New PS Vue Features: Out-of-Home Local Broadcast Stations, Mobile Sign-Ups, More

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New PS Vue Features: Out-of-Home Local Broadcast Stations, Mobile Sign-Ups, More

PlayStation's TV-streaming service is getting a few new upgrades.

We are excited to announce a new set of feature updates for PlayStation Vue will be coming soon to enhance your mobile experience on the service. These updates address some of the most popular feedback we’ve heard from PS Vue users, while helping us continue to reach our goal of making PlayStation Vue the best way to watch the best content on TV.

Here are some of the new features you can expect from this update:

PlayStation Vue: Mobile Signup

Mobile Sign Up

  • With this update, new users can sign up and start watching PlayStation Vue directly from on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, even if you are outside of your home. This gives you even greater flexibility, allowing you to sign up and watch wherever you are.

In-Home Regional Sports Network Access

  • You’ll now be able to access regional sports networks like Fox Sports or NBC Sports even if you are traveling to another city. That way, you can still watch your favorite home team, even if you are in a rival city!

Out-of-Home Local Broadcast Station Access

  • If you are traveling out of town with your PS Vue-supported device, you can watch the local broadcast channels that are available in the city you are in. It’s a great way to catch up on local news and weather when you’re on the road.

We want to thank you for your ongoing feedback and support as we continue to enhance PlayStation Vue to add more value to your experience. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates about PlayStation Vue or visit us at

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  • PlayStation Vue truly is the best way to watch television. Great updates!

    • It used to be pretty good, until this new location policy took away my local channels. I live smack dab in the middle of two markets- rRaleigh/ Durham and Greensboro. I actually live closer to Durham(work there, kids go to school there, etc,,,), but the new location policy took my local channels away(ABC, NBC), and gave me one crappy Greensboro CBS station. I cancelled my service tonight, because they couldn’t give me the line up I’ve had for almost 2 years. Crappy update…Thanks for ruining something I was very satisfied with…

  • Bring back Viacom channels :(

  • Multi-picture viewing on Fire TV before March Madness please!!!!

  • If you guys could add the MSG Network to your lineup, it would give me a reason to ditch my cable boxes

  • Can we please get the CW and Starz added to the lineup

  • It would be nice if it had channel numbers. It would be easier to swap a channel without opening the guide.

  • Does this mean no more mobile restrictions when outside home WiFi?

  • Great updates! However, please, please add a previous channel button to Roku and Roku TV!!!! It’s such a no-brainer, not sure why it doesn’t already exist.

  • When will this finally come to Toronto?

  • Can I get a notification of my shows if they start live and I’m watching something else?

    Can I nickname the main account and not have it be my PSN Name from 8 years ago that you also refuse to let me change.

  • Great to see Vue getting some love, it’s an excellent service. Keep the updates coming!

  • Great updates, I hope the ability to watch out of region sport networks will come to the PlayStation 4 as well.

    I hope that Root Sports North West will make its way to the servioce for Seattle Mariners fans this year.

    Would be awesome if Sony made a mobile PlayStation. iOS and Android device’s do absolutely nothing for me, and the Vita has lost all support. We need a PlayStation Phone with the PS4 OS, and full access to all PlayStation 4 features, games, apps, and services.

  • Couple of Improvement I would like to see. Specifically for the Apple TV.

    – Show a frame by frame preview while fast forwarding and rewinding DVR shows. I have to constantly guess where to stop while fast forwarding through commercials.

    – Ability to rearrange favorite channels in the guide menu. It’s all linear as to when it was added to your favorites. I want the ability to have certain channels right at the front of the guide. Same thing applies for the home screen.

    – It would be cool if you could get mobile notifications for certain shows you want to be notified of. Specifically if you want to watch something Live. Even notifications on the Apple TV app when you’re on another channel. This is all controlled by the user.

    Continued below….

    • DVR – Windows Media Center has a great quick preview-less way to get around commercials. If VUE would add this feature as fast forward or back option it simply skips 30 seconds forward and when needing to skip backward it’s done in 10 second clips so you can back up in smaller increments in case you over shot jumping forward.

      Generally fast forward gives way to spoilers and is usually hard enough to time a stoppage with the given input lag. A problem with most DVRs. Skipping on the other hand is just a number of simple taps.

