Horror Mystery Dead Secret Hits PS VR, PS4 April 24

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Horror Mystery Dead Secret Hits PS VR, PS4 April 24

Delve into a dead man’s bizarre past to solve the mystery of his murder before you become the next victim.

Hello, PS Blog! This is Ben Throop from Frame Interactive. Last time I posted here was when we brought you Headmaster for PS VR. Now I want to tell you what we’ve been up to since.

Dead Secret

Dead SecretDead Secret

So, we heard you like horror games… but we also heard that some of you might want something that is not, how do you say, pants-crappingly intense? Maybe something a little more mysterious? A little more psychological?

Well I’m excited to tell you that we’ve been hard at work with the horror wizards at indie studio Robot Invader to bring their hit VR title Dead Secret to PS4. Most importantly, we’ve designed it for BOTH VR and non-VR which means way more of you can enjoy it. However you choose to play you’re up for a good dose of the willies without being permanently traumatized.

Dead SecretDead Secret

Dead Secret

The best way I can describe Dead Secret is that it’s a horror-mystery adventure where you’re investigating a murder. It’s got a twisted, fantastic story you’ll uncover as you skulk about a recently abandoned home, uncover secret documents, and decipher the mystery of an eccentric man’s bizarre past before you get… well I don’t want to ruin it.

This was a really exciting opportunity. Not only are these guys my friends, but the devs at Robot Invader are like walking horror game encyclopedias. They’ve collectively played through over a hundred horror games, from blockbuster hits to obscure rarities. So when we had a chance to work with them on this, I knew that not only would it be a great education in horror design, but also an awesome opportunity to take a quality game over to PlayStation for all of us to enjoy.

Dead Secret

You’ll get the chance to solve the mystery yourself when Dead Secret lands at PlayStation Store on April 24th, 2018.

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7 Author Replies

  • Now THIS is a genre that I can get behind! Mystery with a little bit of horror? I’m in!

    • It’s a great game and actually pretty creepy. I highly reccomend it, played it on the oculus when it first came out.

  • thank god… FINALLY!!!. Now lets hope they can use their experience to give us Dead /secret 2 as well before 2020

  • great! no pants crapping for me anymore!

    • While we cannot 100% guarantee each customer will avoid a pants crapping, the likelihood of a pants crapping, drawer filling, and/or
      forced underwear change is significantly lower than many horror titles.

  • I’m all in!

  • This sounds right up my alley, a welcome change from stuff that’s likely to cause a heart attack, lol.

  • Any profanity or sexual themes in the game? My daughter loves a good mystery, but I steer her away from aggressive stuff like that.

    • There is no profanity or sexual themes.

      There are certainly frightening moments, but one thing that game avoids is those awful in your face screamer tricks. I wouldn’t have even wanted to work on it if it had any of those. The Robot Invader designers are really good about building suspense and tension without overusing jump scares.

  • Like the approach of not making it crazy intense. Lately I’ve been putting off playing horror titles I bought simply because I feel I need to get into a mindset before I play. And when you have a busy daily schedule the likelihood of mustering that mood gets pretty low.

    You mention the devs have a familiarity (are connoisseurs, even) of horror games. Perhaps you can post a future update that outlines aspects of horror games that have informed the game design / development. Are we going to see sanity effects like Eternal Darkness? Does the ‘combat’ (or gameplay loop in general) adopt aspects from games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil? Those kinds of details.

  • Very much looking forward to this game!

    And so close to release. Excellent.

  • Aww but I like games that almost give me a heart attack like rush of blood lol hopefully this game is good.

  • Thanks for the info on the game’s mature content. One more question: what kind of PS4 Pro support does it have?

  • Cool. We have PSVR, so with all the good info so far, I think I’ll add this game to the shopping cart at the end of the month when I use my 20% PSN code for a few other titles.

  • What is a game that is currently playable that you would say is similar to this game. I would love to have an idea of what the experience would be like and where you got some of your inspiration from.

    • I asked the Robot Invader guys and this is what they said:

      jonny [7:55 PM]
      Gone Home mixed w/ Hotel Dusk would be my description. Chris probably has another description

      chris [8:01 PM]
      Hotel Dusk meets Clock Tower

      mike [8:03 PM]
      that sounds about right

      chris [8:07 PM]
      Nancy Drew as told by David Lynch

      mike [8:09 PM]

  • Thank you for bringing this specific genre to PSVR. Just like the other PSVR title “Torn”, I think mystery/exploration might just be the best type of game for the VR medium. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you again!!!

  • Two questions:

    1. How would you compare this to an experience like The Invisible Hours? Obviously, this doesn’t seem to have the time manipulation element, but are there characters you’re interacting with/following? Or is the player part of the story?

    2. What are the control (Move, Dualshock 4, etc.) & movement (full locomotion, teleportation, etc.) options?

    Very cool-sounding game!

  • Seems very similar to The Invisible Hours. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Clapping Monkey? Nope, nope, nope! I’d rather go to Silent Hill for real than deal with a VR clapping monkey!

    Seriously though, this looks amazing.

  • Moar VR gameeees \o/
    (saddly here in BR the PS VR is so expensive)

  • Played this on Gear VR. It is a very good game. Will the PS4 version have any additional content?

  • I’m super stoked to play this. Any idea on price range?

  • You had me at “David Lynch”.

  • Thanks for the replies Ben. I think you’re winning over customers here. :)

  • Hotel Dusk was my first game crush on the Nintendo, and my gateway to console gaming. I’m sold on this VR game. Thanks!

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