PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April

Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo headline your PS Plus free games lineup for April 2018.

It’s PlayStation Plus time! Here are the free games coming to PlayStation Plus members in April 2018.

First stop: Mad Max for PS4! Developed by Avalanche Studios, you star as the iconic lone warrior surviving a hostile Wasteland. Max Rockatansky’s dangerous journey begins after a gang steals his legendary Interceptor. Combining open-world vehicle combat with bone-crunching battles, Mad Max will keep you fully immersed as you fight to get your Interceptor back and make it to the Plains of Silence.

PlayStation Plus: April 2018

Racing fans will appreciate TrackMania Turbo, a polished PS4 arcade racing game where your goal is to achieve the perfect racing time. You can hone your skills with 200 pre-built tracks, then create and share your own custom tracks to make the competition last forever.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

  • In Space we Brawl, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Toy Home, PS3
  • 99 Vidas, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4)
  • Q*Bert Rebooted, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4)

Of course, with PlayStation Plus you get a bunch of other benefits: exclusive discounts, online multiplayer, cloud saves, Share Play support and more. Learn more here.

And that’s it for April. See you next month!

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  • TrackMania Turbo looks fun!

    • Oh…you have no idea what you’re saying…

    • I’ll take the bait, @Johnny_Rancid. What are you driving at?

    • It is indeed very fun. Not sure what that other dude is blabbing about, but I’ve played it in the past, and it’s a lot of fun.

    • What he’s driving at is that TrackMania Turbo is not exactly a breezy, fun game; it’s challenging as ****.

    • Max Mad is sooo good. One of my favorite PS4 games!!

    • Oh dang it….didn’t mean to post here, haha.

    • As an avid Theme Park attendee, I can honestly say that Trackamania in PSVR holds its own with any amusement park ride you have ever been on, with the added thrill of you being in control.

    • Heh, some people are way too easily entertained.

    • It is great in VR as well.

    • @Johnny_Rancid
      …Sure hope this is not you slighting the game or criticizing it, seeing as you took the time to plat it.

    • I think the games are not good and arenot interesting

    • I apologize, that came out a little cryptic! The games good, I wont bash it, it’s fun, colorful and the soundtrack is what did it for me but it’s also hard AF to beat, not only to plat it (which is basically to just finish the game) but to beat it you need to have gold medal in every single track and that’s no normal feat! That or I’m just as rusty as you can get, hahaha! Add me if you are in need of some ghosts.

    • @ Johnny_Rancid – Just the game for me then.Thanks…was lookin forward to play Trackmania but after your comment I’m even more excited.It can’t be as hard as Wipeout.

    • I enjoy the game though I will say I think the original 3 on pc were better.

    • No one has said it yet, but this TrackMania is:

      1. Pretty darn gorgeous with some amazingly complex tracks.
      2. An absolutely insanely fun multiplayer SPLIT-SCREEN game. Couch co-op!

      Being able to sit down, choose from a bajillion different tracks (include traditional racing, off-road, roller-coasters…) and play with my friend sitting beside me – I’m not aware of any other game that offers this nowadays (Trials comes close.)

    • Hi my PS Plus subscription is registered in SEA. Mad Maxx is not showing on my PS Plus game list. It’ still showing the Bloodbourne list from last month.

      Is there a delay compared to other registered PS Plus subscription.

    • Game is fun enough i took it to the red line of tracks…. but i finally got bored with it for a while

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  • Mad Max is great! Cool.

    I’ve never heard of those other games but that’s the biggest advantage of PS+, exposure to new games. Thanks PlayStation!

  • I loved Mad Max. Great game.

  • Neat! Mad Max is a decent game with a lot to do, and the other titles look worth checking out at the very least.

    I was wondering – when do the PlayStation VR offerings return to the lineup?

    I just got one, and it was nice to have a few games available to play on it out of the box. (RIGS and StarBlood Arena are both great, if you can get past the motion sickness!)

    • If I recall correctly, TrackMania Turbo is compatible with PSVR.

    • TrackMania Turbo has some VR, so not the full game but there are things to do in VR.

    • The demo of TrackMania Turbo VR mode was pretty limited. I really didn’t like how it jumped out between 1st person and 3rd person camera on its own. I hope they add Customization options for it. It would also be nice to see them open up the rest of the game to VR and lock in a first person mode even if it’s a front bumper camera.

    • Should of waited till today as Sony just did a big price drop on psvr

  • xbox win this month but its okay

    • The Witness is good but I liked Mad Max much better than Syndicate .I’d say it’s pretty close but I will be playing God of War anyway !!

    • Xbox does NOT win this month. We don’t need ANOTHER free Assassins Creed game. You’re better off just putting 4 of them in one month to get them out of the way. The Witness looks like a weeks worth of play at best. Cars 2 ……… Tires screeching……. Dead Space 2 is at least worth it considering the other 3.
      Look at the entire library Xbox has and again another AC game is what they come up with ????? You can give away AAA from 5 years ago that all belonged on the 360 and itll still be better than Creeds with Gold

  • I already own both ps4 games but nice offering for those that don’t. Enjoy!

