Horizon Zero Dawn: Year 1 in Numbers

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Year 1 in Numbers

Visualizing the numbers that shape Aloy’s quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn recently reached two major milestones: the game turned one, and it crossed the 7.6 million mark in sales numbers. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we released a free avatar bundle and Photo Mode theme for PlayStation 4. In addition, we’re running several promo discounts on Horizon Zero Dawn and related items, which you can read about here!

These milestones also offer an opportunity to look back on the way fans have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. While it’s very much a single player game, it does use online connectivity to log certain metrics for bug tracking and analytical purposes. In aggregate, these metrics paint a fascinating picture of the way Aloy’s story is experienced by players – from their favorite weapons to the choices they make in life-or-death situations. We’ve compiled the most interesting facts and figures into the infographic below (click on the image for the full version):

Horizon Zero Dawn 1-Year Anniversary Infographic

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the numbers that shape Aloy’s quest. Be sure to follow the PlayStation.Blog and Guerrilla’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the latest updates on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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  • This game is a masterpiece. Thank you to Guerrilla & Sony for all their incredible work!

  • Loved this game thanks f9r the free theme and avatar bundle. Any news on a new killzone cause I’m ready for one.

  • I just started on the game so far I like it. Great graphics, music and interesting beasts.

  • Love everything about this game. Thanks for the free goodies team. Horizon was my GOTY last year and I can’t wait to see Aloy again.

  • andre_g_olievira

    What surprised me the most is how many people spared NIl and Olin. I mean, Nil is a sociopath (who mostly kills bandits, but you never know) and Olin would cause the end of the world if it wasn’t for Aloy (which technically counts for many more kills than Nil) so I delivered justice to the both of them.

    Fantastic game, with so much potential and such a creative world. Can’t wait for the inevitable PS5 sequel.

    • I spared Nil because I figure that crazy mofo could come in handy in the end. Plus I just thought he’d enjoy a fight with Aloy too much.

      But all said he was a pretty cool character, hence my choice of the new avatars.

    • you need to keep them alive to get the platinum… i think.

    • I got All allies trophy for sparing Nil and even that I killed Olin. All my playthroughs I kill Olin to avenge the death of Rost. But I’m interested what happens to Olin if he is spared. All in all Horizon was absolutely awesome game.

    • Really? I killed Nil because he wanted the fight so I gave it to him. I spared Olin because what happened he was forced to do for the sake of his family.

    • I’ve played through the game a few times, with around 300+ hours total in game. On my first play through, I completed absolutely every side quest before the final battle, achieving level 50 just before that final fight. I also played both sides of the coin with these two, and I like the scenes where you spare them much more than the ones where you don’t. A nice plus is that everyone that you spare, or save, including those from the Frozen Wilds, will show up to help with the final battle. The Last of Us is still my all time favorite game, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is just as good. Hell, I wouldn’t have spent over 300 hours playing it, if it wasn’t.

  • Can someone tell me what two machines in the bottom left of the infographic? The two anteater looking machines with the least amount destroyed?

    I agree with everyone else: this was one of the best and most beautiful games I’ve ever played in my 30 years of gaming. I appreciated the positive themes and incredible diversity of characters. This game broke away from so many dated gaming conventions that I’m surprised I haven’t read more acclaim for its forward-looking design.

  • HZD was a masterpiece! I loved the entire game through and through. All I need to read now is that there is a sequel in development now! Aloy is a great character and I love using her in MHW as well. Thank you for this exceptional game!

  • Where are the discounts the article speaks of?

  • Amazing game. My favourite game of this gen so far. Guerrilla Games knocked this one out of the park.

    Can not wait for Horizon 2.

  • Great game. My only big issue with HZD is its over

  • By far the most enjoyable exclusive on the PS4…and indeed, probably the most enjoyably open world game I’ve played in many years. Guerilla Games made a hunting game where it’s actually fun to hunt the creatures, and the depth of combat options for dealing with the various creatures gives you so many choices. Superb.

  • Game of the century!

  • When I found out about Horizon Zero Dawn I when a Redbox an rented it after about an hour of playing I returned the game went home an bought the game so I could keep playing an I love everything about this game from the character to the environment to the game play an the story. I’m sorry if I sound lo like I’m Rambling but Horizon Zero Dawn I still my #1 game I play even though I’ve played it twice. My hopes are that Guerrilla Games will let see more of Aloy’s world

  • I like how when you platinum HZD, it gives you some bonus rewards. They should do that for more games. :)

  • Best game of last year.
    Stormbirds are my nemesis.
    Death strikes in high grass.

    Haiku. :)

    Also, for those that like a bit of funny fan-fiction: https://www.reddit.com/r/horizon/comments/7af4gn/the_ballad_of_scrapper_steve_by_popular_demand/

  • I’m a lil late to comment but this is really nice.Can’t believe the 2nd most collected plant is the Corruption Glaze Root.

    Will say more of the same I’m always saying about Horizon…2nd best Sony game ever,2nd best PS4 game and of course hands down by miles away GOTY 2017…I even felt sorry for the other games to have to compete with Horizon.The game is truly a masterpiece.In all aspects Horizon is amazing…while not a perfect game it has very few mistakes.I live for games like Horizon.

  • Well done!

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