Monster Hunter: World Meets Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Unlock Aloy’s Armor and Bow

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Monster Hunter: World Meets Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Unlock Aloy’s Armor and Bow

Special collaboration event runs from February 28 to March 15. Here's how it works.

Hello everyone! I am Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer on Monster Hunter: World.

At the launch of Monster Hunter: World, we released a free collaboration event quest where hunters were able to make their Palico companions look like a machine from Horizon Zero Dawn. Starting February 28th at 0:00 UTC, a new free Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest will be available. This time, you’ll be able to play as Aloy herself once you collect the materials to forge the unique themed gear! The quest will be live until March 15th at 23:59 UTC. If you missed the first event quest period to get the Watcher-themed Palico gear, we have good news for you today. Event quests are on a rotating schedule so you will have an opportunity to try out the quest at a later date. Please stay tuned for more information on when it will return.

In this brand new collaboration event quest, you receive a request from the Nora Tribe chief to hunt down a giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. Many captivating machines appear in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the one that made the biggest impression on the Monster Hunter: World development team was the Thunderjaw. Anjanath has a very similar skeletal structure to the Thunderjaw, so we felt it was the best fit to be the main adversary in the quest, but not just any Anjanath would do. This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your typical attacks may not reach its height. We hope hunters will take on this challenge and enjoy a fresh new experience.

Monster Hunter: World – Aloy Armor Set

If you complete this event quest, you’ll obtain the Nora Brave Trophy item that gives you access to crafting the Aloy α armor set and Aloy’s Bow weapon. You cannot mix and match the full armor set with other pieces of gear, but unlike cosmetic armor sets, there are skills tied to the set that can also be upgraded. For example, the Aloy α set has the Marathon Runner skill which fits the character Aloy’s image perfectly. This is a very effective and useful armor set. It’s important to note that this set is not exclusive to female hunters! If you’re playing as a male hunter, equipping the Aloy α set will also change your appearance to Aloy.

To participate in this free event quest, you must be Hunter Rank 11 or higher. You may need to complete the quest multiple times to obtain enough materials to craft all the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration gear, so jump on in with friends and take down that giant Anjanath! Then swing on by the Smithy in Astera and start crafting all the gear.

Monster Hunter: World – Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Armor Set

Many of our staff are fans of Horizon Zero Dawn and have great respect for it. Discussions on the collaboration first began when Capcom pitched the idea to Sony. From there, we spoke with Guerrilla Games and received a wholehearted approval from them. We shared some of our original design concepts with Guerrilla Games and received some ideas from them as well. It was a really smooth collaboration between each of our teams. It felt like such a natural fit to collaborate with Guerilla Games to allow hunters in Monster Hunter: World to experience the game through the eyes of the powerful hunter Aloy. We hope you all enjoy this great collaboration content!

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  • Woo too! I love how much thought went into these crossovers and especially from games that are close to my heart. Thank you Ryozo and everyone who worked on MH:W and also Guerilla. I look forward to the challenge!

  • Spectacular!!! I cannot wait! Just got to Hunter Rank 10 the other day. Going to play some more today to try to get to HR 11. MHW is my current GOTY!! Thank you for bringing MHW to the Pro!

    • Also, thank you so much for giving us who missed the Palico Watcher set another chance to get it! I missed it because I was really to busy to put enough time into MHW before the deadline. Looking forward to getting that as well.

  • I was hoping this would work like the Samurai outfit, a layered appearance… So I could wear it to HR hunts and not kill my build if I want to look like Aloy or Ryu.

    RIP :(

  • Got the game Sunday and dam I’m in love with this game. Only HR4 at the moment but gonna hop on and start the grind.


  • It’s gonna be awesome to play as Blake Griffin in Monster Hunter World!

  • I hope this armor set will be viable at end game. Looking forward to unlocking it!

    • Got the armor last night. 231 defense with +5 resistance to everything. It’s comparable to all the alpha and beta armors after driving Zora out to sea. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes you Alloy instead of armor similar to Alloy so your character (male or female) is hidden.

