Minit is A Grand Adventure Played One Minute at a Time, Out April 3

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Minit is A Grand Adventure Played One Minute at a Time, Out April 3

You'd be surprised what you can get done in sixty seconds.

Ready to save the world just in time for dinner? 60-second adventure Minit will hit PlayStation 4 on April 3! Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, Dominik Johann and I started working on Minit over a year ago, wanting to make a big adventure with a tiny twist.

The main gameplay mechanic in Minit is based around a horrible curse from a mysterious sword washed up on the shore. Picking that up was a bad idea! This curse gives you exactly one minute each time you venture out from your home, after which the clock ticks down and drops you dead right where you stand. But you’ll be surprised: through confident action and clever planning, a lot can be accomplished in just sixty seconds.

Minit for PS4 (gif)

A huge quest, and only so little time, but there are a few elements working in your favor. Any items gathered during a run will be yours forever, regardless of how many times the clock runs out. Find a heart? Gain more health. Find sneakers? Faster running. Drink coffee? You can… get stronger and push boxes?! Anything you find will give you new abilities, and they all stick with you until the end of time, literally.

Minit for PS4Minit for PS4

While you keep restarting from your home, there are other comfortable abodes out there. Once discovered, you can start your next run from any one of them, opening up new adventures in every direction.

Minit for PS4

Minit is filled with unique puzzles that aren’t simply about finding the fastest route from A to B. Hopefully players will enjoy this 60-second world as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it, with its extremely slow-talking NPC, mysterious crocodile shopkeepers, and endless empty desert definitely not hiding a secret temple.

The launch of Minit on April 3 is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what you think!

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