this type of combat makes me fall in love all over again.

  • I for one am not at all bothered about the lack of a campaign mode. I mostly just play zombies, but the last 2 campaign modes have been boring and no good. I didn’t even finish black ops 3 campaign after losing interest quite early on. If the lack of campaign means more time, energy and imagination has gone into the zombies, then awesome. The only thing I worry about is that the zombies mode may be over complicated, straying from its roots and lose its simple yet effective charm. But, I have faith in the gods of black ops and can not wait to play it.

  • Well, you finally got me to give up on COD after 15 years. Congratulations, I guess.

  • halfbredoverlord

    I wanna know where the usual $100 bundle is. The one that comes with the season pass.

  • Do I need ps plus to play this game online? If it does I’m not buying it.

  • All im hearing is less of more the same. Did nobody learn a thing from Battlefront? No campaign is a big no buy for me. That was the only reason to play in the first place. I guess its true when they say you lost sight of what made it great/worth playing. R.I.P. BO’s. I’ll spend my money on something else…!

  • I can cope with battle royal and no story, but if they also implement micro-transaction then it sucks. All battle royal games with micro transaction are FTP! Only idiots will buy this for $60

  • to this day i been a black ops fan and have enjoy almost all its call of duty games but hadnt touch ghost and advanced warfare.

    but looking back at the announcement for black ops 4 i have this strange feeling this game is full on online instead of the offline and online support they usually put in the game . this leads me to hesitate to buy the game this year but there still a 50% chance we will get offline support. another thing that disturbs me is the lack of singleplayer mode honestly i wouldnt mind paying a little exttra but for singleplayer mode and if it comes to the point where they do envetually add it i might wait and not pre order the game but who knows i could very well get the game now .

    guys whats your take on of the new black ops so far this year?

  • With WW2 being such a supreme disappointment, I’m hoping that you do better with BO4

  • Help me connection

  • I can tell you all I only play and buy cod games for the zombies always been my favorite but they have been bad sense black ops 2 was the last good zombies and if this one is not good I won’t buy it and many people I believe buy the game for the zombies mode.

  • Nope, nope and nope; I’m with everyone here who says no campaign, I absolutely will not purchase. If that’s your thing then this will probably be OK for you, but I live for the stories and campaign of PS4 games, so I would not give this a second glance and will look forward to more Far Cry games.

  • Umm no campaign like what??? Sure bo3 campaign sucked but the bo and bo2 campaigns rocked

  • belizean_killer1

    This is by far the best idea u guys have ever come up with. Am supper excited to play this game with my friends

  • Think WW2 is better in my opinion.

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