  • I think this is honestly the first month that there will be nothing for me.. but at least I have plenty of other new releases to keep me busy.

  • Mad Max is fun! There are so many things to do! The desert is like your huge playground.

  • They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these games. I have already played mad max and it is a decent game. Have not played anything else. I cannot believe that they are giving out a game from 2007. This is not the worst month but it is not the best month either.

    • What year a game came out shouldn’t matter. I’m pretty sure a bunch of games that people claim to be the “some of the best video games ever” came out around the year 2000. In fact, you might be able to say that the older a game is, the more it *should* be here. Do you have any idea how many great games have come out that are simply too old for the casual gamer nowadays to easily find?

    • I have to agree with Mr_Pokirby. There are so many old games that I’ve missed out on and I’m not hearing about them enough. This PS+ is a great opportunity to shed light on older gems.

      I can’t personally comment on the individual games offered this month though, so forgive me for that.

  • if 99 vidas is cross buy, how r they restricting only the Vita version?

    • It should be cross buy with PS3 and PS4. Probably OP will rectify that.

    • I do enjoy old games but I think they should not be including those on plus. those games are pretty cheap by now so people could just buy them now. if they were giving out a ps1 or ps2 game for free then I would not mind that as I enjoy those kind of games.

  • Not a fan of these games don’t think I will download any. Dissapiontment compared to last month.

    • You being disappointed by it does not objectively make it a “disappointment”.
      Opinions don’t dictate quality.

    • Guess you have bad taste

    • It is you who have bad taste saab01 and be prepared to be disappointed forever if you expect every month to be like march was.That ain’t happening again unless Sony announces that they’re taking away yet another feature of our Plus subscription then they’ll need something loud to cushion the impact.Something as loud as Bloodborne and Ratchet were.

  • Mad max has been at Dollar General brand new for 10 dollars, along with Mighty No9 since before Christmas. That should tell you the quality of this game. It’s still there now. Trust me, you will delete it before you beat it

    • Let people enjoy things.

    • A low price doesn’t always mean a bad game. It just flew under a radar for coming out at the same time as MGS V. I am playing it right now and can’t stop. Decent game.

    • Bought MGSV and few days later Mad Max. Never finished MGS because of it. Had way more fun with Mad Max.

    • Ratchet and Clank debuted at $40 it is still one of the best ps exclusives there is. Mighty No 9 has nothing on Mad Max. Mad Max is fun as ****. Open world 3rd person apocalyptic wasteland which looks likes it comes straight or of the films. Just because Mad Max had to originally compete with MGSV doesn’t mean it’s glory does not deserve to shine as well. Plus such great characters, like the deformed sidekick who is convinced you are the fortold prophet of his car religion. Very unique totally worth it experience.

  • Don’t. Trust. Trackmania.

  • Well nothing for me this month, can’t wait for May :D


  • Pretty good month, but not as good as the previous one, but to be fair, march’s ps plus games were too good. I would greatly appreciate, since you actually offer great diversity on the ps plus games, to give us a good fighting game (guilty gear xrd or skullgirls) and a good indie game(enter the gungeon, crypt of the necrodancer, hollow knight , shovel knight and salt and sanctuary). Thanks

  • Q*Bert.

    I remember hating that game in the arcade. But that new version always interested me. I’ll definitely get that one to give it a shot. I’m a glutton for punishment sometimes.

    • Yeah, i remember playing it on mobile and hating it too, mostly because i couldn’t realise what am i supposed to do at the time thogh

  • Mad Max (Knew this was Plus Material…glad I waited)

    99 Vidas (Fantastic Game BTW, was not released that long ago…)

    The rest, don’t care for.

    • Every game is plus material. All it takes is Sony and the publisher agreeing on terms for a game’s inclusion. You people need to stop treating the IGC like a discount bin for games you don’t really want.

  • Order 1886 and Resistance Burning Skies, Someday hopefully shows up on Plus.

  • Oh awesome Mad Max!
    Track mania seems interesting.
    There’s so many more games on Vita so I wish there was a better selection for it on PSPlus but I haven’t heard of these so we shall see.

  • Bought all these on flash sales for 7 and 5 or less.Mad Max and TrackMania are a blast.

  • This is probably the worst lineup ever on PS +. They are going to stop giving Vita games next tear. So, they decide to give the lousiest games. Come on! 99 vidas? Why not something quality to finish the remaining months? The PS Vita deserves better, much better.

  • Mad Max and Trackmania, don’t have either, worth about $15 each on amazon. Ps3 games are utter trash.
    Meanwhile xbox has Witness – really want -, Assassin creed syndicate – never player, Dead Space 2 never played and Cars 2 – couldn’t care less

    So for me 3:2 xbone (which I don’t own) wins the month. Still weak weak monthly ps4 games. How about some real Japanese games like Kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5, Final Fantasy X,X-2, Type-0 , Okami, Valkaria Rev.

    I got the ps4 because I don’t want to play brain dead american shootes or crappy mp games. But it seems like that’s more than half of the games we get

    • Unfortunately Square would never, ever, put one of it’s JRPG titles on something like Plus. They remind me of Sony, both are quite greedy.

