Free-to Play MMO Tera Launches Today on PS4

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Free-to Play MMO Tera Launches Today on PS4

The action-packed MMO comes to console with new quality of life tweaks like simplified inventory management and a new lock-on system.

Hello! I’m Matt Denomme, Senior Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment. I’m excited to introduce you to an amazing new MMORPG experience now available on PS4—Tera! En Masse publishes Tera on PC, but we always saw tremendous potential for the game on console. Two years ago, we set out with the developers at Bluehole to not only bring Tera to PS4, but to deliver an experience equal to the PC experience, if not better. Our efforts have finally paid off, and we’re excited to finally launch Tera as a free to play title on PS4 starting today!

Let me tell you what Tera is all about.

True Action Combat is Tera’s claim to fame in the MMO world. Your character’s skills don’t matter nearly as much as your skill with the controller. Skills require aiming, timing, and precision to execute correctly. Get sloppy and the fight will take a long time—or you’ll get killed. Position yourself just right though, and your skills will do more damage and speed the fight along. That philosophy was born from action games, so it’s no surprise it feels right at home on PS4.

Then there are Tera’s trademark baddies, the Big-Ass Monsters, or BAMs, as we like to call them. These brutes hit hard, can take what you can dish out, and are just fun to fight. A warrior wading in with her swords is going to get a surprise the first time a dracoloth takes to the sky to drop fireballs from above. A party may set up the perfect formation, but a naga battlemaster will leap around the battlefield and devastate players who are not prepared. Battles like this are the core of True Action Combat.

Bringing Tera to the PS4 meant making some adjustments, too. We wanted players to have a smooth experience, so the team at Bluehole made lots of tweaks that improve the game without detracting from it. For example, they added a lock-on system to keep the action centered on your screen. They simplified inventory management by automatically sorting items into categories and added a radial menu to give you rapid access to whatever you need. These little quality-of-life changes add up to a streamlined experience.

Life isn’t all swordfights and spell-hurling, though, there’s story in this RPG too. The world of Tera was born from a dream. The titans, Arun and Shara, laid down to sleep through the eons and their shared dream became the world of Tera. Their bodies became continents and their children became gods. Children squabble in any family, but when gods battle the results can be catastrophic. The world of Tera is scarred by wars and struggles, and the races are caught in the affairs of the gods. Each race brings their own flavor to the world, too! The mischievous poporis, the honorable aman, the volatile castanics, and the (mostly) noble humans are just part of the diverse tapestry of the game.

Tera on PS4 is the result of years of hard work by many people, across vast distances, all passionate about gaming—artists, developers, writers, testers, and customer support all working together. Of course, we couldn’t do it without our players, and so we’re excited to welcome you to the Dream. Pick your class, equip your weapon, and we’ll see you in there, fighting to take down those BAMs!

Tera’s is available now at PlayStation Store and is totally free to play from character creation all the way to level 65 and beyond. Create a hero and start your adventure in Tera today!

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  • Does this version of Tera cross-play with the pc version? Can characters from the pc version be used in the console version?

  • What, if any, Pro enhancements does the game have?

    How are microtransactions handled?

    • No Pro enhancements currently. Honestly the game is very well optimized right now. Hopefully they’ll add some soon.

      As far as micro-transactions go, it’s a free to play game, so expect a lot of them. They have an in game store thats uses a real money currency as well as subscription passes for extra items or XP boosts. Honestly though you can easily play this game without spending a dime. The micro-transactions just give you cool cosmetics and can speed up leveling.

    • The game isn’t very well optimized right now*

      Really wish there was an edit button.

  • I’ll certainly give it a shot. I’m a FFXIV player but I’ve exhausted most of what I want to play in the game between patches, and I just don’t fee like endlessly grinding the hardest of the hardcore stuff. I need more variety. This should be a nice change of pace, the beta seemed interesting enough.

  • So when is the game going to be optimized. It runs below 20 FPS on the Pro quite a bit with occasional freezes. I’ve been playing it for a week now and I’m quite disappointed. There’s MMOs on PS4 that look better that run at 60FPS.

    And those screenshots look so much better than the actual game on PC or console.

    • I should add the gameplay is fun but with all the optimization flaws, I can’t recommend it in it’s current state.

  • Any plans for PS4 Pro optimization? Holding off until then, especially with the 44GB download size.

  • I paid 30 bucks for this 2 days ago now it’s free ‍♂️

    • You got a ton of stuff with the $30 founder pack. It also clearly said when the game was coming out. If you still didn’t know than it’s entirely your own fault.

    • A F2P (aka Free-To-Play) game is never free. Expect to spend a lot more than $30 if you get into it and play it enough.

  • raymundopaulv041

    does this game requires play station plus to play or it or no please reply asap thanks

    • It says it does require ps plus to access online multiplayer content, 2-99 players. Maybe it can be played single player without, im not sure about that though.

  • Love this game so far, been waiting a long time to play tera. At the moment, it is a bit glitchy. The only thing that annoys me alil is the automatic log-in in server selection screen before i can choose anything. I know you guys worked very hard on this game and are touching up a few things, so i can deal with it for now. But i just wanted to thank you guys and hopefully we all can grow as a new community on console. good luck out there to everyone and lets have some fun. ✌

  • I played the game on the beta servers but I’m waiting for the Ninja class. Where is it???

  • Can eu and us play together now

  • any idea when Tera will release for PS4 asia?

  • When it will be available for Latin America in ps4

  • en los servidores de europa el juego esta en español??

  • ragnarokblaze214

    I love how people say theres bugs when I have not had a single problem and finally a MMO that isn’t neverwinter to have suck my time away

  • Is this complete free to play? i am seeing some bundles available in Singapore $$ ranging from 29$ lowest bundle going up to 100+$ from the premium bundles.

  • HOw about Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is this game released in south Africa yet? Looking on the store but haven’t seen it, if anyone knows a release date for south Africa please let me know, thanks in advance

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