Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Hit PS4 July 24

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Hit PS4 July 24

Capcom looks back at the legendary, decades-spanning Mega Man X series in celebration of its upcoming PS4 compilations.

We’re celebrating the year of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary later this year with the upcoming release of the brand new Mega Man 11, and even sooner, we’ll be revisiting the iconic storied history of the post-apocalyptic Mega Man X series on PS4. All eight X games will be playable across Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 when they debut on PlayStation 4 — with some all-new features — on July 24. I hope you’ll join me in reflecting on the unique history this series shares with PlayStation, where many of these games made their first debut.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2

The letter “X” is significant. It can represent unknown variables, mark hidden treasure, and holds an important place in fields of study like aerospace and genetics. In the field of technology, the “X” moniker can also signal the next phase of powerful hardware. The original PlayStation was codenamed “PS-X” before its launch – a mysterious and exciting codename that hints at new graphical potential. Speaking of powerful hardware, “X” is the name given to Dr. Light’s enhanced robotic successor to Mega Man in the Mega Man X series. The etymological connection is a fun one, but PlayStation and the Mega Man X series also have a deeper connection.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2

Mega Man X3

Before the first PlayStation hit the market, Mega Man X dashed onto the video game scene in 1994 during the 16-bit era as an evolution of the classic Mega Man formula. The titular blue robot jumps and shoots his way through eight varied stages, steals a weapon from the Maverick boss at the end, and takes down an evil mastermind. In addition to a more sci-fi aesthetic and grittier tone, Mega Man X layered on exciting gameplay enhancements, like dashing and wall jumping. These new abilities opened up new combat possibilities for players, and made the 16-bit reinvention much more than a fresh coat of paint. This pitch-perfect gameplay extended through Mega Man X2 (1994) and X3 (1995) in the 16-bit era, delivering a trio of tough-but-fair adventures featuring X and his ally Zero in their fight against the maniacal Sigma.

In 1997, following the 16-bit era, the Mega Man X series deployed exclusively onto CD format consoles – including PlayStation – to thrilling results. X and his mysterious Maverick-hunting friend Zero came to life in beautifully animated cutscenes of Mega Man X4, solidifying the X series as far darker and grimmer than the ever-endearing classic Mega Man series. For the first time from the outset of the game, players could choose to blast through stages as X with his trusty X-Buster, or slice and dice through Mavericks as Zero with his nimble Z-Sabre. Players could further enhance X with discoverable armor sets that offered benefits such as improved mobility or defense, allowing players to customize their play style, while Zero learned new, powerful special moves with each defeated Maverick. Mega Man X4 was just the beginning of a long-running alliance between X and Sony’s powerful machine.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2

Mega Man X6

PlayStation became the sole destination to experience the Mega Man X series as it evolved following Mega Man X4. Mega Man X5 (2000) iterated on the tried-and-true eight-boss formula by adding new objectives such as crafting a spacecraft and enormous laser cannon to help combat mounting forces. Mega Man X6 (2001) tasked players with rescuing fellow Maverick Hunters before they became corrupted by the deadly “Nightmare” virus. Mega Man fans experienced more than intense, satisfying gameplay throughout these sequels – they also watched beloved characters die, and witnessed surprising story connections between the X series and the original Mega Man lore. We could never look at Dr. Wily the same way again.

The launch of PlayStation 2 marked the beginning of a new era of video games, and the ever-trustworthy X ventured into this new frontier. PS2 opened up new possibilities for 3D video games, and Capcom capitalized on the new tech by debuting the first (and only) Mega Man X game to expand beyond the two-dimensional plane. Mega Man X7 (2003) allowed X, Zero, and their new blaster-wielding friend Axl to explore a more immersive version of the series’ world with increased depth and a new auto-aim system. Mega Man X8 (2004) returned the series to purely side-scrolling roots while retaining the detailed 3D character models and environments PS2 made possible. The latest entry in the series introduced new features, such as the ability to call on partners mid-battle for huge, screen-filling attacks, and the ability to mix and match armor pieces to fit your needs.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2

The all-new X Challenge mode lets players face off against two Maverick bosses at once!

Looking back is important and insightful, but playing these classics is the best way to enjoy them. On July 24, you’ll find Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes: Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, Mega Man X4, and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 includes: Mega Man X5, Mega Man X6, Mega Man X7, Mega Man X8. Both collections will be available digitally or at retail in a two-disc bundle. Each collection includes the full games, along with a huge collection of archived art and historic trailers, and the new X Challenge mode that pits X against two deadly Maverick bosses from various X games at once. A skilled Maverick Hunter is only as powerful as his tools enable him to be – so reach for that trusty DualShock 4 controller and its familiar directional buttons on July 24. It feels like home.