  • In a time where you can’t even grab some free stuff during holidays for most games, this is pretty cool. Very few devs/publishers do this now and it’s definitely worthy of notice.

  • OMG this is so cool, im HR13 so i can do the quest! YAY! i had the Palico set already, i cant wait to have both!!

  • I haven’t enjoyed a game this much in a LONG time. The base game itself is so much fun, but the extra events/character sets make it so engaging. I look forward to playing this every day!
    My kids do, too. They’re 11 and 13 and have different weapon sets than I do and we discuss strategies and everything. I just wish we could do some split screen couch co op…
    Thanks so much!

  • Awesome! Keep up the great work in this game.

  • Love this Game!! Can’t wait for Deviljho. And please bring more monsters soon! Maybe it’s the almost 300 hours I’ve played but some more monsters to hunt would be much welcome Lol.

  • The best game in recent memory. Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to this and other events. More free layered armours like the Samurai set please!

  • So these events are on a permanent cycle? I hope so…. I’m so sick of companies making timed events so I have to jump onto a game I didn’t want to play yet. I don’t even have Monster Hunter yet… probably won’t until like X-mas I have such a backlog already…

  • I just wish we get another layer cosmetic. I wish at least one of the collabs would be like the Deluxe Samurai. It’s sad that such great looking collab armors will just rot in my chest because they ruin my build.

  • Awesome…this is a really awesome collaboration,loved it since you guys announced it last year.I’m still far from getting into MHW but I can’t wait to play as Aloy already.Great job capcom.

  • I best get to HR11 then,

  • Capcom is doing a great job with MH. Free DLC, event quests like this and especially bringing MH back to PS!

  • TBH, the armor looks amazing but doesn’t exactly give a lot of the skills most people would want when using bows, the damage potential of the bow is locked behind a hidden element which the armor doesn’t have free element, and the Anjanath was kinda disappointing because it’s not much bigger than a normal one even with it being a gold crown. Love the content, just wish there had been more of a challenge and the rewards be more geared toward endgame activities.

    • I think the point is for everyone to be able to have access to the armor. If it was late game armor, most people would not have the quest to get it and it would be game breaking to have the late game armor at the beginning of the game.

  • im afraid this game can be repetitive, is this the case guys?

    • Depends. Yes you will be fighting monsters with little story. But quests change from kill to capture, to kill 2-5 in one quest to trying to take down 1 while 3 are attacking at once. Then you have 10 different weapons to learn so it really isn’t repetitive unless the monster hunting concept is dull to you.

    • Been playing since launch and I don’t see it as repetitive however you will have to farm some of the same monsters multiple times for specific drops especially rare drops to make gear, armor because everything you have to craft yourself but the most important thing is doing it with others because that’s where the most fun is. Many of the fights are just fun to jump into even if you don’t need anything from them.

  • Me pueden day una pinche GEMA por el amor de Dios ya mate y caze a ANJANATH como 20 veces y nada..

  • Except its a set, not layered armor… so therefore its useless. #expertlevelcapcomtrolling #MAKELAYEREDNOW

  • This is really great! Thanks guys you rock!

  • This is so awesome! I can’t wait to get the armour set!
    But why does it say “You may need to complete the quest multiple times”? I’ll tell you right now that you HAVE TO complete it a minimum of six times to get the armour set and the bow. You need 4 Proving Trophies for the armour set and 2 Proving Trophies for the bow. You get one Proving Trophy for each successful attempt of the event.

  • Wonderful news about the rotating quests. One of my friends missed the Horizon Zero Dawn palico gear. Thank you!

  • I have question. If I have all the Nova trophies and items I need to forge the armor and weapon, can I still forge it even after the event is over (3-15-18)? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere. (Anjanath Gems are rare as crap guys!)

    • Will the armor set still be available to forge after the event? I have the Nora Trophies, but I don’t want to hunt the Anjanath 20 more times today…

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