God of War: The Evolution of Kratos

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God of War: The Evolution of Kratos

New video details Kratos’s journey from God of War III to 2018’s God of War.

“There’s an internal journey for every human being,” God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog recently told me. “In the old games, we tackled more of the physical journey. The emotional journey, the internal journey, is far more intriguing now.”

Indeed. Kratos has come a long, long way since the closing moments of 2010’s God of War III. It’s not just the bushy beard, or the magical throwing axe, or the son traveling by his side. It’s his manner, his temperament. Something is different.

This is important because, as anybody who’s ever played God of War knows, Kratos has demonstrated exactly two emotions: effortless cool and bloodthirsty rage. And that was enough to propel him through six games — seven, if you count the mobile title. And for most of the series, his single-minded bloodlust was so overt and so unapologetic that it felt fresh, groundbreaking.

God of War
But time affects us all, and 2018’s God of War will show us a side of the character we’ve never seen before. Watch our new video above to learn more about how Santa Monica Studio is evolving this iconic character.

As for Barlog? Some things never change. “I have always had this overdelivery complex,” Barlog said. “I keep obsessively adding things, making the game bigger and better, because I can’t leave anything on the table. I want to give the whole experience. You’ll pay $60? You’ll get everything I can possibly give.”

The excitement is palpable. God of War returns to PlayStation on April 20.

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  • Great work !

  • I typically don’t preorder games, but this one has been on pre-order since the day it was available. I absolutely can’t wait to tear through and experience this game.

  • Just a few more days until I can pick up my Pro bundle and Stone Mason edition! Then its vacation time, no distractions from work or the family, with a goal to beat this massive game once if not twice before the week is done. The early reviews for God of War have only increased my anticipation! Bring on the God of War!!!

  • I am sure I have completely annoyed the family referencing this game last weekend while on trip and giving them fun facts about it. I just need to shut up and play it already.

  • Give us GoW3 digitally on the PS3

    • I see this request frequently in the comments on this blog (though I’m unsure if they’re mostly posted by the same few commenters). I’m extremely curious about why one would prefer to play the PS3 version of GOW3 when there’s a definitively superior version available on PS4, which is often on sale at very affordable prices. Not to mention the simple benefit of using the significantly more ergonomic Duashock 4 over the DS3. I personally own 2 copies of GOW3 for PS3, yet I couldn’t resist buying the PS4 version when it was on sale for $6. Of course, I understand if one doesn’t own a PS4, however, assuming you do (since I’m sure you plan on playing the new title), would you care to explain why one in this position would opt for the inferior version?

    • @xDD90x I already own GoW3 Remastered for the PS4. I want it digitally on my PS3 also. The reason I am asking for it is because the PS3 version came to PS Now. Therefore, if it can be on PS Now, then it should be on the PS3 PS Store. I am a digital game collector and a fan of Sony. I want both versions. I have the PS3 and PS4 version of The Last of Us. Sometimes stuff changes in HD remaster and ports. So, I want the original also.

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    • Wow. I hope no-one falls for this crap. @Sid Shuman- can’t you guys do something about this? Whoever set this up has “Sony” at the top of the site and that alone is enough for legal ramifications, let alone the fact that the site is set up to resemble the legitimate Sony login page to steal people’s accounts. C’mon you guys. You gotta keep this type of thing off your blog. How many kids have fallen for this, I wonder?

  • Just watching the clock countdown on my digital deluxe preorder…


  • I love watching my son play this game its like father and son bounding..

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