Obduction, From the Creators of Myst, Comes to PS VR May 8

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Obduction, From the Creators of Myst, Comes to PS VR May 8

The long-awaited, other-world adventure from the creators of Myst journeys to PS VR next week.

Hey everybody, Rand Miller checking in to let you know some exciting news! We’ve been polishing our PlayStation VR version of Obduction for a few months, and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally ready! We couldn’t be happier to have this out the door, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without our partners at Legendary. Of course it’s the full version of Obduction with all the beauty and intrigue of its alien worlds, including the bonus content that’s on the PlayStation version. And Obduction is one of the larger PS VR experiences, so get ready to explore some crazy-cool spaces for a while.

Here at Cyan we’ve been making worlds for thirty years, and our goal has always been to make places that players start to feel part of. Obduction was no exception. From the opening scenes along the mountain lake, to the crazy experience of a red rock desert ghost town on an alien planet, and then beyond to completely alien worlds with steep cliffs, massive equipment, and sleek alien technology – the adventure is meant to feel that they’ve been transported to other places. VR does that better than ever, and PS VR opens that experience to a huge new audience.

When we launched the PlayStation version we were already hard at work on the PS VR version, but we’ve been working to make the experience as good as possible. It’s especially exciting for us, because there are so many people with PS VR systems who can now experience Obduction in its virtual reality glory. VR adds so much of a sense of really being in our worlds.

Behind the scenes, when we started Obduction in 2014, we believed that VR would really enhance the experience. When we released the game in 2016, VR headsets were only just beginning to be released to consumers, and the market was small. Now that Sony has been able to really raise the bar with the number of VR gamers, Cyan will continue its commitment to creating compelling worlds that use VR in powerful ways. We hope that you enjoy Obduction — have fun exploring!

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