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2 Author Replies

  • Looking forward to this! Played the heck out of Mega Man X on SNES back in th days.

    • Those 16-bit titles are some of my fondest early gaming memories. I remember drooling over one of the mid-bosses in an old gaming magazine and wanting to play it so desperately. Thanks for reading this!

    • Day-one buy for me!

    • Not to mention seeing opening stage bosses that take up most of our 4:3 TV screens & making you think, “HOLY COW, THAT IS ONE BIG BOSS!! HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!?!”. Those were mind-blowing moments to see bosses big enough to mostly take up the screen.

      I’ll say this, If Sega would’ve tried doing that on the Genesis by implementing hardware or game cart upgrades that increased the console’s capabilities to match those of Nintendo’s SNES'(almost like how it was with NES, but, I doubt they did, since they didn’t think about that through the console’s lifespan), it would have greatly wowed Classic Sonic fans. Oh well. That was the past. Not like you can try to do that, even with modern tech.

      Nevertheless, the X Legacy Collection’s looking amazing! Hope this’ll help bring in MMX9.

  • Been waiting for the Mega Man X to become available for the newer consoles… This just bring back good old memories for sure… and this just made my day! Thank you Capcom!!!

  • So in summary….

    Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1
    – Mega Man X
    – Mega Man X2
    – Mega Man X3
    – Mega Man X4

    – Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2
    – Mega Man X5
    – Mega Man X6
    – Mega Man X7
    – Mega Man X8

    – All games will have graphical filters
    – Gallery Mode, Music Player Mode, and merchandise pictures will be included
    – Boss Rush mode where you can fight bosses from the games

    Some questions I have.
    I wonder if the US release will have Japanese voices?
    I wonder if X3 will be using the SNES or PS1 version.
    I wonder if X1, X2, and X3 you can save the Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Gold Armor + Z Saber upgrades.

    Can we get Legacy Collection games for:

    Mega Man Zero + Mega Man ZX
    – Mega Man Zero
    – Mega Man Zero 2
    – Mega Man Zero 3
    – Mega Man Zero 4
    – Mega Man ZX
    – Mega Man ZX Advent

    Mega Man Legends
    – Mega Man Legends
    – Mega Man Legends 2
    – Misadventure of Tron Bonne

    • I’d love an hd zero collection. just for the bigget picture alone. and if the added the remastered music that would be icing on the cake.

    • @shrap_x
      Let’s hope they continue to do more of these Legacy Collection games.

    • I own the Megaman X anniversary collection for PS2 and Megaman X3 is a direct port from the PS1 version, I guess they’ll do the same here.

      It is quite possible that Save States will be included in this collection, that might be the only way to sort of keep those ad-ons you mentioned.

      I love megaman games and it would have been nice to include Command Mission as well.

  • very X-ited. cant wait to replay all of em.
    probably getting the physical edition, myself.

    • Awesome to hear you’re excited. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

      Which Maverick do you like to start with in MMX? I’m a Chill Penguin guy myself (need that dash)

    • Chill Penquin then Boomer Kuwanger no doubt.

      Wire Sponge

      Shining Tiger

      Frost Walrus

      and i forget on the others…

    • i remember now,

      Crescent Grizzley (or whatever his name is)

      Commander Yamark

      Soldier Stone Kong

      And in X8 no prefference but probably Avalanche Yeti

  • Please tell me these collections will have full trophy lists with a platinum trophy? I loved the first Megaman Legacy Collection but the only downside was the lack of a a full trophy list.

  • Can’t waits!

  • Kinda strange to sell them separately when they are released the same day anyway. Either way, I’ll definitely grab the 1st one. unsure of the second (much like MM Legacy).

    • Oh nice didn’t catch they were same day. I kinda have to have all of them (really counting on PS being backward compatible going forward), but especially excited for X7 and X8. Never played em. Still the original X and Mega Man 7 are my all time favorites. X was revolutionary and I love 7’s lighter vibe.

  • Any chance of this collection coming out on PS3 or dare I say PC?

  • I owe my passionate gaming spirit to this series. Mega Man X is by far the most influential game series in my life. I’ve played every game in this series numerous times, learned many skills, it’s even part of the backstory to my Rockman_Xelnia handle. I was hoping to see this when they brought the two Mega Man Legacy Collections out. This is a day one purchase for sure! :)

  • Please add an option to remove the slowdowns in MM3 in the first MM Collection.

