Sega Devs Pick Their Favorites From the Genesis Classics Collection

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Sega Devs Pick Their Favorites From the Genesis Classics Collection

Alien Storm, Streets of Rage 2, Comix Zone, Shining in the Darkness... just a few of the highlights from the nostalgia-fueled compilation launching May 29.

Hi everyone, it’s Ibrahim Bhatti, Community Manager at SEGA here again to bring you a small update about the SEGA Genesis Classics collection announced last month and set to launch on May 29th. You’re now able to pre-order the game at PlayStation Store where come launch day, you’ll get access to over 50 classic titles from SEGA’s iconic Genesis console!

Sega Genesis Classics

To celebrate this, we thought we’d ask some of our developers what they’re favorite games in the collection were! With so many to choose from, we weren’t sure what they’d come back with and it seems Puyo Puyo Tetris Producer, Hosoyamada-san couldn’t bring himself to pick just one! Here’s what they had to say:

Alien Storm

Hiroyuki Sakamoti – Director of Yakuza 6

I’ve intentionally dared to pick this title as it reflects one of SEGA’s most devilish works at the time! It’s definitely a game you’ll enjoy! My favorite character is the Robot on the Scooter and I pretty much picked him every time. The game has great character designs and the aliens and animations are really well made. It was a clear departure at the time from other side scrolling action games.

Shining in the Darkness

Makoto Suzuki – Producer of Shining Resonance Refrain

It may come as little wonder to many but this title, Shining in the Darkness, the beginning of the Shining series. I always felt a huge sense of excitement exploring the dungeons (shrines) and the game’s storyline is breathtaking. The elaborate animation when encountering an enemy was really impressive too and the game has a great balance and is smoothly paced making it great for RPG beginners. That’s something we’ve tried to continue through the entire series.

Gain Ground, Comix Zone

Mizuki Hosoyamada – Producer of Puyo Puyo Tetris

As I used to work for Sonic Team on the development of the older Sonic games, I’ve decided not to pick one even though they’re all classics! The Genesis featured many other classic and edgy titles but my favorite games were “Gain Ground” and “Comix Zone”, I played these the most for sure. If I played these games again now, I’m sure I’d enjoy them again straight away and many of the other games in collection. Speaking of which, have a look for “Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine” in the compilation!

Bio Hazard Battle

Takashi Iizuka – Head of Sonic Team

Looking at these Genesis Classics and seeing Bio-Hazard Battle has reminded me of the past. I first joined SEGA in the development team that created Bio-Hazard Battle, and I was really impressed by the beautiful graphics in game. They were creating art that looked like it was CG using dot-based pixel art. I was super impressed by the skill and talent of those development team members. I’m great at shooters, but reflecting on Bio-Hazard Battle has really made me want to pick it up and play it again!

Streets of Rage 2

Al Hope – Director of Alien Isolation

It’s 1993 and I didn’t know the Genesis could look or sound this good! An original pixel art masterpiece, Streets of Rage 2 is justifiably regarded as one of the greatest nineties arcade-style beat’em ups and it blew me away at launch. Slick controls, huge character sprites, brilliant and super vibrant colour palettes all combined to suck you into the dangerous underworld of street punks and secret society ninjas inhabiting some truly memorable locations – including an eerie ALIEN inspired homage! This was arcade quality – at home. But for all its qualities today it’s the soundtrack which still stands out the most. Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima pushed the Genesis hardware to the limit to create post 80s rave and early 90s house and techno influenced compositions which are the game’s thumping heartbeat and a vivid snapshot of the time. Drop the beat and take down Mr. X!

That’s it from us, but if that trip down memory lane did it for you and you fancy jumping back into these retro masterpieces, you know exactly what to do next!

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  • Looking forward to it greatly. Will there be a digital preorder of this along with a theme? I hope. Now you guys can move on from pimping the Genesis a billion times and concentrate on a Saturn and Dreamcast collection ;). Panzer Dragoon Collection please.

  • Will Sega Genesis Classics Collection have online multiplayer? I would love to play online co-op with my friends in games like Streets of Rage 2, and online competitive in Genesis classic fighting games.

    • “The SEGA Genesis Classics (or SEGA Mega Drive Collection in the UK) was initially announced via Twitter before the tweet was deleted; a trailer has since been revealed thanks to the beautifully-named “Sonic the Hedgeblog.” SEGA has since officially announced the collection, promising 50 games upgraded with modern features, including online multiplayer, achievements, mirror modes, rewind and save states.”

      For GodzillaThe4th

    • You can do that using Share Play. Better yet, your friends do not have to own the game! You can start the game and share play it usung chat room for couch co OP online.

  • Please fix the they’re/their mistake >.<

  • Please the X360 version of sonic ultimate genesis collection to XB1 via BC

  • Disregard previous message. Please bring sonic ultimate genesis collection digitally to PS Store and Xbox Store. Thanks.

  • I hear no sonic 3 so I won’t be getting the new collection. I still have the ps3 game anyways. Also the PSP one on my Vita

  • Shining force is where it’s at! I wish they could get a remaster / re-released on the PS Vita and PS4.

  • Will there be unlockable games like PS3 genesis collection? Thanks.

  • phantasy star 2
    super shinobi 2

  • I think my favorite Genesis classic has GOT to be Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

    I remember it was my first game with the red “Genesis” logo on the side instead of the old black one.
    I’m Canadian but I actually picked the game up in Florida while I was on vacation so I could read the instruction manual 300 times on the drive home back to Ontario.

    I was so excited to play it and when I finally was able to it didn’t disappoint. When I powered the system on and saw that “pre-rendered” style 3D looking Sonic image on the title screen I yelled “Take that Donkey Kong Country!”. What a great game. I really loved and made use of Sonic’s new jump-shield move to take out enemies.

    For me it just wouldn’t be a classic Genesis collection without Sonic 3.

    ….. wait what?

  • I wonder how many Sega devs would’ve chose Sonic 3 & Knuckles if it was in this collection.

  • A remastered phantasy star 1-4 would be amazing.

  • Isn’t this just basically the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console that Walmart/Target sells? Nothing really new here.

    • It works with PS4 and current TVs without an adapters. There’s that. This collection is officially supported by Sega. The AtGames box is a mess. If Sega made their own mini-console then it might edge out this collection.

  • I pre-ordered this game and it’s now saying that I won’t be ableto download it for 237 DAYS?!!!
    DECEMBER 31ST, 2018

    What’s going on here… Was it delayed? If so, how do I get a refund?

  • Does the PSN store update their release dates, because even though this post has the release date of 5/29/18, the PlayStation store is still listing the release date as 12/31/2018, same with Elder Scrolls Online: Summers, the publishers have the release date as 6/5/2018, while the store is still listing the release date for ESO: Summerset as 12/31/18? I preordered the latter, and I won’t be happy if I can’t play that on the release date, due to the incorrect release date being showed by the PSN store. Please update to the correct release dates ASAP please.

  • Got this immediately because I grew up on these games. I love the selection but I have one big issue. There appear to only be 2 ways to configure the buttons and both configurations feel awkward to me. I hope they patch the game so we can customize the button layout any way we want.

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