Free-to-Play Battle Royale H1Z1 Hits PS4 in May

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Free-to-Play Battle Royale H1Z1 Hits PS4 in May

Details on Closed Beta and Open Beta for Daybreak’s upcoming free-to-play battle royale shooter.

Hey everyone! I’m Terrence Yee, a producer on H1Z1, and I’m excited to share some big news with you today: H1Z1 is coming to PS4 as a free-to-play game next month!

This is the battle-royale game for fans of action console shooters. Battle royale should be about the adrenaline rush you get from being one of the last few remaining, so we’ve drilled down to that core gameplay experience to keep players engaged in all the action. This means more guns, more vehicles, more weapons, a streamlined UI, familiar console controls and faster matches—it’s pure battle royale.

Plus, we’ve added a new take on in-match power progression that forces players to make strategic decisions if they want to win. Now, players will have to engage with airdrops – which drop in masses and frequently – if they want access to better weapons and gear. This includes six new guns: the KH43, Marauder, MK46, Combat Shotgun, CNQ-09 and Scout Rifle. The gas, which is dynamically based of the population, also moves faster to speed up the pace of the game, ensuring that matches don’t last more than 15 nail-biting minutes.

The battle royale craze has taken over the world and it has been amazing to be part of the genre from the beginning. We can’t wait to hear about your pure battle royale experience on the PS4.

If you want to jump into the action early to help test H1Z1 on the PS4, sign up for the Closed Beta here:

We hope to see you all on May 22, with the start of Open Beta. Until then, be sure to follow H1Z1 on social to stay up to date on all the news.

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  • Is this going to include the recently launched Auto Royale mode as well that went out to PC? Or is that coming later down the road?

    Congrats on finally being almost ready to ship on PS4. I remember this was announced prior to the Daybreak / Sony split when H1Z1 was only just a Day Z type game.

    —–Entitled gamers complaining can now post below—–

  • So has the zombie survival sim aspect of this game been completely scrapped in favor of battle royale?

    Is there even a single zombie in this game at this point?

    I don’t mean to sound salty, because from a business perspective, going full battle royale is probably the right decision, but I’ve been following H1Z1 since it was first announced as a SOE project and it’s a little disheartening to know that all the features that piqued my interest have been abandoned.

    Just find it more than a little funny that the meaning of the “Z” in H1Z1 will be lost on most players.

    • H1Z1 is now just the Battle Royale game. Just Survive is the zombie survival game. It was originally H1Z1 as the standalone and then H1Z1: King of the Kill as Battle Royale. Daybreak felt that this wasn’t confusing enough for the consumer so they renamed everything around and dropped H1Z1 from the Just Survive title. As far as I know, nothing has been announced for Just Survive on PS4.

  • Hi! it is going to have crossplatform gaming like Fortnite? Please say yes!

  • Cross platform play? I like playing these games from PC and I would like to be able to play with my PSN friends like I do in some titles

  • Hell Yeah Let’s Go

  • will this game have the undead zombie in the match?

  • Horizon One Zero One! What does it all mean?

  • H1Z1 is available to pre order now on ps store so I’m guessing the zombie aspect of the game is still playable

  • Will it be CROSSPLAY with the PC ? Thank you!

  • Please do NOT allow / enable cross play with the “hackers infected PC Masterrace”.

    and please launch the “Just survive” on Playstation

  • I prefer they don’t add the cross platform integration to this game or at least that the option can be turned off.

  • Omg yes!! I’ve waited so long for this! :D When does the Closed Beta start? Can’t wait :D

  • Feel free to add me up to play this (20+) on PS4 @ TeFlon180

  • Really happy to see that they’ve optimized it for the PS4, here’s hoping it fools good to play.

  • Will this have Keyboard/ mouse support, or will I just have to use my Xim4?

  • Well let’s do this then!

    The “one life per round” will be welcome.

  • It was deleted Ages Ago, but the original Link was

    I wanna say it was gonna be a June 25 or 27th was the original Window.

    So, here we go, only 23 months late!


    I would have hoped for Just Survive instead though. Ah well, still gonna be awesome!

  • cant wait! cant wait for it but! will pubg come to ps4?

  • just wondering is this going to be on the pc too or just the ps4?

  • nice H1Z1 in PS4 YEAHHH


  • Yaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Do you need PlayStation plus in order to play?

  • You should be able to play if u bout the preorder bundle i hope i get a key to play

  • Will this always be free to play or only free while it’s in open beta?

  • 4 days cant wait till it comes out

  • This will be popular on the store for a week.

    The zombie survival side of the game would have been much better. What a shame.

    Battle Royal will die with the new CoD and this game will be left in the dust with overpriced hats and scarfs.

    Look how Fortnite did it. The non BR part of the game is legit.


    • Krazeedd you must be stupid. Look how fortnite did? Its one of the most popular games just for br.

  • Add me dudes —> Psn: Tezticlees

  • Hi i tried playing the game but for some odd reason it wont let me connect the server i was hyped to play this game too what should i do??

  • Do you think it is possible that maybe just survive will come to console sometime after the battle royal game???

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