Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Journeys West September 4

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Journeys West September 4

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It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. I’m Hokuto Okamoto, the producer of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. I’m ecstatic to announce the release date for the latest installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI, for everyone in the West: Septebmer 4, 2018!

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI was developed so that it would become a culmination of sorts for the series up to now, a title that essentially represents “a new beginning” despite it being the latest game in the Dragon Quest series. The game itself has been received quite favorably by consumers since its release in Japan, and I believe the title has shaped up to become something “both nostalgic and new” for existing fans of the series, and something that ignites the desire to play the other titles in the series upon completing the game for those experiencing Dragon Quest for the first time.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

The game’s scenario amounts to one of the most epic narratives in the series. Much time was spent localizing the game in an effort to properly communicate and deliver the rich localities that amass “Erdrea”, the world of Dragon Quest XI. But, reflective of the time spent, it is truly shaping up to become a wonderful game. Of course, it does not end with localization. Some arrangements are being made throughout the game to ensure greater accessibility for Western players, including voice overs and adjustments to the UI design such as the menu.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive AgeDragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

For example, the Equipment screen in the Japanese version reflects the traditional text-only UI, familiar to Japanese fans, but the Western version adopts a UI that displays icons so that it is easier to visually grasp certain information such as the weapon type.

The scenario, characters, and overall universe were particularly praised in Japan, but I’m especially excited about hearing what kind of sentiment and impressions everyone overseas will have towards the game! Please look forward to Dragon Quest XI!

PSN Pre-orders Start Today

Dragon Quest XI: Pre-order ThemeDragon Quest XI: Pre-order Theme

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is coming to the West on September 4, 2018. Pre-order now on PSN to receive the exclusive “The Legend Reborn” Theme (shown above) as an instant reward, along with in-game DLC items when the game launches (Vest for Success, Seed of Skill x15, and Über Agate of Evolution x3).

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  • Please tell us 2 things:
    1. Is the western release of the game uncensored?
    2. Will there be a Collector’s Edition?

  • Glad to hear the localization is getting Voice Overs if I remember correctly the Japanese Version had no voices. I haven’t played a Dragon Quest game since VIII on the PS2 so I am really excited to pick this up. This is one of my most anticipated games next to KH3.

    • You’re right! The Japanese version had no voices, and they’re a new feature for the Western localization. We’re excited about it too!

  • really happy to see this happen, would love to see the ps4 versions of the initial 3 dragon quest games make it west since they are localized on ios.

  • Bring it!!!

  • Somehow I really disliked the menu changes, but either way I’m gonna get it!
    thanks a lot for bringing it to this side of the world!

  • Oh man, this news just made my day.

  • where the hell is Switch and 3DS, Square? I will not give you money on PS4 or PC

    • Why are you on a ps site then ? Also, the Switch doesn’t exist in Japan yet, so it’s normal they didn’t announce anything.

    • But you’ll visit a PS blog site to ask about Nintendo consoles? Nintendo has seen plenty of Dragon Quest games, Im excited for the first main entry on PS since VIII, if I’m not mistaken, which was way back on the PS2.

    • I guess you’re going to have to the Nintendo blog if you want answers to that. You’re in the wrong place, buddy. Go away.

    • Why did you come to a playstation site to talk about Nintendo. It isn’t coming to 3DS and the Switch and Nintendo sucks. That’s why it’s delayed until next year.

      Get out of here troll. Nobody cares.

  • PlayStation store preorder release date says 12/31/2018, which is it? Super stoked!!!

    • I set up a preorder for Swords of Ditto and it said the same thing even though the game’s page had an April release date. Something they need to update on tue store’s backend I assume.

    • It will be 9/4/2018 across North America and Europe. :) 12/31 is a common default placeholder date. Glad you’re stoked!!

  • Excited for Dragon Quest coming back to PS and not be a Dynasty Warrior clone!

  • I logged in just to say….

    “THANK YOU!!!” x1,000,000 to everyone on the development and publishing side.

    I have been long looking forward to this. Pre-ordering now :)

  • Very cool. Now that they have Toriyama’s RPG style looking this good in a modern engine, maybe we can get a Chrono Trigger remake (on the scale of what’s happening with Final Fantasy VII) next….

    • i doubt it. They never made chrono trigger 2 and teased it in one of the games endings. We could have also had it years ago if Square didn’t shut down a small team making a fan project not getting paid for it or asking for money. I hope if they do they don’t do the FFV Remake route and destroy the title.

  • Will there be a way to turn on the classic menu UI? I am an avid Dragon Quest fan and I really like the traditional UI. The updated UI does not feel like a Dragon Quest game. Especially since you will spend a fair amount of time in the menus. Please make sure users can toggle it on if they want the classic one!

    • Im hoping for this too. I appreciate that they try to appeal more people here in the west, but they shouldn’t ignore ling-time fans changing things we like.

  • Been looking forward to this!

