Sam Fisher Returns in Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2 Kick-Off

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Sam Fisher Returns in Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2 Kick-Off

How Ubisoft is bringing the face of Splinter Cell to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Calling all Ghosts! Ghost Recon Wildlands begins Year 2 with a bang on April 10, when the first new content update arrives for PlayStation 4 owners. Called Special Operations I, this free update features a new PVP mode called Sabotage and a full assortment of new PVP goodies, including the first of six new classes, five new maps, and new perks and weapons. On the campaign side, new teammate customization options will let you snazz up your AI teammates with any cosmetic items you’ve unlocked.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

And if you’re a Splinter Cell fan – well, you might want to sit down, stand up, or cling to a pipe on the ceiling. Special Operations I also features the return to action of Sam Fisher, voiced by Michael Ironside, in a special stealth-focused nighttime PVE mission where Sam and the Ghosts will have to work together. “The Predator mission was about the ultimate hunt. It was about who is the best hunter,” says Nouredine Abboud, Senior Producer at Ubisoft Paris. “Here, it’s not about the opposition. It’s about partnership. We didn’t want to propose a new enemy for the Ghosts, but rather, a great partner.”

For the Ghost Recon Wildlands team, bringing Sam Fisher into the fold is an incredible opportunity to combine two of Ubisoft’s most popular Tom Clancy games, but they remained aware of what makes Sam Fisher a special character as they plotted out the story details of the mission. “Sam has a good sense of humor, but he’s a bit cynical, with a strong sense of duty,” says Abboud. “We wanted to see that in the story, the cutscenes, and his conversations with the Ghosts.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon WildlandsGhost Recon Wildlands

Of course, the introduction of Sam to Ghost Recon Wildlands also means the team had an opportunity to create a stealth-heavy mission. You’ll begin by quietly infiltrating a Unidad camp under cover of darkness, with a deadline and a no-kills objective, before eventually joining forces with Sam. Once there, you will have to protect Sam from waves of enemies as he attempts to extract sensitive information from a terminal within the camp. “This is a stealth mission, so breathe, do recon, and take your time,” Abboud explains. “Use all of the recon and stealth tools at your disposal, especially your drone and night vision goggles. Divert enemies with diversion grenades. Call in the rebels when you need assistance, or try to play the mission in co-op with your friends if you need extra help.” Successfully complete the mission, and you’ll be rewarded with Sam’s three-lensed night vision goggles and more.

Current Ghost Recon Wildlands owners will get free access to this mission, along with the rest of the PVE content included in the Special Operations updates, while PVP content will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, Year 2 Pass owners will get seven-day early access to the six Year 2 Ghost War classes, as well as a customization pack and eight Battle Crates. The Year 2 Pass is available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you’ve yet to play Ghost Recon Wildlands, we’ve got even better news: Beginning April 12, you can download and play the game for free through April 15. During that time, you can play the entirety of the Ghost Recon Wildlands base game, the Predator mission, and Special Operations I and its Sam Fisher stealth mission solo. A PlayStation Plus subscription will be required to access any co-op functionality or Ghost War PvP content. Standard and Deluxe versions of Ghost Recon Wildlands will also be on sale for 60% off during that time period. The Gold Edition, which includes the Year 1 Season Pass content, will be available for 67% off, while the standalone Season Pass will be available at 50% off the standard price. Also, save data from the free weekend will carry over to those who purchase the full version of the game.

Whether you’re veteran or a newcomer, we hope to see you out in the Wildlands!

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  • This is crazy… WOW looking forward to seeing this soon.

  • Finished the base game months ago, and loved it… but not at all interested in the PvP stuff, and the Sam Fisher PvE thing doesn’t really do much for me either.

    Time to sell it, I think. At least the Year 2 stuff might mean I can still get a decent price for it.

  • Please bring Splinter Cell Conviction to PS4. Maybe remaster the other Splinter Cells from the past and release a Splinter Cell Anthology. And then top it off with a brand new Splinter Cell.

    • This! If you ever listen to any suggestions you see in the comments, listen to this one! Best. comment. ever.

    • Do not bring conviction to the ps4, that was the worst splinter cell. Better off having a remake of the first 3 splinter cells and double agent, those were REAL splinter cell games.

  • bring it to PS4.

  • Please tell me this means a new splinter cell will be coming out soon, and that this just isn’t a little tease! Multiple sources have said that a new splinter cell is under wraps and it would kind of suck if this is the only thing we get out if it. Bring splinter cell back!!!

  • You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

  • Wish we could get a remaster of blacklist

  • Well, this may be the end of my purchasing Ubi games now just like Bungie :(

  • Great to see Sam coming back to his home. Hopefully we’ll get some new Splinter Cell and / or even some Remasters. The PS4 needs some Sam Fisher! (and socom yes?)

  • Hope this means a new Splinter Cell game,it deserves.Also you guys need to go further with that discount for the season pass…80% is ma calling hehe.

  • ANOTHER season pass, seems like Pay to Play or Subscription based game !! Haven’t ever nor will I EVER !!

    • Yup ubi said they’re taking this path with their games from now on…extending the life of games which means more and more DLC.It’s good to extend the life of games by supporting them the only bad thing is 300 season passes and overpriced on top of that.

  • Bring Sam Fisher back in a new splinter cell game you can do it Ubisoft! PS4 Pro Inhanced or next gen PS5? That would be awesome….

  • Helloo All Ghost

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