The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/6/2018

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/6/2018

Grab your gear. Bravo Team launches next week on PlayStation VR.

Eastern Europe, modern day. Your escort mission has gone horribly wrong. You and a partner are trapped in a city embroiled in conflict. Your only option is to fight your way out. Suit up and stay sharp in Bravo Team, an immersive first-person shooter on PlayStation VR.

Bravo Team embraces the power of virtual reality by putting you in the thick of the fight. Use a variety of weapons and tactics to navigate hostile territory and fight for survival. And with the PlayStation Aim controller, the warzones of Bravo Team will feel more real than ever before.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of March 6, 2018
Audio Beats
PS VR — Digital (Out 3/8)

Audio Beats

Audio Beats is a tribute to classic rhythm games. If you are a traditional rhythm game player seeking great beats and challenges, Audio Beats is the answer.

PS VR — Digital, Retail

Bravo Team

Bravo Team is set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city. When your escort mission goes wrong, a country threatens to tear itself apart… and your team along with it.

PS4 — Digital

DJMax Respect

Legendary rhythm action game finally arrives on PS4! Enjoy all classic DJMax songs and brand new exclusive songs with DJMax Respect.

PS4 — Digital

Fear Effect Sedna

Thrilling action and stealth gameplay enhanced by the Fear system, an exciting story and ultra-stylish cutscenes. Harness your team’s dynamic abilities to tackle enemies and puzzles like never before.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition
PS4 — Retail

Final Fantasy XV Royal

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition brings the acclaimed RPG to new heights, packed with add-on content and new features. Join Prince Noctis and his closest friends as they fight against the empire in an effort to take back their fallen kingdom.

PS4 — Digital


Arcade style fun and madcap mini-games are all the rage in Frantics, where you and up to three friends have to face off in a variety of challenges.

PS4 — Retail

Life is Strange Before the Storm Retail

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three-part, standalone adventure set three years before the first game in the BAFTA award-winning franchise. You play as sixteen-year-old Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success.

PS4, PS Vita — Digital


In this golf-like game with a perpetual darkness setting, your task is to guide a little square-shaped fairy, named Midnight.

PS4, PS Vita — Digital


In North you play a man who applies for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures and strange customs.

PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out 3/9)

One Eyed Kutkh

A single traveler on his way home crashes on a mysterious planet. To continue his journey, he’ll have to get to the ninth heaven, deceive the Sun and the Moon, and steal their space-boats.

PS VR — Digital


Solve complex puzzles, explore hidden temples, reconstruct ancient statues, escape deadly platforms, and revel in the joy of flight as you recover the life force of the Music Giants and restore rhythm to the world!

Root Double – Before Crime After Days – Xtend Edition
PS Vita — Digital (Out 3/8)

Root Double

The year is 2030. Business is as usual in the isolated research city of Rokumei — that is until several explosions suddenly go off in the nuclear research facility known as “LABO.” The city sends in “Sirius,” an elite rescue squad, to deal with the situation.

PS4 — Digital, Retail

Scribblenauts Showdown

It’s Scribblenauts, party-style! Use your imagination and go head-to-head in the ultimate multiplayer showdown!

PS4 — Digital, Retail

TT Isle of Man

For bikers, there are two types of speed races: the Isle of Man TT, and the rest. No other race is as gruelling for the motorbikes and demanding for the riders. Take up the challenge of the Snaefell Mountain course: all 37.73 miles faithfully reproduced with the champions and their bikes.

PS4 — Digital

Way of the Passive Fist

A mysterious figure known only as the Wanderer travels across the distant planet of Zircon V, a once prosperous mining colony that is now on the brink of destruction in the face of its dying star.

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  • How much is DJ Max Respect? My hype for that game is through the roof.

  • 4 Vita games?! Vita Island baby

  • VR rhythm game with lots of flashing lights and a a cute anime waifu generically titled Audio Beats

    day 1 for me let me tell ya

  • SONY, if you’re reading this, please hurry up with the name change update

    • USER, if you’re reading this. Try thinking of what you will think of your user alias in the future.

  • Root Double arrives a year past the planned release date (so kind of you, Sekai Project), and Narcissu, Fault-milestone one, World End Economica and Grisaia are in limbo with zero updates.

    • *Only a year…

    • @Steeler192, I like some of the games you mentioned, having played them on Steam. So I look in my Steam library and dang, I already have Root Double and didn’t know it. Thanks. I am looking forward to playing it this week now.

  • Hey guys I’m just picked up a PSVR Skyrim Bundle with free Doom VFR from NewEgg. Still waiting on the Farpoint Aim Controller to ship. I’d like to play Doom with the AC.

    Anyone know more about game Bravo Team? From E3 it looks like the AC works really well with the game. And I love the idea of another AC co-op game out there. I’m just concerned the game lacks any type of free movement. I coin the term as chair-play. I fear the 3rd person camera in choosing the next musical chair will break the immersion for me. Comments?

