The Countdown to God of War Begins Today

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The Countdown to God of War Begins Today

Kratos returns in one week! And over the next seven days, we've got one heck of a celebration planned.

It’s almost time! One of the most iconic characters in PlayStation history will step into a strange and perilous new realm when God of War returns April 20 on PS4.

To mark the big day, we’re celebrating on with Countdown to Launch: a week of new videos, giveaways, and a launch-night livestream brimming with special guests. Read on for details on what you can expect over the next seven days leading up to the launch of God of War!

Launch Night Livestream

There’s plenty of good stuff happening next week, but you can’t miss our livestream on launch night. We’ll go inside the development of God of War with a look at early development materials, and we’ll speak with special guests including Cory Barlog, Bear McCreary, Christopher Judge, and Sunny Suljic.

  • What: God of War Launch Livestream
  • Where:
  • When: 7:30 PM Pacific, April 19
  • Why: Gameplay! Special guests! Giveaways!


What better way to join the excitement than bedazzle your account with new PlayStation avatars? We’ll have three God of War avatars available as giveaways during the countdown for US, Canada, and LATAM.

The first goes live on April 13. Complete a simple quest on between April 13 and April 19 to earn the avatar.

The second avatar goes live on April 15, and also requires completing a quest. But! The third avatar is a little more exclusive. To earn it, you’ll have to watch our livestream on April 19 at to complete the quest. And it’s only available that night! Don’t miss it. Check out full details and rules at the official site.

Win a PS4 Pro God of War Bundle

For those of you celebrating God of War launch week in the United States, you can enter to win a PS4 Pro bundle! Log in to between April 12 and April 19, complete a quest, and then watch our livestream on April 19 to click on the sweepstakes tab. You’ll be entered to win this amazing bundle, alongside a few other prizes — like a Gold Wireless Headset.

Join us for this milestone in the long history of the God of War series, and we’ll see you on April 19!

Click here for official sweepstakes rules.

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3 Author Replies

  • i have played every god of war game including the psp games to say im hyped for this is an understatement it will be amazing playing it on my new glacier white ps4 pro now if only i had a 4k hdr tv to heighten the experience?

    • Excellent! You’ll have to let us know what you think – and it looks crazy good in 4K, but is still a looker on Pro on a HDTV.

  • Excitment boner, 8 more days, reviews are already online 10 out of 10, come on release it already, if my boner does not got away i will die

  • No giveaways for Canadian… :( Sad

  • I wish God of War 3 was digitally available on PS3 PS Store.

  • I Cant take it 7 days of ROCK HARD boner dreaming of holding the case and putting the DISC it in my P*4, can’t wait for it man

  • Only thing I’m missing to make this game even more glorious is playing it on a PS4 Pro system. 4k TV ready, Stone Mason edition preordered, I’m ready!!! 7 days can’t get here fast enough.

  • EPICNESS !!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait… WOOT WOOT

  • Not only have I played every GoW, but I have plat them all! On Ps3 and Ps vita. (Yep, I double dipped). I am so ready for GoW for Ps4! Every GoW you ever release will be mine day 1, I don’t care what the reviews say. Speaking of Reviews, IGN gave this a solid 10! That is very cool! It speaks volumes of this game if the hardcore critics of IGN were willing to give the highly uncommon perfect score of 10. Cannot contain my excitement!

  • Can’t wait to play this. I’ve never really played any of the originals. I bought 3 on PS4 since it was the only remaster, and while it was fun, I felt a little lost lore wise because it kind of just throws you into the story.

    I hope this does good justice for first timers of the series. Really though, I would love to see a remaster of all the originals on PS4.

    Either way, this looks unbelievable. And every gaming site I use has given it a solid 10. Amazing.

  • If there isn’t a Stargate: SG1 easter egg somewhere in the game, I’m going to be very disappointed.

  • Is this new God of War enhanced for Xbox One X?

    Just kidding. I’m looking forward to playing this on my Pro. I love the fact that Sony keeps the single player franchises coming and strong. I like my X1X, but no matter how good RDR looks in 4k, PS4 is where the new titles shine. I can’t think of any exclusive for PS4 that sank as fast as Sea of Thieves.

    I usually don’t pre-order games, but God of War is an exception. The entire franchise thus far has been stellar, and everything seems on target for the new God of War to deliver in spades.

  • No jump button no buy! I’ll skip this one!

  • Ready. Pre order stone mason edition and GOW PS4 PRO bundle. Sony you have my wallet already. Now give me what I order. PRETTY PLEASE.

  • Yes! I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

    Sony 4K TV Bought ✔️
    Stone Mason Edition (won’t arrive on day one) ✔️
    Digital Deluxe Edition ✔️
    Collector’s Edition Game Guide ✔️

    April 20th is going to be a great day.

  • My most anticipated game since Persona 5. The reviews are INCREDIBLE. Now the highest rated PS4 game of all time [not including GTA V and TLOU remasters].

    CONGRATS SANTA MONICA! Sony continues to show us outstanding games.

  • When I preordered the Stone Mason Edition, I had to wait 10 WEEKS before the game came out… Now it’s only 7 days, finally ! And with all the great reviews out there, the hype is just through the roof !!! I’ll be proud to have this Gof of War game be my tenth God of War platinum !!

  • I got my God Of War Playstation Pro bundle pre ordered now just waiting till the 20th which can’t come fast enough.

  • Why avatar giveaway is restricted only to America?
    What’s the point?

  • Oh I can’t wait! I got my 4k hdr10 tv and a pro!

  • Such a big shame but with this should be available in other supported countries , you seem to neglect that

  • Well tomorrow release day, god of war fans and kratos will be mad that can’t jump over objects, expect a lot of climbing over objects
    Since they took the jump button out

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