Introducing Brawlout, a Party-fighter on PS4

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Introducing Brawlout, a Party-fighter on PS4

This combo-heavy brawler features seven original characters... and a few special guests!

Bogdan Iliesiu here, CEO of Angry Mob Games. We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our party-fighter, Brawlout, on PS4!

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones with fond memories of sitting with the buddies, sprawled across college dorms or sunk into comfy rec rooms. For those with an ingrained love of fighting games, this one’s for you. And by you, I also mean us.

Brawlout for PS4

Brawlout is a fighting game built for fast-paced matches and action-oriented play by eliminating shielding and defensive tactics. By focusing on aggressive mechanics, new players will be able to easily nail impressive combos while not feeling overwhelmed by friends who’ve had a bit more practice.

It’s easy to learn and difficult to master, which we think is a good way to appeal to both casual players and gamers looking to dedicate the time to honing their skills to become pros.

Brawlout for PS4

We’ve got seven original fighters to choose from, but add in variants to those characters and it swells up to eighteen, in addition to the three indie guest characters we’ve teleported in from Hyper Light Drifter, Guacamelee, and… currently undisclosed!

Want an agile, deadly, assassin-type? Sephi’ra is a good bet (and my personal favorite). For close combat, nothing beats a grappler like Paco, while if long range projectiles are your thing, Chief Feathers, or even better, his Condor X variant covers most of the battleground with carefully placed mines, bombs, or even guided missiles.

Brawlout for PS4

“Isn’t this just another Smash clone?” is something we’ve heard a lot during development. In some ways, yes, we do have elements that people loved in Smash. Character movement, Ledge grabs and even some character power sets are reminiscent of the Nintendo classic. But at its core, Smash Bros. wasn’t where we dove for inspiration when thinking about the type of core mechanics we wanted to include in Brawlout.

Our game more closely reflects our love for the traditional fighters like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. You really feel the weight of your punches and kicks-in-the-face! Plus combo-breakers! We wanted an aggressive, combo heavy game, not something that was just full of blocks and defensive stand-offs.

We’re beyond excited to bring Brawlout to PS4; we’re confident that it’s an experience not previously available for console. With the PS4’s stellar online capabilities, it was immediately one of the goals we set for ourselves when developing Brawlout.

Its visuals got a huge boost, too – plus it’s PlayStation Pro enhanced, with crisp 4K fighting. Feel free to challenge the team online this summer!

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  • Hopefully this is what PlayStation All-Stars should have been! Maybe add more exclusive characters down the road..?

  • online multiplayer?

  • Been keeping an eye on this for awhile. So Summer means June right? Also will there be a physical version available? Seen one on Amazon not too long ago

  • Keeping an eye on this. I preferred all stars vs smash because of the combos and juggles and no ring outside. Can deal w ring outside of everything else is there. I’m intrigued

    • No ring outs I mean

    • I liked that about All-Stars too. Fixing the gameplay isn’t all that complicated I think. Instead of having tons of cool attacks that serve no purpose and only 3 attacks that can kill, have the regular attacks do a bit of damage and the 3 attacks a whole lot of damage. That way you keep the same dynamic of filling your bar to hit your special moves but you’re not 100% dependent on it.

    • Yo greyfox, I see what you’re saying. I seen the trailer n it looks cool and all. The supers in all stars provided some flash and it was a strategy thing of which level to save up for based on your skill level. I loved catching 3 kills w parappa’s pele after luring in folks w the boombox lol. Still, I’m intrigued w this game. Love Juan inclusion from guacamele

  • you know….ps all stars left me feeling some type of way…we’ll see.

  • Watch out for Nintendo, Smash Bros. System

  • I bought this game on my Switch and I can tell you all that it will not live up to any expectation if you play Smash.

    The cast is a tiny amount of 18. The variants of some character’s add no difference of playstyle at all. It’s like playing Mario and Dr. Mario. The game will only allow you to get these other characters by their in-game currency. The only way of unlocking more “characters” is if you play online or you upgrade your mastery. The gems(Was it 40? 45?) are for an essentially RANDOM loot box for either a fighter OR you can choose to buy a stage. Did I forget to mention that you get only THREE stages when you get the game?

    The fight mechanics are okay. They are indeed fast pace with your typical smash buttons such as what I’m assuming, down X or forward charge O. There’s no block and there’s no grab which honestly is odd for any fighter NOT to have. Essentially you have a roll and air dodge.
    They also have this rage mode which can turn the tide of battle if used right but honestly it’s not hard to avoid. Run around and jump a bit and the opponent will run out. Overall, the game isn’t worth the price and if I remember right, it’s $20. Maybe it’s your cup of tea but I can tell you it’s not mine.

  • Picked this up on the Switch last year and it’s really fun! Looking forward to playing this online with some buds on PS4 since the Switch’s online leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Game looks interesting what is the price ?

  • I think this game looks to be neat. Hope there’s a few bonus games that comes with it, you know like how Smash Bros. has. Also, I’m not willing to get hopes up, but, I wish Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet would be in Brawlout as a guest, with her true face from FP1. That face is highly recognizable, and still sets her apart from Sonic.

    Other than that, it’s something people may need to see games inspired by the Smash Bros. series. Keep it up!

    BTW, if anyone notices, Lilac’s forehead is not completely two-tone. It’s only the shine that makes people think it is, when it’s really not. Same goes to Sonic’s, so it’s nothing to be really bothered about.

  • I guess nobody really played Brawlhalla, huh?

  • Smash 5 looks great

  • The correct answer for any developer to “Is this a Smash clone?,” is YES. This game looks awesome, can’t wait!

  • Any chance this will have cross platform online?

  • Is it going to be free?

  • my question is will it be free or will it cost money? i could go for either but if it’s free with cosmetics and such it seems approachable by a wider audience in my opinion

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