The Swords of Ditto Rises to the Challenge April 24 on PS4

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The Swords of Ditto Rises to the Challenge April 24 on PS4

A micro-adventure for the ages.

The time has come for a new hero to wield the legendary sword and clash with Mormo as The Swords of Ditto arrives on April 24! The team here at onebitbeyond is thrilled to finally announce the release date of our first game as a studio together and couldn’t be more excited to bring it to the PlayStation 4 community first. Some of you might have heard of our new project already or even played it at PlayStation Experience late last year, but we wanted to take some time to dive into the gameplay loop and what makes The Swords of Ditto unlike any other adventure you’ve played before.

The Swords of Ditto is a ‘micro adventure’ which means each individual adventure will be a small, focused experience that has players experience a new version of the world with each run. The land of Ditto has been under siege by the evil Mormo as far as anyone can remember, thriving and crumbling depending on the hero of each era’s success against the forces of darkness. Take down Mormo and the world is a happier, brighter place. Fail and Ditto and its poor citizens descend into a dark, crumbling version of their world.

The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of DittoThe Swords of Ditto

An adventure begins with a new, randomly designed hero awakening to Mormo’s return and tasked with picking up the legendary sword and tackling a series of challenges to take her down before the three days of dark invasion come to a cataclysmic end. Players can put on a brave face and try to take down the dark queen right away or, most often, will explore the world to gather weapons and items, level up the sword itself, and destroy Mormo’s anchors to weaken her in an effort to topple a hobbled final boss. Discover stickers to perk up your hero and weapons, gather powerful toys to complete your arsenal, and complete side quests to fill your inventory with a variety of useful tools and items.

One of the most compelling features of The Swords of Ditto is that death is not an end but rather a segue to a new chapter and adventure in the sword’s epic story. Once a hero falls a new one will rise 100 years later and wield the same sword as their predecessors, meaning that all the experience and power of the sword from previous runs remain for future adventures. Players will even have a chance to uncover and unlock secret methods to carryover some toys and items, extend the time before facing Mormo, and even resurrect a fallen hero in hopes of a second chance at glory!

The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of DittoThe Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is full of many more layers of systems and secrets that will unfold with each new micro adventure, something we hope that players will discover and use to their advantage with every successive run through the world. We can’t wait to share our game with you all and are very thankful for all the love and support from the PlayStation community so far!

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  • So far from what I have read this looks to be a very promising indie game.

  • I’ve been interested in this game for awhile. The game reminds me of the show Gravity Falls. The characters and world looks very similar. Happy to finally have a release date.

    • Yes! This is exactly the kind of style we were looking for. Kinda Cartoon Network-y, kids on an adventure. Adventure Time was definitely a big inspiration too.

    • Yep. Really speaks the Christina Miller-esque Cartoon Network style that is based on new shows that has “The Simpsons Effect” on it, you know, the style that has inconsistent character designs to every other character besides the main characters that looks like it was from, & kinda based on, The Simpsons, & other Fox Network shows, like Ben 10 Reboot, PPG 2016 Reboot, We Bare Bears, & let’s not forget the one show that really solidified that effect to said shows, Clarence.

      Just took note of it & instantly recognized where the game’s style came from, but, the game sure looks neat.

      Wonder what you’ll work on next?

  • I have been waiting for this!!! Day one purchase!!

  • I have been really looking forward to this! Now, I just need to finish God of War in 4 days…

  • Looks fantastic. What is the price? And will there be a platinum trophy?

  • I saw the trailer earlier. Clearly it is supporting 2P local. Does it support more than 2P? Like 4P?

    • It is two player local only, I’m afraid. Probably SharePlay would work, but definitely limited to two players.

  • Looks amazing, thanks for being one of the few indie shops not to focus on pixelated graphics!

  • Wow, the game looks sick! I’ve never heard of it until now, but will be definitely checking it out l next month. Any PS4 Pro features?

    • Hey, thanks! Yes, the game can run at 1440p resolution on PS4 Pro, when connected to a 4K TV. It zooms the action out further so you can see more, and generally looks super lovely.

  • This has no compromises co-op right? My friend and I can each buy a copy and keep progress, earn trophies and complete the entire experience together?

    • Co-op isn’t online, if that’s what you mean, but you can both earn trophies if you play together, yeah!

  • I have been gaming since the 1970s, but I have never played a Zelda game in my life (for whatever reason, I have had almost every system out there except Nintendo). Anyways, this game looks very intriguing to me, and I plan on getting this when it comes out. I hope this turns out great and wish you good luck with the launch.

    • You’ve been at it even longer than me! I think I probably started around 1980. Thanks for the kind words, fellow old person. I hope you enjoy the game.

  • Hi hello I am very excited for this game. April 24th can’t come fast enough!

  • this looks really good. can’t wait to play with a friend

  • Conference meeting: “OK, anybody got any good ideas on what kind of villain we want?”
    Some tool: “How about ‘Darkness’?”
    Boss: “Sold! Gotta get ’em hatin’ darkness early! I mean … when’s the last time we saw ‘Darkess” that didn’t need defeatin’ Amirite?”

    • There ain’t no “Darkness” in this game, it’s just a phrase used for the trailer. You’re actually up against Mormo, who is an Etherweaver.

  • Not going to lie, I love the art style and the gameplay looks fun! Color me intrigued!

  • This game looks amazing, so I’ll definitely buy the ps4 version. I would much rather play this on vita though, so I hope you’ll consider bringing it to vita as well

  • Stoked about this game, looks really fun. The trailer looked like it is multiplayer, is it couch co-op? Please be couch co-op!

  • This game looks wonderful! I’m sold already. :)

  • I cannot wait for this game to come out. Been watching since Playstation Access showed it on their YouTube channel. Looks amazing and in desperate need of a good couch co-op experience. Would pre-order right now if I could :)

  • how much will this game be?

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