    Thanks for the X collection as well.

  • I hope they’re priced fairly. Mega Man Legacy 1+2 is $39.99 CAD and contains more games. I would hope that buying both of these together will not be more than that.

    Please. Come on guys, don’t try and milk this.

    • Sorry, but both these games are $20 each, meaning that for us Canadians we’re looking at a >CAD$40 price tag, maybe around CAD$50. But since they’re remasters they should go on sale pretty quickly.

    • Retail listings have now confirmed $50 for both.

      I’ma get it, but I’ma get it on a sale.

  • X1-3 were my faves on the SNES. After X3, barely play the new ones. Maybe X7 or 8.

    Just Hoping, you guys include a Platinum this time.

    • Seconded – one platinum per collection, please. The original MM collections deserved this, since there should be more than enough to do to fill enugh trophies.

    • Agreed, a platinum for these games would be awesome!

  • Any one else want a remake or sequel to Command Mission or is it just me?

  • AAAAAAHHHHhhhh No, this isn’t happening! there is no reason for me to go on! wha–! WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOAAAAARROOOOOGGGGGHHHHH????!!!!

  • Hopefully we’ll get a Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection after this.

    • If memory serves me, Zero and ZX were only on the DS (Nintendo) so odds are they would be made for the switch before the ps4

  • Is this going to be DLC only, or are we getting physical copies too?

  • Please, can you confirm if X3 is the SNES version?

  • Let’s hope the language options continue to be included. And for X3, SNES and EU/JP PlayStation versions included.

    And if you could let us skip Alia’s blathering in X5 with the Start button (well, Options button), that would be swell.

  • Hmm the irony,talks about the Megaman connection and story with PS but will release the game in other platforms haha,don’t even try it.

    Anyway I won’t get this at launch but I’m really lookin forward to play this,one of the best capcom moves since PS3.The X series are where the true Megaman game is and it really deserved a collection.I really hope that 2 disc bundle is regarded as a single game cuz if you guys plan on making us buy 2 separate games I’ll just wait until it hits sale and also I hope the insane difficulty hasn’t been toned down for the sake of “new” playas.

    PS:Really nice idea there with the helmet on the 30 and love those extras.

  • I think we all need a Megaman Legends HD Re-Master of 1 and 2. I wish Capcom ran with that MML:3.

  • Mega Man X as well as the original Mega Man were my most cherished games back in the day. It’s like I been wishing for this collection to come out forever, but now this release has made me very hyped. And with The Day of Sigma included?! Thank you Capcom. I am really happy now! Now, wishing for a Mega Man Legends collection and the MEGA Man Zero series. A Mega Man X Command Mission REMASTER would be nice as well!

  • Wish it was coming to vita too and hopefully we get megaman x9 soon

  • now THATS what Im talking about. Put an X next to Mega Man and I’ll always buy. I couldn’t care less about the original (its gameplay is too basic and 30+ years old) X and Zero will ALWAYS get my attention. Wish they were making a new mega man x game instead of the original… we already got a new game in the form of 9 and 10 on PS3 now we’re getting 11? Show X some love.

  • This was my childhood, play the blue bomber and completing the levels and defeating the bosses.

  • Isso é a melhor coisa do mundooooooooooo, obrigado Sony por um jogo que me faz ser feliz, meu filho vai poder jogar tudo que o pai jogava quando era criança

  • I dont suppose Capcom will be hiding Command Mission as a completion reward or Easter egg? I know it wasn’t a fan fav, but Megaman X’s only RPG should be included I think.

  • Well, this certainly looks enticing. Mega Man X Legacy Collection’s really bringing the X series up to the current gen consoles. Surely, it’s almost thrilling as fighting Super Badniks(calling ’em that) in GG Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Triple Trouble, Labyrinth, & Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Almost.

    One thing, on a different note, Tim Turi. I don’t see artwork for MM8’s, MM9’s(except the pre-final concept artwork on them), & MM10’s Wily Castle bosses in MMLC2’s galleries. I presume they’re still in Capcom’s & Inti’ Creates’ vaults. I really expected that. Could you ask Capcom & Inti to find them & have them brought in MMLC2’s update? Hope it gets done someday.

  • Fingers crossed that this comes to the PS Vita!!!

  • Megaman X Command Mission also needs some attention, guys.
    Come on!

  • Why is this not on the Vita??? Mega Man is the perfect game to play on the go, really hope they port these onto the Vita

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