Play the Defiance 2050 Beta April 27 to 29 on PS4

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Play the Defiance 2050 Beta April 27 to 29 on PS4

Calling all Ark Hunters! Get an early first look at the massive free to play action shooter coming to PS4 this summer.

Blast it all to hellbug! Defiance 2050’s summer release can’t come fast enough, but now’s your chance to suit up early for our first closed beta weekend. We’re looking for new recruits and veteran Ark Hunters to lead the charge in the first fights of Defiance 2050 for PS4 between April 27 and 29. Sign up for Defiance 2050 beta here.

Defiance 2050 is a free to play, futuristic, online action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with alien ark technology. This advanced ark tech crashes down upon the world from the wreckage of the destroyed ships orbiting Earth in what we call arkfalls.

Defiance 2050

Arkfalls aren’t the only things invading Earth! Hellbugs are brutal little monsters that are here for two reasons: to eat your face while you’re fighting for your life, and to chew bubblegum… and they’re all out of bubblegum.

Explore this vast, partially terraformed world and work with players around the world in co-op events or face off against fellow ark hunters in fast-paced PvP combat. Earn devastating, ark tech-empowered loot in the process and customize your character to fit your playstyle! Prepare to go full on assault as you get to exclusively play the Assault class and be sure to switch it up with all the weapons, mods, and equipment you collect in the beta.

Defiance 2050

The best way to discover what’s new about Defiance 2050 is by taking the battle into your own hands. It’s hellbug hunting season this April, so sign up and fight for the future! Note: Defiance 2050 beta will be limited to North America on PS4 for this event.

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  • May I please try out the open beta I have been playing video games since that the Atari came out and I told my PlayStation since the first one came out I spent thousands of dollars on games add ons as well as the systems I have been I huge gamer since I became able to play video games. And I can honestly help you and get really good feedback from me.

  • Will this have events constantly for the game and will there be cosmetic microtransactions in the game? Will you have the option to grind for items and use in game currency to buy the items? Or will it be a combination of both spending real money? if you don’t want to wait to get what you need can you spend real money?

  • FYI, unable to register due to “email address in use” despite never playing Defiance before. The forgot password link doesn’t work either.

  • Hello Scott,

    I’m really looking forward to playing. I played the original and enjoyed it very much.

    I wanted to ask will there be any “Founders Pack” type of early access to the full game? Also will you be offering pre orders for these “Founders Pack” with really cool cosmetic items and other stuff? Lastly, it would be great if you can work with the team at Trion to make available “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4.

    Thank you,

    Rob aka Graf

    • Scott “Mobi” Jasper

      Heya Rob! We’re stoked to have you join us for Defiance 2050, and thanks so much for playing Defiance as well. Those are some good suggestions, Defiance 2050 is launching as a free to play game and will be offering a variety of optional cosmetics for purchase that are not tied to power. The Defiance 2050 team is discussing which sorts of packs or cosmetics should be available, and will release more info as we get closer to launch.

  • Looks epiccccccc

  • Does this got to do with the Defiance game on Ps3?

    • Scott “Mobi” Jasper

      Yes! Defiance 2050 is more of a reimagined Defiance experience with new classes, weapons and many changes in how to progress and play. It’s completely free to play from the start, plus it looks amazing on PS4!

  • Can’t wait to enter the Defiance World again!

  • Neat. I played on the PS3 beta for the original. Let’s go for a repeat. Hopefully this one plays a little bit more smoothly, too!

  • North America only? Well that reduces my likelihood of ever buying this game. I look forward to the Europe only Beta 2.

    • The beta will only have an NA server (located in Dallas, Texas), players outside of NA can still play.

  • Does this mean the TV show is coming back too? I loved the TV show and how the stories crossed over with the game.

    • Scott “Mobi” Jasper

      The television series is separate from the game, but now’s a great time to rewatch it or play the original Defiance while you wait for closed beta to start. We are looking to revamp the mission structure in Defiance 2050 to give you that definitive Defiance experience.

  • Oh man Definace the cancelled TV show used to rock on SyFy! I wish they made the Lost Room into a long series. Loved the concept.

  • I’ve never played Defiance but I am interested in what you guys have to offer, how can I join the access to help give feedback on what looks to be another wonderful addition to my Playstation go-to’s?

  • So am I understanding this to be a revamp of the original game, and NOT a new game in the series? Is that correct?

    • Scott “Mobi” Jasper

      Yeah for the most part Defiance 2050 is more of a reimagined Defiance experience and features new progression, weapons, and class systems. You’ll see a familiar Defiance world with but it’ll be ever better looking on a PS4!

  • I love Defiance, I pre ordered Defiance on PS3, watched every season and entered all episode ego codes and signed up for the Defiance 2050 PS4 Beta :)

  • whats going to be the story line in 2050 ive played defiance and i was in the last beta of defiance and it wont let sign up for this beta it said i have no n
    # on password

  • Will you need a PS+ account to play this beta? I enjoyed the original Defiance on Xbox but I don’t currently have ps+ as I don’t usually play multiplayer games and wouldn’t want to have to buy + just to try out the game for one weekend.

    • if you don’t have ps+ you might be able to use the free trial which would last just long enough for you to play the beta weekend. if its required.

  • Trion does not solve anything the repair of the DLC trophies, I do not know what is going wrong to the users very affected of the DLC trophies, it has been waiting for the solution of the DLC trophies for years and nothing. Trion does not do his job, every time a new game arrives for PS4, I do not know what would happen to the DLC trophies and I await the response of the Trion company.

  • Will we get a cool cosmetic or title or both for play the beta? And will we get anything cool for play defiance on ps3?

  • I signed up for the open beta but can not get it. How do I get it on my ps4

  • I sign up for the open beta but can not get it .How do I get it on my ps4

  • Do we get anything we bought from Defiance brought over to the new one?

  • Why am I not able to even download the bet

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