Wipeout Omega Collection: Free PS VR Update Out Today

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Wipeout Omega Collection: Free PS VR Update Out Today

Download today's free update and get ready for the ride of your life.

AG Pilots, the time is upon you. It’s time for you to experience Wipeout in a way you have never experienced it before. Suit up and put on your PS VR headsets, because this is a rollercoaster ride like no other!

With a free update available today, your copy of Wipeout Omega Collection will be playable in PS VR. Simply update your game, switch on your headset and your main menu will transform into a 3D world with ships zooming right past you.

You can select any game mode, be it Racebox or Campaign, and play the full game in virtual reality from start to finish.

We’ve added three new VR exclusive ships in HD, Fury and 2048 classes for those with PS VR headsets. Look in amazement as you are placed into a cockpit and can zip around your favourite tracks from a brand new perspective.

Not only that but you can also enjoy the game’s soundscape in full 3D audio, making this the most immersive way to play Wipeout. The update will also feature the new remix of Shake It by competition winner Vieille Griffe.

For those of you who haven’t yet picked up Wipeout Omega Collection, now is the perfect time.

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  • This is absolutely amazing. Wipeout Omega Collection was already perfect in my eyes and this is just icing on the cake. I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you Sony!

  • I’ll brew up some ginger tea and give this a try tonight ;)

    All kidding aside, I’m excited to check this out but we’ll see how excited my stomach is; the VR support is greatly appreciated!

  • Sucks that I am so busy this week = (

    Glad that I have something awesome to do this weekend =)


  • Awesome! You say we may “select any game mode”. Does this include Splitscreen? Is it possible to have one player playing in VR while the other uses the fullscreen TV?

  • 3 VR cockpits wow. Wipeout will be the killer app for VR. Adding to my flash sale wish list for sure.

  • Downloading now.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    It’s been a long wait & I suspect it was worth it.

    I’ll let you know soon.

    Thanks again!

  • You crazy fools! You’ve broken the gates to a new dimension. Wipeout in VR is the breach that will lead to utter chaos and amazingness! You have no idea what you’ve wrought!

  • It’s really amazing! I love it. Could you maybe do something about the white main menu screen. After each race, returning to that white screen really hurts my eyes en brightness is at its lowest. Also the option to turn off all HUD would be great! Keep it up

  • Amazing.

    Of course it was worth the wait.

  • Yes!!! Thank you !


  • Is this sweet looking cockpit view gonna be a camera view for non VR players I’ve been wanting one for a long time the
    Plain screen view is offputing without the cockpit animation so I play zoomed out from the ship. The immersion is lost in that play style.

    • If you think the immersion is lost zoomed out, there is no comparison to how much immersion is lost without the VR. Play it and you may never play without VR again.

  • This is the best PSVR game to date overall. The movement is not nearly as bad as you might think but if you are easily prone to motion sickness then there’s nothing in Wipeout that can alleviate it entirely. If you like racing games in any general sense this is like playing a videogame from the future. It’s just that incredible.

  • Can VR players play online with non VR players like in Body Zombies?

  • VR content like this is why I got a PSVR day 1 yet my gaming PC sits there with no VR headset. Most of the VR I wanna play is either PSVR exclusive or timed-exclusive.

  • OMG, this is the best vr experience I’ve had so far. Also Thank you for the peripheral blockers, I did ok without them in the slower races, but the fast races I needed them to keep from getting motion sick. I give this vr experience 5 stars!!!

  • Downloaded today,and thought,,ahh,finally,after so many years of waiting its here.YES…And what?Doesnt work.Each time i swich my gogles on it crashes.What the hell sony.I waited 20 years for this.Ef me.Cant believeit.Take it from me everyone,and dont buy it until they patch it properly

  • Oh, wow! What a great update!

    Just in time to mask that you’re shutting down the servers for all previous games! Not even leader boards survive! Couldn’t keep them up on a cloud server for pennies a year! But this update! Wow! Thank you!


  • The original Wipeout was my second PlayStation game back in December of 1995. The same era was full of movies, tv shows and tech articles telling us the VR future was right around the corner. Simply put I’ve been waiting for this for over twenty years and it 100% delivers.

  • Fantastic job on this! Played a bit last night and it exceeded expectations!

    How about a new Wipeout next? :)

  • Played this last night and it blew me away.

    Hey Sony!: it’s almost a crime that you released this so quietly. Thanks to this update it’s one of the most polished, most substantial, most exhilarating VR games ever, and a flagship franchise no less. Everyone should know about it.

    • That’s Sony’s MO. They release amazing stuff that is simply mind blowing…and then leave it to fend for itself.

  • This is amazing!! Thank you for continuing Studio Liverpool’s Legacy

  • Has anyone else had any trouble playing this? When I turn on my psvr the screen goes black and kits me out of the game with an error code. Ce-34878-0. Both my ps4 and wipeout say they are up to date

  • $23.99 at gamestop new right now… I got it from BEST BUY price matched and picked up in store for $22.99. Just a heads up if you haven’t picked it up..

  • I have over 40PSVR games this is now my best PSVR game i have played.

  • Uhhhm. . . Score!!!!!! So amazing! Just bought my copy at GameStop for 23 bucks, I suggest everyone to get it before they mark up the price… this game is legit in VR :)

  • Today, with no knowledge of this update, I popped Wipeout into the PS expecting the flat screen – and to my utter amazement and joy, I was in VR. This ls like all my dreams come true. All that waits now is the machine that chucks you around and that will be me, done and dusted. This update is amazing and it was free – so thank you for this. Going to finish my coffee and get back to what I have waited over twenty years for, immersive, amazing gaming.

  • Who is responsible for the PSN VR Webstores ?

    Why dont you advertise Wipout Omega as fully VR Compatible and add it to the PSVR Store Sections in all Countries ?

    In the US Store it does not even mention to include VR since 2 weeks after its release now .

    And in other Countries it is advertised with “includes some VR Elements ”

    What means “some” ??? Its the full Game in VR and not only “some” .

    This is unbelievable bad PSN Store marleting. Speechless.

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