Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Arrives on May 29, 2018

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Arrives on May 29, 2018

Capcom adds Ultra Street Fighter IV as a pre-order bonus to the upcoming generation-spanning collection.

First announced at Capcom Cup during PlayStation Experience 2017, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection heralded years of nostalgia in one game to fighting game players all over the world. We’re proud to announce that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is officially coming on May 29, 2018 to PS4! Everyone at Capcom is thrilled to bring this collection to you as it’s a true time capsule built for modern day entertainment systems.

The 12 arcade perfect titles included in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that have remained pivotal to the series as a whole are Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. All of these titles will be immediately available once you start the game, so no need to unlock any of them! Furthermore, this collection supports DualShock 4 controllers and PS4 fight sticks.

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike are the four titles that are playable online as they each represent the final version of their respective game in the series! Four players can join up online where two of them will spectate the match while they wait for their turn to play. These four games also feature a recreation of the classic arcade experience where a challenger will step up to the machine to fight you, but this time it’s all online! As you play through Arcade Mode, you’ll be interrupted by opponents you wouldn’t have had the chance to fight in your local arcade. Once the match is over, you’ll be sent straight back to Arcade Mode. You can freely turn this option on and off if you’d rather complete Arcade Mode without someone looking to pick a fight. Online play also features rollback technology that provides low-latency matches with the ability to adjust your own input buffer speed via the in-game menu to keep your online experience smooth.

The arrival of Street Fighter II changed the fighting game genre forever and continues to hold a special place in any gamer’s heart. Even if it was the only game in the series you’ve played so far, you can learn more about it in the Museum by viewing pitch documents, concept art, and sprites. If you’re feeling adventurous, boot up any of the titles in the Street Fighter Alpha or Street Fighter: III series to experience the evolution of Street Fighter gameplay right at your fingertips. It is these games that introduced fan favorite characters like Rose, Sakura, Cody, Urien, and Q, who you can get to know further by reading all their character biographies. If you’re interested in only checking out the Museum or Music Player, you’ll be happy to know that everything in those features is unlocked from the start!

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is the most recent release in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, arriving on PS2 in 2004 almost 14 years ago. With that thought in mind, we still need a way to connect it to the current Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. That’s why when you pre-order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on PS4, you’ll receive Ultra Street Fighter IV to complete the legacy! If you pre-order the physical copy, you’ll receive the game as a digital code on the receipt in North America. If you pre-order the digital copy, you’ll receive the code one to two weeks after May 29.

Street Fighter IV exploded into the North American scene on PS3 in 2009 and received its final updated version with Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 in 2015, which included all 44 playable characters – the most of any game so far. Street Fighter IV was instrumental in revitalizing the series in the new millennium as players flocked to both local and online tournaments alike. It paved way for what we know now as the Capcom Pro Tour! Don’t miss out on this offer!

We’re incredibly humbled by these past 30 years and are looking forward to seeing you fight it out in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on May 29, which will be available for MSRP $39.99.

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  • I have not preordered a game since GTA5 on the PS3 (and X360). But I just preordered this on PS4 (and XB1). I am a huge SF fan even though I suck at it. SF 15th Anniversary was awesome. SF 25th Anniversary sucked. So, I am glad that SF 30th Anniversary is great, again!

    Please Capcom, follow SNK and Square, to bring other SF games to mobile and PS4 (and XB1). I have bought all the FF games on Android and all the KOF games on PS4 (including duplicates). I want to play SFA3 Max.

    Thanks and happy anniversary.

  • $40 for old emulated games isn’t exactly humble LoL! Only 4 of them have network play. I’m surprised you didn’t show off the graphics filters in the live stream.

    Btw I picked up Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (missing in the above) for $3 on the Capcom sale, it shows downloadable for PS3, PSP, Vita and it includes a training mode & netplay. Oddly enough the store listing doesn’t say PS3 but I see it as a platform option.

  • Why Capcom is so lazy? Why you don’t port the games that matters? Like Hyper Street Fighter III and Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX?

    Street Fighter III is already in his last version…

    • It looks like they’re putting the arcade releases here. Though I’m hoping SF Zero 2 Alpha (with extra EX characters) and SF Alpha 3 Upper (with all the PS1/Dreamcast character additions) are in here somewhere as that was in arcades on Sega’s Naomi hardware, even though they were Japanese releases, they both had many upgrades.

      SF Alpha 3 MAX (double Upper in Japan) does add a couple more characters, which WOULD be nice to have, though.

  • My biggest question is if the collection includes the upgraded iterations of Street fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3, does it also include SF Alpha 2 Gold, or SF Alpha 3 Upper?

  • Awesome. Burning curious if I preorder today do I get ultra today or when the game releases on May 29th?

    • This info is in the article.

    • Lol, not sure why this other person bothered to comment and not provide the answer.. so dumb. You don’t get IV early if you go digital. You get the code with the receipt if you go physical so physical rewards you right away. For digital you get the code sent to you by email after a week or two of the 30th Anniversary launch on May 29th.

    • I find it more amusing than anything that taking the time to skip the article, ask the question, and wait on a reply is somehow easier/faster that just reading the page in the first place.

  • Guess it’s time to get that arcade stick I’ve been meaning to pick up. Gonna be great to have all the arcade editions in one spot. I was more of a fan of the Alpha series but once I got into 3rd Strike it was hard to go back.

  • thanks Capcom, it’s always hit or miss with this company. but i can assure, coming from my end, this is a hit..

    i just recently scavenged around for emus trying to play the OG version of sf II just to hear the soundtrack…so, this makes me giddy.

    plus, SF IV is free. means, i will have every SF that’s dropped once this package come out.


  • also, alot of whiners on this page. y’all need to chill or just play something else. simple.

  • Can you please have it were we can use pc keyboard for ps4 on this game? PLEASE

  • Please bring over Viewtiful Joe Collection to PS4

  • Feels like a missed opportunity here. Capcom should have made something like the Nintendo Classic Mini for CPS I, II and up.

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