List: The Best Horror Games for PlayStation VR

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List: The Best Horror Games for PlayStation VR

Highlighting a few games we dare you to try in virtual reality.

PlayStation VR has seen some stellar deals lately! Maybe you just picked it up and are looking to build your VR library. Or maybe you’re thinking about signing up but want to know where to begin.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Over the next few weeks, we’re highlighting some of our favorite PS VR games, divvied up into themed collections.

First up, perhaps my favorite genre: horror! Scary games are a perfect fit for VR’s deeply immersive presentation, and there are a lot to choose from. Here are some of my favorites; visit PlayStation Store to see more.

What did I miss? Leave your own recommendations in the comments below!

Killing Floor: Incursion

This one just launched, but based on my playtime it’s a highly playable VR horror game. Building off PS4 co-op arena shooter Killing Floor 2, Incursion packs in a five-chapter storyline and two-player co-op support for both its Story and Horde modes. Using dual PlayStation Moves, you can shoot, slash, or punch the ravenous Zeds… to sometimes hilarious effect. This one’s worth a look.

The Inpatient

Supermassive Games is known for building tight narratives that bend and twist based on the player’s decisions. The Inpatient drives this agenda in bold new directions that will reward the patient player. This prequel to Until Dawn (suggestion: play that first) is set in Blackwood Pines Sanitarium. As an amnesiac patient left to wander the dilapidated halls, you’ll search for clues to your real identity. You’ll want to play this one several times, making different choices, to get the full, disturbing story.

Resident Evil 7

This is the big boy. If you can play only one title on PlayStation VR, let this be the one. Capcom’s sprawling horror epic is perfectly tailored to the VR medium thanks to an immersive first-person perspective and intuitive controls. While navigating the corrupted home of the depraved Baker family, you’ll fend off grotesque abominations with whatever weaponry you can find. This is the best Resident Evil game in years – try it in VR for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Arizona Sunshine, PlayStation VR

This popular zombie shooter gets a big thumbs-up for its robust controller options: DualShock 4, PS Move motion controllers, and PS VR Aim Controller are all well supported. Arizona Sunshine is positively bristling with weapons (35+), and the online co-op Horde mode is a blast – especially with the free new maps Vertigo Games has thoughtfully issued post-release.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Another Supermassive entry, but a major departure from The Inpatient and Until Dawn. This scary shooter is literally set on rails, as you ride the most questionable rollercoaster in theme park history on a path straight to Hell. Rush of Blood sports some seriously disturbing sequences and surreal visuals, and is loaded with enough secrets and alternate routes to warrant at least a couple of playthroughs.

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  • You should ask the outcast developers to add a VR mode.

  • Here They Lie and The Brookhaven Experiment are also great.

  • Resident Evil 7 and Rush of Blood are fantastic.

    Inpatient and Arizona Sunshine are ……. not.

  • Please, please, please PLEASE. release alien isolation as vr. That would be awesome!

  • “Here They Lie” should definitely be added to this list, it’s so creepy!!!

  • +1 for “Here They Lie”

  • It should be criminal Here They Lie didn’t make this list. A great horror game, and a true innovator as the first real console horror game in VR ever released (Rush of Blood doesn’t count as a rails shooter.) I might be a bit biased here, however, as I hold the mark for being the first person ever to 100% trophy the game – the only such game I managed that feat with.

    There is also an early VR Asian title called Weeping Dolls, which… Well, it wasn’t great, but it was adventure horror in VR – that counts for something.

    I am blown away Paranormal Activity VR didn’t make the cut, too – a major IP releasing in VR? One would think that automatically qualifies it for this list. It’s *way* more horror than Arizona sunshine or Killing Floors, which I disqualify in their being shooters with scores of enemies over building terror and dread. In all honesty, if those two count as the “best” of PSVR horror, then Doom VR should definitely have made it on here. That was actually quite a good time, and some legit scares.

  • Let’s see, what else… Dying: Reborn was sorta/kinda horror-ish…? Then there was Don’t Knock Twice, which wasn’t all that great, either. Last horror in VR that i am aware of is The Bellows, which was really, really “not very good”.

    Honestly, I’ve been really disappointed with the VR horror so far. I bought my PSVR on launch day *solely* as a huuuuuuge survival horror fan – it was literally my sole factor in purchasing the unit. We are nearing two years on, however, and… This is it. My listed games added to some (not even all) of the above “PSVR horror games best of”. Half of which, no offense, seems like they were something a couple guys tossed together using purchased resources atop existing game engines; things one could almost create all by themselves given enough time and knowhow.

    How is it, two years on, and the only real PSVR horror game has been RE7?!? And that game? It worked so impossibly well, proving the very concept of PSVR in only one singular experience, beloved by a great many and selling quite well – how have we only gotten the one real, full length AAA PSVR Horror experience in two freaking years of time?

    • By now, games that started development well after PSVR launch should be nearing completion and release. Yet you look at any New Releases or Upcoming lists for PSVR, and there is a decided lack of any content at all, let alone legitimate AAA releases.

      PSVR offers so very, very much to the horror genre and horror fanatics. It is downright criminal that the landscape is what it is after nearing two years now. Even worse still, the absolute dearth of any anticipated upcoming releases – I mean, I am unaware of a single announced PSVR horror game in RE7’s category here today. There’s simply nothing coming. That right there is a bloody shame.

      So as much as I’d love to rave about how great the PSVR is, all that it offers to horror in particular, and just what a transformative experience it is to necessitate anyone and everyone going out and buying one right this instant? The content is decidedly a huge problem, as this very list illustrates quite nicely. If, when one looks at RE7, and then the others on the list, and that’s the best of PSVR horror after two years? That’s a problem, no two ways about it, which is massively disappointing. Maybe E3 2018 will change things in this regard, although I am not optimistic at this point.

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