PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch

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PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch

A helpful overview to some of the biggest PS4 and PS VR exclusives releasing in the months and years ahead.

Just imagine. Right now, right this very second, armies of talented developers are readying astonishing new gaming experiences for PS4 and PS VR.

The list of console-exclusive titles keeps getting bigger, so we thought we’d create a handy cheat sheet to keep track. Some games on this list are confirmed to launch in 2018; many others have no release date attached at this point. But as always PlayStation.Blog will keep you in the loop.


Developed by Insomniac Games

It’s the world’s biggest Super Hero in an all-new blockbuster action adventure created by Insomniac Games, the world-renowned studio behind Ratchet & Clank. With a fresh take on Peter Parker and his amazing cast of Super Villains, an expanded and fun move set tied to Spider-Man’s spectacular gadgets and a richly detailed and quest-filled New York to swing round, this is an essential not just for Super Hero fanatics but adventure free-roaming gameplay fans everywhere.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Santa Monica Studio

Kratos is coming to PS4 with an epic journey the likes of which franchise fans have never experienced. Santa Monica is bringing its unique take on Norse mythology to offer adventure fans an action-packed fantasy blockbuster as a deeply personal quest sees the demi-god and his son Atreus face a world and threats that’ll leave you breathless.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Quantic Dream

The studio behind such thought-provoking — and thrilling — games such as Heavy Rain turns its attention to the fragility of co-existence between human and androids in this sci-fi neo-noir. See this critical moment in future history from three perspectives. Every choice matters, and can mean the difference between life and death for your trio of characters.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Bend Studio

Fight for survival in an open world that’s gone to hell in the wake of a global pandemic, where your best friend – and means to survive – is your motorcycle. Play as biker turned-bounty hunter, Deacon St. John, as he fights to live against rival gangs, overwhelming hordes of roving human monsters known as Freakers and a brutal environment out to get him. Explore, scavenge, survive.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Sucker Punch

The creators of Infamous are hard at work on an ultra-ambitious open world action adventure set in Feudal Japan. Expect luscious landscapes to explore, character design with historical authentic flourishes, and a story inspired by classic samurai stories.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by London Studio

The London Heist, one of the jewels in PlayStation VR Worlds, was so well received that its creator was inspired to build an entirely new PS VR adventure set in London’s gritty underworld. With intense shootouts, choice-driven interactive touches, and memorable moments, you can star as the action hero of your own explosive crime thriller.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Naughty Dog

It’s the sequel to Naughty Dog’s harrowing, emotionally taut survival-horror classic. What more do you need to know?

Developed by Media Molecule

Media Molecule’s newest game is as dazzlingly unique as the studio’s previous PlayStation phenomenon LittleBigPlanet. First, play the studio’s trio of interweaving, genre-leaping adventures. Then dip into the community’s own game creations — or try and create your own!

Developed by PixelOpus

Completely transform the practically abandoned fishing town of Denska into a vibrant hub of colorful, interactive art. This powerful but beautiful adventure focuses on Ash, a boy constantly picked on by the town’s older kids. By using DualShock 4’s internal motion sensor you can paint and create creatures on the walls that will come to life and aid Ash as he cleanses Denska using the power of his brush.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Flavourworks

Erica is an intriguing interactive live-action drama that joins PS4’s growing PlayLink range, a tense thriller in which you dictate what happens next. Help identify a killer while piecing together Erica’s lost memories as you explore her world, shaping her story by interacting with the on-screen action via your smartphone.

A PlayStation classic is resurrected for a new generation, as Sir Daniel Fortesque is set to return to your skelevision. It’s a chance for fans to rediscover their love for the spooky hack-and-slash adventure, and a chance for PS4 players to become acquainted with a beloved PlayStation icon.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Sega

Sega’s brilliant (and sometimes over the top) action series set in Japan returns! Yakuza 6 features a fascinating mix of exploration, brutal combat and stunning, explorable renditions of Japanese towns (with arcades featuring authentic, playable Sega games!). Don’t let the 6 put you off; this is a great introduction to a classic Sega franchise.