    • Check out the trailer for Blood & Truth. During the casino scene, the movement scheme is the same as Bravo Team in the sense that you will look at your next position of cover & then move there automatically.

      The difference with Blood & Truth, I think, is that while you’re automatically moving you can still shoot.

      It’s been written that it doesn’t take away from immersion.

      We’ll see if it’s the same for Bravo Team.

    • Looks like I was right unfortunately. Supermassive games totally dropped the ball with Bravo Team. I became suspicious after noticing there wasn’t hardly any video footage. I also heard that sharing was disabled in game. It’s a shame to me one step forward in VR with Moss and 2 steps back here. Sony give us Deep Down VR please!

    • Indeed. Bravo Team is the worst PSVR purchase I’ve ever made.

      I’ve gone back a couple of times to give it another chance. It’s not worthy.

  • Kutkh was originally named Willy, but he felt he wanted a more worldly name.

    And he was also getting bullied a lot.

  • Looking forward to another easy Platinum with Midnight Deluxe

  • Damn that Fear Effect some kind of sequel to the PS1 game Fear Effect?…if yes thats unbelievable,never thought something like this could happen.

    Also glad FF15 got a Complete Edition but damn that cover is terrible.

    And whats up with everybody lookin like Scrat on that Frantics game?…lol.

    • You may want to watch a couple videos on youtube of gameplay for fear effect sedna. Gameplay is very much different to the old fear effect games.

  • Why does it say “Internet Required” on the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition? I know the original never required it or for you to be on PSN/XBL to play. Seems something is off or its a error.

    I get that you may need Internet to patch the game or download dlc, but that isn’t a permanent requirement and shouldn’t be to play/start the game. You would think they would just put all of the content on the disc, but games are not made like that anymore I guess =/.

    • I am pretty sure these are not new discs at all and they repackaged overstock. And since the updates + DLC are about 50GB to download it’s probably good to have a warning.

    • Because it is bundled with ‘Comrades’ which is online only I suppose. I hope they patch the original with these updated end bosses etc. I’m not buying the game again for extra content when everything should have been included in the season pass.

  • Looking forward to trying out Frantics (really enjoy the PlayLink games like Knowledge is Power, That’s You!, and Hidden Agenda).

  • Final Fantasy Royal Edition!? Nice! Time to pick it up.

    I don’t know about Fear Effect though. Gameplay doesn’t look promising and part of me suspects it’s just a nostalgia cash-in.

  • So how much is Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition add-on/season pass for those of us who already own the game and current season pass?

  • Nice neglecting PS2 games again this month

  • You know how long I’ve been waiting for DJ MAX!!! So Hyped

  • Loved Scribblenauts on DS, but wonder how it’d work as a party game.

  • Sony is really dropping the ball when it comes to releasing PS2 emulations. The last one was released over 3 months ago in November. Microsoft releases 2 – 3 Backward Compatible games EVERY WEEK, and they already have 470 titles versus Sony’s 52. And unlike Sony, they don’t force you to buy the game again if you already own it.

    I own both a PS4 Slim and an Xbox One S. While I prefer the PS4 for most things, I can’t deny that Microsoft’s Backward Compatibility is blowing Sony out of the water.

    Please Sony, get with the program and start releasing more PS2 titles. I’d really love to see Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Legendia, and Dragon Quest VIII. Release those and I promise I’ll shut up. Would you kindly?

  • 2018 03 06 Hate to be a complainer but Another Call of Duty sale. Ghosts – Now a 4 year old game. I would like to purchase the DLC but Activision and Sony NEVER put the the 4 packs on sale. I don’t recall ever seeing a COD map pack on sale or Season Pass on sale. Why?

  • PSVR owners… avoid “Bravo Team” at all costs. I’ll be using my “Platinum Rewards” eb games Canada card to return a game for a full refund within a week.

    Honestly I don’t know how this one slipped out of the gate. Not usually something Sony let’s happen.

    I guess I’ve got to be a little more careful buying without reading any feedback.

    ALSO in regards to backward compatibility feedback – my Xbox is handling that correctly. My previous purchases are all there. My library of backward compatible games is slowly (and permanently) growing because of Gold. It’s how it should be done.

    Nothing wrong with admitting that and moving forward maybe with PS5. They sure had a lot to learn from you in 2012… but on this topic take a page from their book.


  • I’m not that into rhythm games, but I’ll admit, Djmax respect looks pretty good. I haven’t played the other ones though, but I think I’ll check this one out. I wanna see what an action rhythm game is like.

  • Where is Audio Beats?

    And why am I asking about a missing game every week?

  • I want to get audio beats but i cant find it anywhere.
    Wht gives?

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