God of War Has Gone Gold, A Message From Cory Barlog

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God of War Has Gone Gold, A Message From Cory Barlog

The creative director of Santa Monica Studio's new vision for God of War reflects on the journey that has led the team to this point.

God of War is GOLD, baby!!!

Going gold is an important milestone for a game. In fact, it is one of the ‘big two’ really. You have getting ‘greenlit’, which kicks off the real development of your title, and ‘going gold’ as the two most important milestones in a game’s development cycle. The latter is the rite of passage that lets the team — and, more importantly, the world — know that the game’s development is pretty much complete. All that remains is the manufacturing and shipping part of the process.

God of War - Gone Gold

Going gold means so much more to me with this game. It has been a long and exhausting journey filled with laughs, arguments, and a healthy dose of fear – with a side of doubt. This was the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done and I can honestly say it would never have been possible without the full-throated support of Sony and the tireless work of the incredible team at Santa Monica Studio. We have been through a lot together and I would not change a thing. You are the best damn team a director could ever hope for and I am thankful beyond words for every ounce of passion and pride you put into this game.

God of War Has Gone Gold, A Message From Cory Barlog

Because this story is about fathers and sons, I wanted to thank my father, James Barlog, a source of inspiration and a great writer, who instilled within me the drive to create and the fortitude to survive the difficulties that come with that vocation.

April 20 is fast approaching and I speak for the entire team here when I say we truly cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on this game.

Thank you to everyone for your support of an industry that allows me to prolong my childhood indefinitely and make a living telling people stories.

— Cory Barlog

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  • Can’t wait for this game, after seeing the combat in the previews my hype level is through the roof :)

  • Congratulations Cory! You and the entire team deserve it. Can’t wait to get my hands on God of War, fell in love with the series on the day playstation underground sent me a demo disc of the first god of war and I popped it into my ps2.

  • Awesome. This game looks amazing.

    All we need is for GoW3 to be digitally release on PS3 and we will be good to go.

  • Congratulations Cory Barlog and SIE Santa Monica Studio i can’t wait to play the next Masterpiece of Kratos story God of War here i come the Ghost of Sparta has returned!

  • Congrats to everyone at Santa Monica Studios. Your games are the reason for some of my most cherished memories. Your games have been therapy and always a great escape. Can’t wait to play this!

  • CONGRATS!!! So excited for this game I have the special edition ps4 pro coming in the mail and cant wait to plug it into my dad’s giant 4k tv.

  • Thank you Santa Monica Studios, Sony and all the crew that work hard on this game. Also their families. Much love at all. Pre order GOW PS4 bundle and GOW Stone mason edition. Can’t wait for this game. Spend 600 dollar for this and it’s worth every penny.

  • Santa Monica Studios is amazing, thanks for all the incredible games!

  • Thank you very much for all you’ve accomplished, Sony Santa Monica. I pre-ordered the PS4 Pro bundle just a couple days ago because I decided that I wouldn’t play this game on my original PS4. 4/20 can’t come soon enough!

  • Thank you for all the amazing games, and congrats! 4/20 is going to be a magical day!

  • Pre-ordered. Going to fully enjoy this game. And enjoy watching the internet break with this have launches.

  • Both highly disappointed in lack of multiplayer and highly excited for the single player.

    SSM should know that i won’t spend even 1% of the amount of time playing this game as I would if it had multiplayer.

    • Who plays GOW for multi go play COD this game is all about an awesome single player journey

    • I am so GLAD that GoW does not feature multiplayer. Single player franchises tend to do better when they stay that way. Otherwise resources get diverted to multiplayer. When multiplayer is introduced to single player franchises, it is usually there only to leech money from gamers via DLC and MTs.

      I am wishing the best success for GoW. I usually avoid the pre-order hype, but GoW is one of the most reliable franchises. I see no reason to believe that the trend won’t continue on April 20!

    • What?…online was put in Ascension and it was the worst idea ever,couldn’t think of a more unnecessary thing at the time.Also Ascension is the worst GoW ever for now…coincidence?…don’t think so.

  • I have been a God of War fan since day 1 ! Played every installment that has been released, I am so happy for this new game and new direction. I pre ordered with the swiftness !! KRATOS 4 LIFE !

  • I can’t wait, I bought the stone mason edition and I am hyped for it, thank you everyone at Santa Monica Studios and a sincere thanks to Cory barlog for coming back a second time. Thank you

  • I didn’t know that you guys used BD-Rs. That’s pretty cool.

  • Why is everybody so hype this game makes no sense and has nothing to do with god of war

    • It’s the evolution of GOW

    • It’s mythology, creativity and evolution of gaming rolled into one. To me God Of War needed this change. I absolutely love this new look.

    • With all due respect, you make no sense! If you are a true GOW fan, you would understand the hype, enough said…

    • Glad someone else sees that.It’s undeniable that Sony is just using GoW and Krato’s name to sell this game but this ain’t GoW.With that said I have it on pre-order and am lookin forward to play it but this game ain’t GoW.A true fan would understand,always funny people who want things to go forever to call themselves “fan”…everything comes to and end even incredible things unfortunately and GoW had its end on 3 with its last game being Ascension.

  • Pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition and can’t wait till 4/20 for this masterpiece

  • Congratulations Cory and Sony Santa Monica. The game is a day one buy from me for sure. Everything about this game looks stunning.

    I do have one question however. My question is, when Kratos is stationary, can you rotate the camera around him? It’s not a big deal if you can’t, but I was wondering if you can?

    Again Congratulations

  • Huge congrats! From all the preview coverage it would seem you have another massive hit on your hands :-)

  • Only thing left is for Kratos to shred the sales charts. Congrats!

  • From a long standing GOW fan, well deserved!

  • i cant wait!

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