  • i’m excited by this news.cant wait for September 4 to arrive

    a 6 month wait,its worth it if everything will be done right :)

  • Dear Square Enix,

    I just got into Dragon Quest. I bought them on Android and 3DS. But I want more. Please re-release all DQ games to PS4, XB1, Switch, and 3DS. Thanks.

    • Wouldn’t mind a remaster of Dragon Quest 9. Been trying to get my friends to get that game so we can play together like I used to with my brother when I was but a young boy. Man, I love that game, and I love this series

  • Hi, Mr Okumoto.
    I want to say im heavily disappointed that Square Enix decided to skip the 3DS version. I have played both 3DS and PS4 versions in japanese, and i think both complement each other quite well. I think hardcore DQ fans like myself would eaily double dip on this game, even if you only released the game digitally on 3DS. (I know this is the PS blog, but i think the 3DS version goes in a complete different direction so it shouldn’t bother anyone.)

    That said, im liking most of the changes you have announced for the western PS4 (and PC!) version, like the voice acting. The three i’ve heard (Camus/Erik, the king and Greid/Hendrick) are great choices for the character. The first person mode for pictures also sounds incredible. The only change i am greatly disliking is the menus. I think changing them is erasing a part of DQ’s essence. The equipment menu and the inventory, specifically, look bad to me. Please, offer the classic DQ menu as an option, even if it is as a DLC.

    That said, im eager to play the game a 4th time next September. Im hoping the limited edition teased in the game’s site is good!

  • No doubt must-buy for me. It’s my favorite RPG series.
    I’ve played through every DQ game (except 10 for obvious reasons).
    Looking forward to this!

  • Oh god, i have been waiting for so such long time. just like 2017, 2018 is gonna another fantastic year for JRPG fans.

  • I’m really not digging the new menus…Doesn’t look anything like dragon quest. Plus they fill the whole screen. The original menus are clean and transparent.
    This should be optional.

  • Yawn. DQXI. I’ll start to care when you finally give us DQX thanks.

    With the success of FFXI and XIV in the states SE would have to be stupid to not thing DQX couldnt be just as successful in the US. Before anyone says “But FF has a biggest fanbase in the US than DQ… well DQs base must be “good enough” if theyre even releasing XI here. How many main DQ titles has the US NOT gotten? (hint: just as many main FF titles as the US HASNT gotten… answer none)

  • That trailer has lots of frame stutter or something going on. I hope they patch it before launch. I hope the localization isn’t filled with lots of british accents like in the other PS4 versions. I have nothing against the game otherwise, please don’t rush the launch.

  • Is it a dynamic theme or static?

  • YES! Finally! Great news, I can’t wait for this game.

  • Glad to see a proper Dragon Quest again, I was sad that X never made it here and while the customization in IX was cool it made the game feel a little flat as they had no personality to become attached too. This one seems to have quite the line up. Is this a case of pick your 3 favorite team mates or will we really have 7 party members in combat at once?

  • Never played a Dragon Quest game before. Looking forward to trying it out for the first time.

  • My favorite RPG. Loved VII and VIII. Nice to see it come to the west on new console. Definitely a pre-order.

  • It’s amazing how quickly time’s going by – it’s been 13 years since DQVIII!!!! I’m so glad we’ve finally gotten a firm release date! Very much looking forward to playing XI!!

  • Oh man September is a great month for JRPGs. I just woke up and this news has made day; thanks so much for bringing this to the west!

  • I’ll be getting this game but now:

    Localize Dragon Quest 1-3 for PS4. I refuse to play the mobile versions.

    • I have played the mobile versions of One and Two, but second this. Having them on the big screen would be so nice, and the translation has already been done because they are the same ones as the mobile versions.

  • Any idea on when the trophy list will be revealed? Will it be any different than the trophies on the Japanese version?

  • great news, i’m so exited, thanks

  • Is there going to be a special edition version like DQ: Heroes with the chest and other items? Or will the physical version come with the pre-order bonuses? I would really like a physical copy for my collection but want the extra content, i.e. the theme and in game bonuses.

  • going to get collecters edition i love jrpgs

    • Wha?…how the hell did you acquired that Black Panter avatar?…damn that’s an awesome avatar right there.

  • Saw the trailer and gameplay on YT yesterday…damn it looks great,its a shame the combat is mediocre.

  • But but but…. I want the text-based UI system from Dragon Quest of old… Is that a setting I can change or is it stuck that way?

  • Is the music being reorchestrated for the US release?

    • I definately second this question. I remember playing DQ8 and being blown away by the live orchestra version of the soundtrack that we were lucky to get here in the West for that release. I know the symphonic suite for DQ11 has been released in Japan. Any chance you could do the same treatment when it release hear in the west? Fully orchestrated soundtracks are becoming the norm (at least here in the west), and it would make the game sound a bit dated if we got the synth version of the soundtrack (see the wonderful remaster of Final Fantasy 12’s soundtrack!). Koichi Sugiyama is one of the greatest game composers ever, please do his work justice!

  • will there be a Digital Deluxe pre-order option?

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