Warframe: Beasts of the Sanctuary Update Detailed

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Warframe: Beasts of the Sanctuary Update Detailed

The newest Warframe Khora brings a unique Kavat partner into battle.

Enter the Sanctuary and stay awhile, Tenno. The next major update, Beasts of the Sanctuary, features our 35th Warframe Khora, a new game mode called Sanctuary Onslaught, and more!

With a bold aesthetic characterized by glossy metallics hinting at her fierceness in combat, Khora sets the stage for her long-awaited arrival with flair. She is an example of how Warframe often develops on an ebb and flow of ideas. The Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage types were originally meant to be her wheelhouse — changing the damage output on command the name of her game.

When it came down to executing the concept, the ingredients didn’t have the kick we were expecting fresh out of the development oven. So the devs went back to the cupboard and whipped something new up, all while keeping in mind that certain parts of the original recipe just worked: cycling ability modes and a Kavat companion summoned by, and unique to, Khora.

What resulted was a Warframe fashioned with a metallic whip that twirls her weapon’s living metal around enemies, ensnaring them in a snake-like grip. A complex and adaptable Warframe, Khora displays her power using a set of Abilities sure to make her enemies shudder. Whipclaw is an offensive whip strike that sends enemies reeling. Ensnare traps your target and entangles those who stray too close. Venari, your Kavat partner in crime, enables you to cycle through Khora’s postures to set her to attack, protect, or heal. She’s a cat of all trades. And finally, (cue announcer voice) welcome to the Strangledome.

Quite literally, it is a dome that strangles enemies within with gripping chains dealing damage overtime. If I had to choose my favorite part of Khora, it would be that you can have both Venari and another companion equipped. Essentially, getting closer to my true form of “Beastmaster Danielle.”

Now it comes as no surprise that with these abilities, Cephalon Simaris, a seeker of knowledge, has taken interest in researching this Warframe unfamiliar to your arsenal. Trapped in Cephalon Simaris’ Sanctuary, Khora remains. But she can be found and rescued! In our new update, Beasts of Sanctuary, obtaining Khora is done by coming face to face with the furious temper and growing pace of a new game mode called “Sanctuary Onslaught.”

Stepping into the Sanctuary will send you into a sequence of portals. Randomly generated levels await you on the other side of each portal, each one unstable and bustling with a flurry of enemies. The goal? Survive long enough to move onto the next stage. Once you enter a portal, a timer will tick down indicating the arrival of the next. Maintaining portal stability is key, and done with a constant fury of enemy kills and sourcing stability pickups scattered around. It’s a rush, and it’s meant to challenge your ability to deliver quick death while remaining mobile and skillfully navigating the levels.

This timed chaos will release with a casual and challenge mode (for you hardcore folks out there), and will applaud your efforts with Khora and other unique rewards.

Like two Grineer Tubemen in a cloning pod (sorry), Khora and Sanctuary Onslaught are intrinsic to one another and available in the Beasts of the Sanctuary update. We like to keep things interesting, so we’re hoping that a Warframe with whips and a hardcore challenge does the trick! I expect the first Warframe PS4 at 4 livestream after the update goes live will feature me shouting at the screen while I flail aimlessly through the Sanctuary. So, I look forward to having you tune in to join me for the adventure.

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  • Looking forward to the update! I was a part of the community at one point but now I can’t find it anymore. Did something happen to it?

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      Happy to hear you’re excited!

      The PS4 @ 4 Casual Community had some issues pop up that we’re still addressing :) Stay tuned for more info.

  • Loving the updates this year, every month brings me and my clan more goodies to farm! Can’t wait to see what DE has in store for Tennocon!

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      I’ll share your compliments with our PS4 team! They’ve worked hard to get the updates out this year, so I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear that you and your Clan have been enjoying them so far.

      TennoCon is going to be an amazing time! If you’re coming to the Convention don’t be afraid to say hi if ya see me :D

  • Any video preview links? Thanks.

  • I am excited for this update! I am hoping the open world concept continues to grow too. I hope this update reignites some player’s interests. I have seen many falling off, dojos abandoned, etc. Because the grinding has become so obvious and repetitive. Procedural and tile based games are great until EVERYTHING adopts the same exact mechanics. Amps and zaws are nearly identical grinding processes. Konzu bountry rewards never change. I still see Streamline as a mod reward and that’s been there since day 1 when cetus was added. Weapons and armor drops would be great. Not sure why blueprint parts for those can’t fall like other games like Division and Destiny where the grind for gear can be fun to try and get rare drops. Why not simply add in weapon armor drops, prime mods drop, blueprint parts and mods in the fishing holes instead of only a boot or fish. There are lots lol little things that would change up the grind mechanics and allow people those little boosts of joy. It’s like something gets added but it works the exact same way as the previous things, so it feels like a reskinned addition instead of a new feature.

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      Happy to say we are actively developing the open zone concept! We’ve learned a lot from Plains of Eidolon and even more from feedback like what you provided here :)

      Thank you!

  • So when can we expect this update on PS4?

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      We’re aiming to launch this on PC this week, and then once that goes live we will hit the ground running on getting a build out to cert. The update will also include Operation: Plague Star :)

  • Please say there will be lots of new trophies for this as well. I stopped playing after I got all the trophies because the grind was too much for no purpose after you e done everything so trophies at least give me motive to keep going.

  • Looks like a great update. I started playing a couple of months ago, and I have to say, I’m really impressed by the way your Team handles community management.

    Warframe is a fun game, but honestly, the Community spirit is what sets it apart. I think that is in no small way attributed to the effort put in by the [DE] folks. It’s especially apparent in stuff like this, as Console Communities get left in the dust on so many other cross-platform games. Thanks for your work!

    Looking forward to Tennocon!

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      That means a lot, thanks! We’re very lucky to have the Community we have in Warframe, and we have nothing but respect for the time and passion they put into the game and its development.

      I am seriously so delighted that you feel the way you do!

      See you at TennoCon!!

  • I’m into my 4th month and have loved almost all of my WF experience. I appreciate all the hard work DE and its staff does. Clearer, timely transitions within and in/out of the orbiter’s mod section for upgrading would be a nice change. Thank you so much!!

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      Happy 4 months of Warframing! :P

      When you mean “timely transitions” are you referring to load times in the Mod Segment?

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • While I love my PS4 Pro and have a much more advanced Warframe account there, I’ll be waiting for when this update hits Xbox One X. Pro will always have amazing exclusives but Xbox has the network and the hardware that comes so close to a PC experience it’s shocking what a console can do for that price.
    Makes me excited for what the PS5 will do.

  • Im loving the eidolon events and good way to farm standing for resources and exclusive mods and zaw parts :)

    • Danielle Sokolowski

      There are new Zaw parts coming in the Beasts of the Sanctuary update, so, even more, to look forward to! :)

  • This post was brilliantly written. You need a raise, Ms. Sokolowski.

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