Firewall Zero Hour

Developed by First Contact Entertainment

A multiplayer face-off between two teams is all the tenser when played through PS VR. Infiltrate the map and carry out your objective as the attacking side, or showcase your superior strategy skills by successfully protecting the intel as the defenders. You get hit and you’re out of the game: prepare for some tense online matches. I loved what I played of this at PlayStation Experience.

PS4 Exclusives Guide: 14 Games to Watch
Developed by Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima returns with an all-star cast including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro, who are lending their likenesses to the upcoming game. What’s the actual game about? Your guess is as good as mine.

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  • No mention of Kingdom Hearts III? I am disappointed. Though decent list I suppose.

  • Days Gone got delayed to 2019 as business decision. Ghost of Tsushima, The last of us 2 and Death Stranding won’t be out this year.. Kingdom Heart 3 is not exclusive game for PS4 because it also coming to Xbox one

    • You are guessing on the dates never say a ETA with no hard proof. Yea KH going to a hamfisted place is kinda sad but it is what it is.

    • The post actually says at least twice that the games aren’t all out this year. Did any of the videos say differently?

  • Really looking forward to The Last of Us: Pt. II, Detroit: Become Human, Spider-man, and Ghost of Tsushima, but MediEvil especially gets my love because I never thought the day would come and if it’s anything like N. Sane Trilogy, we’re in for a real special treat.

    • The last of us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima will not be out this year.. Sorry. why would they release those games this year without gameplay demo that we didn’t see both yet ?

    • honestly, Medievil looks like its gonna be a remaster (so far) over a remake like Crash. Granted, Activision team classified it as a remaster even though it had obviously made from the ground up assets; likely labelled so because of how hard they were trying to be like the OG in gameplay

    • hawjboi2009 – where does it state in his post that he’s expecting it this year?

  • If I had to choose from this list only
    God of war, ghost of tsushima and Death Stranding

    My actual list is
    Death stranding, God of War and Cyberpunk 2077 with my eyes peeled for Metro exodus, code vein and detroit become human

    • Cyberpunk is actually not gona be a PS4 game. It’s confirmed by CDPR to be in development for next gen hardware. Should be dope though.

    • They said “current and next-generation technology” the same could have been said for GTAV. Nothing has been stated that means the game won’t be on PS4. The quote says the opposite.

    • You’re delusional if you think Cyberpunk is coming before 2020 lol. They announced 5 months ago that “the engine is now up and running”, which means actual development on the game itself is still in very alpha stages. There’s no way a game of CDPR quality is going to be going from alpha to release in a year, probably not even 2.

      And whoever said “Current and Next-Gen” is wrong. It’s PC and next-gen according to their last conference they held. People need to go read the reddit megathead on the CP2077 subreddit. All the info is there.

      It’s not coming for at least 2 more years.

  • Incidentally, a lot of these games make up my “to buy” list. Glad to be a playstation fan.

  • Why do they even announce games that won’t come out until the next year or later? Developers can’t use the excuse about a difficult system like the ps3 was. Look at Tekken 7 it came out 3 years after it was announced. And I wasn’t impressed by the graphics like I was expecting. There still aren’t that many good games for either system this generation.

    • One word, hype…. Most people have to know about a game before they want to buy it.

    • “aren’t that many good games” yeah….ok.

    • How short of a time have you been gaming that you think this is something new?

      And how awful taste must you have to not like anything this whole generation? That’s just sad.

    • Imagine the people who are debating what console to get.. best for them to know what is coming out in the future. Also stops people from selling PS4 if they start to worry nothing will come out they care about. Of course knowing what you have to look forward to is plenty point enough. I appreciate knowing as much as I can. That’s what kills me about Bethesda Game Studios haha. What are those sneaks up to for E3? They always announce at the last minute.

    • Dare i mention the FF7 remake?

    • Because people who aren’t idiots want to know that their console purchase is a long term investment. If anything I was majorly disappointed that Sony didn’t really show many future reveals for PS4 at E3 and PSX this year. I wanted to see new games, even if they aren’t coming out until 2019 or 2020.

      Also, your sad claim that there aren’t many good games this gen is just laughable.

