World of Warriors Out Today on PS4

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World of Warriors Out Today on PS4

Gather history's greatest fighters together - with friends at your side.

In World of Warriors you’ll be able to select from a range of fighters plucked from iconic historical eras and locales. In our previous blog post we debuted some of the mayhem-filled arenas you’ll be fighting in, but today we wanted to tell you a few reasons why World of Warriors is a great multiplayer game for anyone with an active PS Plus membership, including those who are new to online games.

Friendly, Competitive Local Multiplayer

Everyone knows that when it comes to multiplayer games, half the fun comes from taunting your friends and seeing the look on their faces after a devastating defeat. World of Warriors lets you summon your favorite warriors from history and pit them against your friends for some fighting on the sofa.

Find Your Favorite Historical Fighter

Every battle-hardened player has his or her favorite fighters, and with four-person multiplayer your choice and your skill set have never been more important. With warriors ranging from Romans, Vikings, Samurai, and Spartans, players of all types are bound to find one that suits their playstyle and start their own couch crusade against friends.

Face the World’s Greatest Warriors Together

When the going gets tough, the tough get together. World of Warriors lets you tag-team with your friends or family to take down the enemy. The greatest warriors of the world never worked alone, and neither should you! With local couch-based co-op, players can hook up player two, three, or four and help friends who are struggling to defeat the more difficult warriors.

Local Co-op Combined with Online Play

Our warriors travelled from all over the Wildlands for their battles, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to roam the globe for your own. Building on the trust and online world built by Mind Candy, we’ve created World of Warriors to allow a local companion to help guide newbies, with active PS Plus memberships, through what could be their first online experience.

With two local players versus two online players, warriors can connect and rank safely in online leaderboards, whether they’re seasoned brawlers or making their online debut. Friends or foes, co-op or competitive, we hope to see you on the battlefield!

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