  • – Not sure if this is possible, but somehow utilizing the Siri function in the remote to change channels. I’d like to be able to do this while on other channels or menu’s. Even for favoriting or recording shows.

    – Currently it doesn’t look like you can favorite a channel while watching something on that channel or in the guide menu. You have to jump through menu’s just to do it and it’s quite annoying. Give us the ability to do it from that slide down menu at the top. Not just to “add to my shows”. Big oversight in my opinion.

    I’m really enjoying PS Vue. And I hope it updated frequently.

  • Can I watch DVR over mobile?

  • i use directv now right now only thing keeping me from joining this playstation vue is lack of local channels

  • Provide packages without Sports Premium channels included. Replace these with SciFi & Fantasy centric channels.

  • You guys should bundle Vue, NOW and PlayStation Plus

  • When will Rhode Island get local channels?

  • Can you please let us know when PS Vue will add SNY and MSG to the lineup in New York?

  • Great Updates!

  • Just canceled PS Vue and went with YouTube TV. Cheaper, more channels and way better.

  • Give us A&E. This is COMPLETE bs.

  • Need to add Root Sports to the lineup before Baseball season starts

  • GioeleGagliano84

    Please bring back beIN Sports. Add it to your $9.99 sport package.

  • I would like to suggest picture preview with forwatd and rewind operation.

  • Left Comcast for PS Vue. Been loving it ever since. I would REALLY love it if they brought A&E and Root Sports into the fold. It was really hard not being able to watch Vikings and now I won’t be able to watch the M’s neither…ugh…

    Not gonna lie, I’m really contemplating going back to Comcast now. Come on PS Vue!

  • I have a problem that the local channels now offered are available to me in my PS4…not my PS3, Kindle, Fiestick, or MacBook Pro. I pray that a fix is coming.

  • Thanks this has broken my local channels now, and all I get from support is to contact my isp to have my wan ip address changed.

    • So I have had playstation vue for almost a year and the whole time I got Phoenix local channels. I live in Tucson. Now all of a sudden it wants to change to Tucson and I can’t get the same channels. This doesn’t make sense. It is making me double think this.

    • Yes, this same issue happened to me. The problem is that PS Vue is detecting the home location of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than the home location of your ZIP code (causing issues with local channels). All I did to fix this was initiate a chat session with support and explain that my local channels were incorrect now because the ISP ZIP code is different from my actual ZIP code. The agent simply overrode my Home Location to my billing ZIP code and had me restart my AppleTV and Roku devices – it worked like a charm (my expected local channels were back).

      They also suggested to go to “Settings” on your main device ONLY (in my case, my AppleTV), and then select “Device Setting” and click on “Set This Device” (setting it as your Home Device). This should “lock” the settings in. Doing this also allows your device to not have to manually search for location services every 60 days (potentially confusing the ZIPs again in the future). Hope that helps.

  • PlayStation Vue not having Fox Sports North Plus but having seemingly every other Fox regional sports channel is a massive oversight and the biggest reason why I continue to look at other TV providers. It’s hard to find a logical reason for FSN+ not being a part of the provided channel package in my market as every other streaming service has it. Please pay attention to this post and figure it out. Should be a simple fix and based off the amount of other posts referencing similar displeasure, it would behoove PlayStation to make FSN+ a part of their channel lineup. Thanks!

  • lost local channels in Lansing, MI. will they come back?

  • Here’s the problem with this new out-of-home feature. It uses inherently inaccurate APIs for geolocation and compares them to the zip code of your home address on your account to determine if you are out of your home broadcast area. My home is closest to the Milwaukee, WI service area, and that’s been my service area on PSVue since I started using it a year ago. However, a lot of geolocation APIs place me in Madison, or Baraboo, likely because my ISP’s COs are there. Anyone who knows how ISPs work probably understands that there isn’t much that can be done about that. So, PSVue just started telling me that I’m watching from outside my home, while I’m actually in my home, and there’s nothing support could do for me to fix it.

