New Warframe Update Introduces Two Gargantuan New Eidolons

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New Warframe Update Introduces Two Gargantuan New Eidolons

Shrine of the Eidolon, out Tuesday, pits players against the Hydrolyst and Gantulyst — massive new foes that will test the limits of even the most seasoned Tenno.

Behemoths arise, PlayStation Tenno! Starting Tuesday, March 6, you will have the opportunity to summon two new Eidolons in Warframe.

With our new update, Shrine of the Eidolon, the Hydrolyst and Gantulyst will dominate the Plains of Eidolon and ferociously loom over those who challenge them.

The Eidolons are the biggest creatures you’ll encounter in the Plains. They rise at night in search of their lost limbs scattered across the Plains from the Old War. Peaceful until provoked, they are armed with a barrage of specialized attacks. Tenno are advised to equip themselves with hard-hitting weapons that can strip down their formidable defenses.

An Eidolon’s haunting wails and booming footsteps in the distance are enough to send your heart racing. If you thought the first Eidolon we introduced (the Teralyst) had you quaking in last fall’s Plains of Eidolon update, wait until you meet “big” and “even bigger.”

To put things into perspective, on the last Warframe “PS4 @ 4” PlayStation stream (live every Tuesday at 4 pm EST on our Twitch channel) the community requested I fight a Teralyst on stream. Now, for the seasoned Eidolon hunters out there, you could say the Teralyst is pretty much an appetizer – someone in chat even referred to it as “the breadsticks of the Eidolon fights.”

That said, here’s an idea of what will be served as the main dishes in Shrine of the Eidolon:

Warframe: Shrine of the Eidolon - Rainalyst

Altering weather is a sure sign the Hydolyst is among you. Said to be an omen of impending natural disaster by the Ostron people who reside alongside the Plains, it has the ability to taint the ground you stand on with downpours of toxic rain. Lightning also strikes the field of battle when dueling the green spectral giant, so surefooted Tenno will dominate.

Warframe: Shrine of the Eidolon - Gantulyst

Having lost its own, the Gantulyst roams around wielding an enormous boulder for an arm. Sentient energy is seen radiating from the severed limb, showing just a hint of the power that lies in wait. Getting up close and personal with this towering beast is no option. With the ability to summon a protective dome around it, it forces opponents in by ticking away health and deflecting attacks from those outside it. High defense and team support-orientated Warframes in these tight combat quarters make for easy work.

Along with the two big guys, Shrine of the Eidolon also brings Eidolon Bounties (available at Konzu’s Bounty board in Cetus at night), so that you can squad up with a dedicated team of Tenno specifically to take down these new foes. If you’ve enjoyed fighting the Teralyst, you’re in for a treat in this update!

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  • Ummm meh. Not! I love it. I’ve been with you guys since day one. I can’t believe the growth we’ve seen over the years. Congratulations on going so strong.

  • Tuesday can’t come soon enough, really is a pity that we got through certification so fast and still have to wait 5 days. The sweet suffering.

  • Nice…love the support for Warframe.Wish I had time to play it.

  • Love this game. Warframe is why I bought my PS4. Best online gaming experience hands down and that’s only because the creators actually listen to the fans. I’ve build my frame up especially For Fighting the terrorist. Can’t wait to see what y’all at DE have cooked up for us. Will I have what it takes to do this solo as well. Well see. Thanks again WARFRAME. Oh and if anyone needs any help during this daunting task I’m here to help!

  • Hey Danielle. Thanks for another big update. Really looking forward to Mag and all the weapon changes. Is the lure teleport fixed with this update? They don’t currently relocate to you. Also is it possible to get the option to de-link slide from crouch and roll all on the same button like on PC?

  • I’ve found myself coming back to this game after taking a LONG break from it from when PS4 was first released and after the disappointing Destiny 2. Kudos to the Warframe devs. ;)

  • I’m still working my way through the planet chart, but definitely want to give a shot to hunting Eidolons in the future.

  • This is great! More trophies please!!!

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