  • If you have PSVR definitly get Trackamania. It is an absolute blast.

  • You’re picking the absolute worst games possible for PS3 and Vita just to make sure nobody cares when you drop the free games for them, aren’t you? Ugh, why do their have to be so many people out there dumb enough to pay just for literally unlocking multiplayer on their consoles?

  • Just as an fyi. If you haven’t played mad max before, it’s absolutely amazing. You won’t be able to put it down until you beat it.

  • While I don’t agree with you calling people dumb SidNightwalker I do however agree with the part about Sony scraping the bottom of the barrel in the final months for the Vita and PS3. If you look closer you’ll see they started grooming us to not care about the PS3 and Vita games since 2016 with all the trash that’s been coming out on those platforms for the last 2 years so they knew by the time the news about them not getting games anymore would be seen as a blessing to most.

    • I couldn’t think of a better word for anyone supporting such ripoff business tactics, especially considering which company started the trend, a company that had a stable network infrastructure 30 years before they got into the console business. Sony of course now has a fully implemented network as well, so….

  • I’ve been wanting it to be a game I already have. I didn’t have the time to finish Bloodborne. MadMax is an awesome game!

  • Ohhhh snap, I’ve been wanting to grab TM Turbo since it came out but never had the money whenever it went on sale, haha. I’m going to be stuck in track creator for days on end now.

    Nice AAA game this month, Sony!! You’re starting to create expectation for each month now, this is, what, fourth month in a row with AAA title(s). Keep it up!!!

    My only request would be to have some RPGs for the Plus games in the future, if possible.

  • worst april fools’ day ever.

  • Why, Sony? You did so well this month with Bloodborne, why go back to dumping trash on us again so soon?

  • A lot of people are going to realize that Mad Max is actually a great game really soon. I know I did. I picked it up on the cheap and was very surprised.

  • Mad Max was decent enough for awhile, but the narrative has little focus and it quickly turns into a cookie cutter series of actions/events. The story just didn’t pull me in enough to finish it.

  • good month i got a question about 99 Vidas, through.

    do we get the PS4 and PS3 version or only vita?

  • Mad Max is Mad old!!!!!

    • Old?..its a 2015 game,not even 3 years old yet but what do you expect?…games that are on pre-order still to be free.What a joke.

    • Welmosca ThievenStealberg never said the game is old he said Mad Max is old because it is there are movies like the 1979 one

  • Ok game though!

  • I got 99 Vidas but a blah ain’t one.

    Should be fun to play a beat-em up on Vita!

  • I’ll probably pick up Mad Max and Q*Bert (I used to play Q*Bert back in the day). I’ve heard some good things about Trackmania Turbo, but with my backlog, I might just pass on that one.

    • Always add the ‘free’ games to your library.

      You don’t have to download them but they’ll be available to download as long as you’re a PS Plus member.

    • SirRealDeal, aren’t those games saved in the ps plus cloud storage? Or are only save slots saved there? Also, even if you add them to your library, do they need some space in the storage, or they don’t even require some kilobites of storage?

  • I used to LOVE Q*bert on the Commodore 64. I’m sure that the graphics will look better this time. :D

  • Awesome. I was kinda gutted last Month, I already had Bloodborne (who doesn’t, best game on the PS4) and Ratchet and Clank, but I appreciated the fact they’d offered two brilliant titles. I’ve ummed and ahhed about buying Mad Max and Trackmania so many times on sale so I’m chuffed they’re this months offerings and I don’t already own them. I had a feeling Mad Max would be up at some point, partly why I never bought it despite most peeps saying how good it is (the 69% meta critic seems a bit low, I’ve seen people rave about its combat)
    Keep it up Sony, well worth the money when you’re spoiling us like this. Drawn to death style trash, not so much but it looks like they’ve learnt.

  • 99 vidas, macho!

  • March line-up being one of the best PS+ months so far, I was hoping for better.

  • Good thing I didn’t buy Trackmania Turbo on that recent sale. Been wanting a different VR racer. Have Mad Max but that’s a solid (though repetitive) game so def a good month. We saw last month how many people don’t get any new games at all when too good of games are selected and Mad Max seems to be closer to the sweet spot of quality and obscurity. Of course some people will not like the games but better they get new games they don’t really like than games they already have.

  • I get that these are “free” games and all, but PS+ isn’t really doing the customers justice with the lack of AAA titles and when they do give us one it’s already been out for two + years or it didn’t sell worth a damn so it’s Sony just cutting their losses on it anywhy. The was PS+ SHOULD work is them giving us a choice of games say three or abouts and we pick the game we want for the month and the rest we’re locked out from choosing. Forcing these bad games 3/4 of the year isn’t justifying the $10 increase they did last year.

  • I miss free games for ps4 VR

  • Can we get some RPGs for PS3 please?

  • Just another month with no new games, only the ones I currently have are given away, which leaves me feeling like screwed again.

  • When do these free PS+ games release and come out in the U.S. PSN???? I CANNOT FIND THEM YET!!!!!!!

  • Does Trackmania have PSVR support? If not that would be a cool feature to add, wouldn’t mind experiencing loopy tracks and jumps in VR.

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