    • They can’t even switch my home area to Madison, because my address is physically closer to Milwaukee, and their software won’t let them do that. Nor do I want that, since I want the Milwaukee local channels, not the Madison ones. So I’m left with an account that’s perpetually in away mode on my PC and PS4, and can’t access my live Milwaukee channels on those devices. As soon as they push this update to Roku and Android TV, those devices will cease being able to access local channels as well. I’ve brought this up to support, and it would seem I’m not the first to complain about this. They said they are working on a solution and will contact me when they are able to fix it. I’m going to give them a month, then I’m either jumping ship, or demanding a heavy discount until the issue is solved.

    • I have the same issue now. I’m in CT but now due to the update it thinks I’m in NYC. It’s not a big deal for me since I can get the CT locals over the air and everything else works but the message is annoying.

  • While I’m happy about this news I’m more concerned about when Sony is going to pony up the money and bring back the VIACOM channels ? I followed the progress of vue from its very inception waiting for it to become available for two years. I signed up the first day and was enjoying my service UNTIL sony cancelled all VIACOM channels then to add insult to injury they raised the price of my package. That was the last straw I Cancelled my VUE subscription. I won’t come back to VUE until VIACOM channels come back. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • I’m considering getting PS Vue, but without MSG and MSG+ (at least) and with no SNY, I think there will be no deal here. DirectTV Now looks very competitive and has MSG.
    But all of these are better than TWC/Spectrum, which is the textbook definition of price gouging.

  • Totally busted my access to local channels! My Apple TV PS Vue thinks I’m in Rochester. No amount of logging in/out, resetting the router, resetting the Apple TV, re-installing the PS Vue app, etc. makes any difference. Guess I’m heading to Youtube TV. Sony, get your location services processing fixed and I may come back.

  • Please add local stations in Birmingham, AL. I was getting to watch Atlanta stations but after this update you have taken that ability away. Not real happy with Playstation Vue right now.

  • Now that this feature kicked in it tells me I am in Rhode island while I am in Mass. I no longer get my local channels. How do I fix this?

  • Have really loved vue. I travel extensively and liked keeping up with local news in my home city. Now in one of the city’s I spend a lot of time in all I get is 2 cbs stations and can not follow my home channels. Also using the vue app on mobile it constantly spams the “out of home message”. I’m really disappointed. I will give it a little time to maybe work something out but I think this is the end of vue for me.

  • Lost all my local channels with this upgrade, don’t get vue they sign you up then all your channels dissapear

  • Same problem here…totally blew out my local channels as my original account was set up when I lived about two hours away. I was able to get all four networks and they were essentially my local channels as I now live in the sticks and it’s the largest city near me. Also, all of my family live there. Then this update came and it wasn’t even saying I was in the correct State let alone city. I had to have it fixed via chat but then discovered that my current location doesn’t have any local channels at all. So now I’m paying the same amount – but receiving four less channels than I have been for the past six months. I lost all my DVR content from said channels as well. I advised the agent that I’d be cancelling and she could care less. I’ll be going back to my local cable provider when my current PSV month subscription ends. The only reason I’ve stayed with PSV over Sling is because of having the local channels, as Sling’s picture and selection is much better for my family. I’m so tired of these companies taking away things while charging the same or more. These streaming companies are getting as bad as the cable and satellite companies.

    • ….I should say the only reason I didn’t go with Sling originally is because of the local channels offered. Because I live in the sticks as mentioned before, our Internet isn’t the greatest all the time so I’ve resigned myself to being tied to cable for a little while longer.

  • Lost all my local channels too

  • I think it is great that updates are being made..and I am very happy with the service over all…I live about a hour north of Charlotte and I am getting a pop up saying that I am in upstate SC witch I am going to assume is further south…I tried to contact support. I will be honest it wasn’t helpful and didn’t live up to reasonable expectations

    I’m not going to bash the rep or the update..I really think it’s a good step forward..but I need help to be able to experience it’s potential

  • A&E would be nice to watch on Vue

  • I lost my local channels and access to my DVRed channels. I was told they don’t have a fix for it either. I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

  • The closes large city to me is two hours away. I am not able to get any live network stations, except news, from ABC, CBS, or NBC. And don’t give me the crap about the apps. Everything on their is several days, if not more old. If this doesn’t change soon I will have to try another service that does provide these.

  • need to add sny and msg! youtube just added sny, cmon guys and bring back the viacom channels to! its a great service dont slack on us keep adding!

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