The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/3/2018

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/3/2018

Embark on a grand adventure... one minute at a time.

Pack your bags for a small, curious adventure. Minit launches April 3 on PS4.

Venture outside the safe, comfortable confines of your home and explore the world outside with only one minute to spare. Vanquish dangerous foes, help the locals, and uncover secrets as you work to lift the curse that ends each day after 60 seconds of adventure.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

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PS4 — Digital
Adventure Pals
Inspired by classic platformers and cartoons alike, The Adventure Pals sets you and your best friends (a giraffe and a rock) out to save the world and your dad from turning into hotdogs!
PS4, PS Vita — Digital
Bunny Must Die
The year is 1999X. After a curse causes Bunny to grow cat ears when a purrmodynamic power plant explodes, she is led by a chubby and divine messenger into the Cave of Devils so that she can remove the hex.
PS VR — Digital
Crisis on the Planet of the Apes
Five years since its outbreak, the “Simian Flu” has wiped out half of humanity and left other primates… changed. You are an ape with advanced intelligence, captured and held prisoner in a heavily guarded scientific facility as mankind desperately searches for a cure.
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/4)
Dangun Feveron
Get in the groove with Dangun Feveron’s old-school style of refreshing and simple vertical scrolling gameplay.
PS4 — Digital
Dead Land
Welcome to Dead Land. You must defeat your fears for survival and salvation in this reign of zombies.
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/6)
Enigmatis 3
The demonic preacher has escaped to the remotest mountains in pursuit of a grim secret that could give him ultimate power. He has already eluded the investigation of the protagonist detective and her partner Hamilton twice: once in Maple Creek, and again in Ravenwood. It’s no mystery that this time it’s personal.
PS4 — Digital
Epic Dumpster Bear
An evil corporation destroyed his forest, now it’s his turn to take out the trash. Epic Dumpster Bear is an action packed platformer inspired by the 16-bit classics where you play as a dumpster bear with a chip on his shoulder.
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/5)
Flight of Light
Fly through fantastical forests in-time to the funky beat. Cruise round coral reefs to the sounds of chilled out tunes. Race past asteroid colonies powered by electronic music!
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/5)
Impact Winter
A mysterious radio transmission claims that help is inbound. You are Jacob Solomon: leader of a makeshift team trying to survive the aftermath of a devastating asteroid collision. The world you once knew is no more – buried deep beneath the constant snowfall. Your goal: keep your companions alive until rescue.
PS4 — Digital
Infernium, a non-linear first person survival horror. Dive in an interconnected beautiful portrait of hell, die in a prison without bars, and overcome a brutal penitence.
PS VR — Digital
Island Time VR
After a journey at sea, you are shipwrecked on a tiny island. Using your wit, ingenuity, and the advice of Carl the Crab, you must find a way to keep yourself from starving and survive.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out 4/5) (Out 4/3)
King of Fighters 97 Global Match
The final chapter in the KOF Orochi Saga, this title is one of the iconic entries in the series that cemented KOF as a staple in the fighting game community around the world. Now it returns with new features such as online play!
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out 4/4)
Metropolis Lux Obscura
This city is rotten to the core. You can’t even tell night from day in this hell where big money runs everything. And the best way to prove you’re right is with brute force.
PS4 — Digital
Minit is a peculiar little adventure played sixty seconds at a time. Journey outside the comfort of your home to help unusual folk, uncover countless secrets, and overcome dangerous foes, all in hopes of lifting a rather unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute.
PS4 — Digital
Of Mice and Sand
On a desert planet in the farthest reaches of space, mice await your command! Direct their mobile fortress, and seek the legendary city of gold!
PS Vita — Digital
Penny Punching Princess
Penny-Punching Princess is an isometric brawler that takes place in a world ruled by capitalism, where cash is king. Fight or bribe your way to reclaiming your kingdom from the greedy Dragoloans.
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/5)
Raining Coins
It’s raining gold coins! The skies have opened up but it’s not raining cats and dogs! It’s raining gold coins! Help poor Eve catch the gold coins and buy the toys she loves.
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/6)
Rememoried is an independent video game, a virtual place where memories change to dreams and the only possible way is forgetting, which becomes a mechanism for proceeding to the next layer of dreams. The Surrealist explorative first-person adventure game.
PS Vita — Digital
Sir Eatsalot
The kingdom of Gluttington was at peace… until one day, Hysterica poisoned the Isotonic Waters with sour lemonade. That evil witch! The kingdom’s crops are withering, but this plague has yet to befall all the lands. There is still hope! King Dietan III dispatches his greatest, bravest, stoutest knight to save the kingdom from certain ruin: Sir Eatsalot.

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  • The Adventure Pals looks absolutely fantastic! Definitely buying that one!

    • It’s a 6 year old flash game, you can play it right now without waiting, and then save your money.

    • Saying “The Adventure Pals” is a free flash game is like saying “Super Meat Boy” is a free flash game. The flash game is different from what’s coming out this week.

    • @death2cupbots,

      I think Nuurgle’s point was, this game is old, and even if it’s a remake, you can play it right now. It’s not a great game and yet they’ll probably charge upwards of $15 – $20 dollars for it. In that case, as Nuurgle said, save your money.

    • Saying that is the same as the flash game and should be bought is about as dishonest as telling people to not buy Super Meatboy, Dieland, or Terraria because there are free versions around.