  • Where’s Ape Escape 4

  • i dont see the spyro remake

    • Spyro isn’t a exclusive. With Crash trilogy remaster being released on Nintendo Switch, the rumors about the Spyro trilogy releasing on Nintendo and Xbox will be true

    • Spyro remake, even though it was also probably be a timed exclusive, is not even official yet.

  • Might as well add these gems to the list:

    Deep Down
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Greatness awaits and waits and waits?

    • The FF7 remake is a timed exclusive from the looks of it. It’ll be out on Xbox as well

    • Yikes and FF7R 2015 reveal had me so hyped.

      Gotta love these me-1st wars. I admit I’ve lost much faith in the hype train. Wait for reviews to avoid preordered blues. Btw I hope Blood and Truth delivers over Bravo Teams shortcomings.

      Does Ni no Kuni 2 not count here?

      God of War is a sure thing! Yay!

    • While FFVII Remake may get a PC version (any Xbots who think that’ll get on there are delusional), I don’t think Deep Down will ever come out.

  • Days Gone….hype!

  • Dreams is going to be the success story no one saw coming! Screenshot this!

  • I just need Dreams to come out asap. Give a release date for this year and my hype levels will become explosive.

  • Thanks for this!

    What about WiLD? Has it been cancelled? I was so interested on that game

  • WiLD didn’t make the list? SMH that needs to be fixed.

  • Patiently waiting. Gaming on Nioh now. Pre-ordered God of War!

  • Aside from the VR titles I’m super excited for every PS4 exclusive ! Days Gone being delayed is a bummer but at least that gives Sony Bend more time to polish the game.

  • Such an amazing list! PlayStation keeps on delivering!

  • @sid

    wheres SOCOM?

  • no rainbow skies? that game is indeed a ps4/vita exclusive! shakes head!

  • Medievil Is back!!!! ;)

  • I see lots of 2019-2020 titles hope SpidermanPS4 doesn’t get delayed so far so good I suppose

  • Now that’s a great list. Please Sony, keep releasing great exclusives, games available only on PS4, not console exclusive nonsense.

    I would love to see more Ratchet & Clank games and Sly Cooper on PS4. Can’t forget about Ape Escape, Jak and Daxter. Many players love 3D platformers.

    • i’m sorry, but what a terrible attitude to have. why would you actively wish for Sony to publish games ONLY for the PS4? all those people playing Helldivers on PC really hurting your gaming experience eh? such an exclusionary point of view that does nothing but drive a wedge between gamers. i thought we had grown up and moved beyond the childish console war, no?

    • Exactly! I’m also a fan of 3D platformers so the more the merrier! As for the guy questioning why you want Sony to continue making exclusives for PS4…Exclusives are what differentiate consoles from each other! I buy Nintendo consoles for Mario, Metroid, Zelda etc. I love PlayStation consoles for Uncharted, God of War, Horizon etc. It’s nice to look on my shelf of PS4 games and see so many exclusives – helps justify the purchase more.

    • when cross system play exists i will agree with ‘it doesn’t matter’ but right now it doesn’t so the more systems a game is on the more divided up the player base is for any multiplayer

    • @itstonylu – Can’t believe there are people against exclusive games.Sony is doing the right thing…we need more and more exclusives…PC beggar race and xbots drool to play PS games.

    • @itsonlyu: Someone without PS Plus begging for Sony exclusives, what a surprise. /sarcasm Exclusives are important for any device, competition is a wonderful thing. Do we need to explain how any competitive market works? Let Sony and Nintendo compete for the best exclusives, everybody wins, especially gamers. Interesting how many people on the internet love when Sony loses an exclusive, but they always praise PC exclusives that never reach consoles. Another example is Microsoft, they dont have exclusives for Xbox anymore, thats why the device is struggling. Even the newcomer Switch will surpass them really soon. But hey, what do I know right?

  • Dear sony and game developers I hate long boring cinematic trailers. Show me game play. If i don’t see game play it makes me think you are hiding something. eg. the gameplay sucks. thank you

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake also

  • Keep them coming guys! Best place to play indeed.

