Introducing To Leave, Coming to PS4 on April 24

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Introducing To Leave, Coming to PS4 on April 24

An experimental game about mental illness, and finding peace within and without.

Dear readers of PlayStation.Blog,

Ours is a time of quiet despair.

One out of five humans have been diagnosed with some form of mental illness, and though many others have not (yet) been stigmatized with any one diagnostic label, chaotic states of consciousness – such as anxiety, panic, lethargy, dissatisfaction, suicidal ideation, and depression – are increasingly becoming part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Nowadays an exasperating, yet politely suppressed, existential scream of terror seems to contaminate our minds.

Harm drawing eagerly during a manic episode.

To Leave is a hardcore game about manic-depressive illness, social alienation, and the burning desire to bring all inner and outer pain to an end. The game’s main character, Harm – a manic-depressive young man in possession of a magical, flying door – has finished orchestrating a plan to solve all his troubles – and all the troubles of his world – once and for all.

In To Leave, players will experience what it feels like being Harm at this crucial moment of his life: a deeply conflicted, half-lucid, half-insane teenager with muddled thoughts but with one very clear intention in his heart: peace for himself, and peace for his world.

To that effect, To Leave makes use of several points of view and game-genres to convey that experience. The game is categorized as “Unique” at PlayStation Store*, and with good reason: at Freaky Creations we have not been afraid to stray into experimental territory.

At the start of the game throughout the first chapters, To Leave is quite easy to play and could very well be played by even those who have seldom, if ever, played any games. But To Leave progressively (and conscientiously) ramps up its difficulty. Challenges are not random, nor are they unfair: by the time a player reaches a challenge, he or she will be more than capable to face it. One of our ideologies in Freaky Creations is that games should respect players, both their grit and their capacity to grow and improve. In that light, To Leave will challenge you. Yes, it is addictive, and it is fun, but it isn’t easy. Once you’ve finished it, however, you will come out of the experience elated, and without any trace of regret.

Be careful: Harm’s Door is delicate. Touch anything and you’ll be thrown back!

To Leave is Freaky Creation’s first game, and is the culmination of a six-year-long development and research process. It has been tested by hundreds of players with different levels of experience. To Leave is also one of the first Ecuadorian games to launch on a PlayStation platform, and we’re quite proud of this achievement.

To Leave is coming to you on April 24, 2018, but you can pre-order it now for some extra perks and a discount!

Sincerely yours,

Estefano Palacios T.
Creative Director, Freaky Creations

Freaky Creations is not afraid to stray into the experimental.

*This categorization was neither suggested nor set by Freaky Creations.

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