  • I suppose my interest out of the drop this week is limited to Planet of the Apes VR

  • Dear PlayStation US,

    Why is the US the release of the ACA NeoGeo games delayed compare to the Xbox One and PlayStation Europe and PlayStation Japan? PS4 in the US are getting several ACA NeoGeo weeks and months after they come to the XB1 in the US and PS4 in other regions. Thanks.

  • 5 Vita Games in the first week. Hopefully, the next few weeks are just as good with surprises.

    Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils: Hopefully means Gunde game from the same dev is coming as well.

    Sir Eatsalot: Nice to see it fully ready for release.

    Penny Punching Princess: Glad Nis, brought this to the west. No need to ever import. Supposedly really good.

  • The only real dumpster fire is this Drop.

  • Very much looking forward to Crisis on the Planet of the Apes.

    Got the pre-order for $10.04 so if it’s a bust… it’d be one of the cheaper ones.

  • Yes stroker T got a 30-day suspension on his account on his PlayStation Plus profile but yet PlayStation Plus let him add funds to the to his account after PlayStation Plus then put funds on his account then they suspended him and keep them out of the PlayStation Plus online profile as far as I got as far as I know the guy did nothing wrong but yet they let him put money on his wallet and then suspended him for 30 days I don’t think that’s right people put a lot of time and lot of money and effort into these games just so they can take it take it away from him and I’m just waiting to see if his money still going to be on his wallet because he can’t get it on his other games so he’s having to go without the money he just put on there as soon as you put the money on there they suspended his profile PlayStation Plus really I don’t understand how you can do someone why didn’t you suspended account before you put money on it so we’ll see PlayStation there’s no investigation going on thank you very much

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing a ‘Global Match’ version of KOF94 ~ KOF XIII on the PS4. Ideally on disc.
    Better yet, why not also games like SVC Chaos; Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, etc?

    Maybe work with Capcom and bring us Capcom vs. SNK Pro and Capcom vs. SNK 2 as well, remastered in 1080p with online and new trophies.

    • Would love to see Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, SVC: Match of the Millennium, KOF98UM, KOF2002UM, KOFXI, SVC:Chaos, Matrimelee, Sengoku 3, Ninja Masters and Twinkle Star Sprites on PS Vita.

  • I honestly never thought that Playstation Network would get as trashy as the Steam storefront… yet here we are. This is getting pretty bad. The game line-ups for new release days seem to be getting worse and worse. Steam is overflowing with garbage games, does Sony really want the Playstation Network to head down that same path? Just look as some of the trash that has been allowed on the store over the past 2 years. It’s embarrassing. You’ve got this next gen system, selling games that feel like they belong on the Super NES or Sega Genesis, and many indie games that sell for $5 to $10 dollars on PC, yet sell for $20 to $30 dollars on PSN. I used to really appreciate Playstation Network, particularly when Playstation Plus had so much to offer on the PS3. Now, there is absolutely no point in paying for Playstation Plus. The odd monthly games that are good are very old, and the sales and good discounts seem to only happen once or twice a year now, and only because other systems are having big sales. Using PSN on the PS3 and having PS Plus felt much more rewarding and fair. To top it all off, some of these shovelware games have got to go.

    • calm down kid it’s no where near as bad, every year has slow downs multiple times where not every game is triple a. you did get one thing right though steam is and always has been pretty terrible.

    • Unfortunately popularity means shovelware. Fortunately it also means lots of great devs make great games for the PS4. I say all the turds are worth it for the good stuff. No one is making you buy these poopy games anyway.

    • Must be nice to have so much free time that you’ve already played every single major release and indie digital release to the point where you NEED multliple major titles to come out EVERY WEEK to keep you busy.

      There’s literally sales almost every single week of the year too, not even including the monthly flash sales, but no, NEVER any sales on PSN. You silly kid.

    • I kinda agree NARLS Speaks FOr millions of users,. it went from challenge everything . to this. id rather go back to monthly demo disc’s.

      i remember Asking hey why not make it possible for cross-platform play. I was told no Nah nada Microsoft would never go for it. I’m like if you build it they will come. Challenge that …. #MISSMYPS3life i could listen to my own music videos pics like yeah mis those Real Demos Real Beta s .

    • Yes its unbelievable that Sony allows some games on the PS4 Store,they really need to put a limit to it…the Store is really flooded with terrible games.Good old times when 90% of the PSN games were great games.

  • Dumpster Bear… Really Sony?

    • This game was previous only available to the 17 people who bought a wii u.

    • Why ask Sony? It’s not their game. Some company made it, some other company published it, and it passed w/e certification process Sony has in place.

  • Looks like a lot of shovelware to me, though Sir Eatsalot looks funny.

  • Epic Dump-

    -ster bear.

  • Metropolis & Rememoried could be interesting but I need to see some game play. Other than that… LEGION season 2 oh YEAH!

  • What happened to Tempest 4000? More Jeff Minter is always better!

  • Yikes! This is the “garbage/shovelware week” for sure. Does the PSN really need all this trash, Sony?

  • What an awful week…

  • Yet another dumpster dive week. Not even sure why I bother with ps plus at this point……

  • Bunny Must Die is finally getting a US PSN release?! I didn’t even know that was a thing people wanted. I already bought the game via JP PSN, but sure, why the heck not? I’d gladly give the devs more money for their amazing metroidvania, as well as to get a version of the game properly tied to my main account. Yes please.

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