  • I am looking forward to:
    Days Gone
    Detroit: Become Human
    Ghost of Tsushima
    God of War
    Marvel’s Spider-Man
    The Last of Us: Part II

  • Only new games I’m interested in are DBH, AC7-SU, RDR2 and TLOU2. Also GT Sport if they removed online tethers to save system and allowed offline progression. Otherwise, I’ve got nearly 1.5Tb of backlog to get through not to mention whatever I add thru PS+.

  • Sorry to be negative, but that is one uninteresting list of games. I only have a very fragile interest in Dreams and Concrete Genie. I hope E3 will bring some games I like. I wonder when we’ll hear more about “Vane” and “Praey for the gods”? My wish list is thus:
    Legend of Legaia 3 (followed by Legaia 4)
    Musashi 3 (followed by Musashi 4)
    Heavenly Sword 2 (by Ninja Theory).
    Ape Escape 4
    Maybe Gravity Rush 3?
    Maybe a new Echo puzzler?

    • Uninteresting you say?…hmm that just means you have poor taste in games if any at all.Sorry to be negative…

  • Do people ever get impressed at what a unique indie gamer you are or do they usually just laugh?

  • If actual gameplay is as good as the videos I’ve seen… Firewall: Zero Hour will be my newest VR obsession.

    Rainbow Six: Seige in VR, basically.

    Can’t wait.

  • i hope many game from PS One remake, because PS One is Good Story .

  • The only game im looking forward to and its not on this list is lost soul aside

  • Spiderman God Of War last of us part 2 Soul Cailbur 6 kingdom hearts 3 days gone red dead 2 and hopefully Spyro trilogy remastered this year’s list of games

  • Im hoping ghosts will be the best one in that list. Others I am waiting for are days gone,detroit,Death stranding, and the last of us 2.

  • if that Firewall game made the list without a trailer, FROM SOFTWARE’s Shadows Die Twice or whatever the game will be called should be included with it’s cryptic teaser

  • So where’s GunGrave VR?

  • No mention of Ni No Kuni II?

  • All great games except erica but that’s expected from Sony games.

    I have GoW,Spidey and Ghost of Tsushima on pre-order,had to cancel ma Days Gone pre-order due to backlog issues but will definitely be getting it at a later date just like all the games on the list minus erica.

    Also really looking forward to Dreams and of course TLoU 2 and Death Stranding are pre-order material too just need to wait at least 1 more year for them to be more near to their release date.

    • But, but, but exclusives are not important according to that guy above, lol. Sony always deliver great exclusives, thats why PS4 is a huge success. It was really amazing to play Shadow of the Colossus again, thats a classic, one of the best games ever made. Cant wait for all these exclusives mentioned on the blog. ^^

  • i like the PlayStation now. I would like to ask lf the people at PlayStation could put on PlayStation now doom 3 please

  • I’ll definitely be looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima, it looks very interesting.

  • I’m probably going to buy 95% of those games. Will probably just have 10% of my time to play them lol!!
    PlayStation is killing it!

  • Don’t see anything that I would want. Not worth it!

  • i really liked playing pga 13 on ps3 unfortunatly ps4 has not realeased any golf game that lives up to this quality. one system foward a giant technolgy step backwards ?

  • No mention of Borderlands 3!! Also just as a side mention-more games need to be couch co-op!! How about a renewal of some oldies like Legends of Norath, Baldour’s Gate?

  • I hated eye patch man gets on my nerves because i cant see him when I was fighting him you having fun Kazuma he would say i laugh because i bust my **** when i frist played it and i been woopin his brother *** when done beat him and I was threw bring that Kazuma

  • I would love to see blizzard make wow console capable

  • I’m surprise Sony didn’t try very hard to get Kingdom Hearts 3 to be an exclusive on the PS4! When this one is gonna be very popular when it’s released this year! Plus to me I’ve always felt the KH games were always best on Sony’s console’s. But that’s just me.

  • Who made this crazy list? Death Stranding?? The developers still dont even know what the game is about. Biomutant should be on this list or any list.

  • Who is looking for Ace Combat 7????

  • I will buy Kojima’s game cause I believe him, he made one of the greatest games ever , MGS, and Im sure that DS will be awesome… and why there is no preorder of World Tour Tennis ?

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