Hardcore Rhythm Game DJMax Respect Comes West, Out March 6 on PS4

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Hardcore Rhythm Game DJMax Respect Comes West, Out March 6 on PS4

Get your hands on the massive PS4 edition of the legendary rhythm series early next month.

Hello, PlayStation fans!

We are thrilled to bring the beloved rhythm game DJMax Respect to the global audience for the first time on March 6. Start exercising your fingers to get ready for some intense rhythm action game some call the “Dark Souls of rhythm games.”

DJMax Respect for PS4

DJMax Respect for PS4DJMax Respect for PS4

We’ve developed and shipped a total of 9 games in the DJMax series on PlayStation platforms since the launch of DJMax Portable in 2006. We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus after the release of DJMax Technika Tune on PS Vita in 2012.

Now DJMax is back bigger and better than ever in DJMax Respect. We’ve worked hard to make DJMax Respect a game that we can be proud to share with our long time fans. From the inception of the design, the development team’s goal was clear. We were all agreed to create a game that was a true homage to our fans. We named the game DJMax Respect as a form of paying respect to our most ardent fans around the world. Here is what you can expect from DJMax Respect starting March 6.

Gigantic content

DJMax Respect’s base game contains an unheard of 147 songs with 40 new songs available exclusively for the title. With multiple difficulty levels and a rich achievement system, the base game alone should give our fans hours and hours of challenges. To let our fans take advantage of the content in today’s HDTV environment, we’ve completely remastered the tracks and the music videos to run flawlessly at 60 FPS in 1080p.

DJMax Respect for PS4

In addition, we will release all DLC that’s available in Asia within the first month of base game release so there is no need to wait. There a tons of DLC to choose from. We are especially proud of our collaboration with other games such as Guilty Gear, Brown Dust and Girls’ Frontline. The base game and the DLC will allow you to own every song that we ever shipped in DJMax franchise, remastered.

Play with your friend… or anyone!

For the first time in the series, you will be able to play with your friends either locally or online. Playing together is always fun and nothing is more satisfying than beating your friends in their own living room. Battle it out in Freestyle Mode! Once you’ve soundly beaten your friend, you can go online to compete with the best of the best and try your hands at climbing the global leaderboard.

Get ready for challenge

If you are up for a challenge and are a hard core fan of rhythm games, DJMax Respect will provide you with hours of challenging fun. Make sure to stretch and strengthen your fingers before you grab the controller, you will need to be nimble and accurate to be respected in DJMax Respect. Check it out at PlayStation Store March 6!

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  • Bexter isn’t called “DJMAX”


  • DJMAX Respect is an incredible package for not only DJMAX fans but fans of rhythm games in general.

    There’s so many songs, so many patterns, lots of great challenges, and lots of unlocks.

    Seriously, I can’t recommend this game enough, it’s a must buy for anyone’s PS4 music game library.

    • My honest question, not trying to insult any fan of this game, but what is the appeal of a rhythm game you just play with your fingers? I grew up loving the DDR Max games, had tons of the dance pads. Loved Samba De Amigo on Dreamcast with the plastic maracas. But those actually had you moving to the music.
      Is this just staring at the screen tapping buttons with your fingers? Or am I missing something?
      The music sounds very catchy, I just don’t understand the hook. Please explain.
      Thank you.

    • @yentIr in all honesty, it’s all a matter of preference. Like me, I don’t particularly care for DDR or any dancing game in general as they didn’t interest me when I tried them out. I did think Samba de Amigo was pretty fun though. Even so, I mainly prefer my rhythm games to be more akin to Beatmania IIDX in terms of gameplay which DJMAX offers (although I do span out in some cases). Also, it provides a challenge that can push my skills to the limit and I dig a lot of the music in the series. The last 2 reasons might make you think “well, DDR is also like that too” which yes, it is. However, that also applies to the very beginning of my comment. Regardless, people that do like DDR can still get into liking games like DJMAX. It just has a different gameplay style that you have to be willing to give a chance.

      In addition, not moving to the music doesn’t mean it isn’t a rhythm game. After all, the first true rhythm game (PaRappa the Rapper) is as you put it, staring at the screen tapping buttons with your fingers and yet, that game was still very fun regardless. If it weren’t for games like PaRappa the Rapper or Beatmania, the rhythm games we got wouldn’t exist.

    • Also, *@yentair. I would fix that on my original comment but I guess the PS Blog admins doesn’t want us to do that.

    • @djdmob – thanks for the reply. I appreciate your thoughtful post. Parappa the Rapper never hooked me either, but I had friends who loved it. I guess the finger rhythm games just don’t appeal to me. But I understand other gamers might enjoy the challenge. To each their own.

  • Youtube: Available globally via PSN on February 28th, 2018!
    Bexter: March 6.

    Youtube: DJMAX RESPECT
    Bexter: DJMax Respect


    • Hi, Dave.

    • Description on the YouTube vid was wrong, it’s been fixed. Sorry for the confusion! As for caps, that’s just a PS Blog style thing, we edit out all-caps game titles during post prep.

    • Thanks for the Clarification Justin!

      About the capitalization, it’s been a nightmare for last decade fans who have been trying to fight the misinformation that press does by not displaying the franchise name correctly, now this post doesn’t even give justice to it as some people might think Playstation USA defines the canon name.

  • Imported it. Love the Djmax franchise, wasnt going to wait 8 months to play it.

  • Dark Souls of Rhythm Games. Sexy Llamas. Pounding Beats. I am simultaneously confused and intrigued.

  • Got it from PlayAsia a while ago cause i couldn’t find any new info about a western release hahaha oh well

    Super good game highly recommended <3

  • Will this be Digital only?

  • Why do you guys pick the easiest two songs and the easiest mode (4B) and use that to promote the game? Of course it’s going to get mocked. :/

    Come. On. Fine, if you let me I can submit a better video.

    • I suppose it’s a way to show beginners and those that have never played the DJMAX series before that they can play it too! :D If you show some 8B MX mode stage going at 4x speed or something, people might get intimidated and think, “Well, that’s really cool to watch! I can’t do that so I’m not buying it.”

    • @koukoupuffs: That’s great and all, but they used the words “dark souls” and “hardcore” they should at least use ONE video that shows it at moderately hard difficulty.

      Again I’m willing to submit a video for them lol

    • 4B is a good introduction to the game, so it makes sense to be the first thing a player sees. Respect isn’t just a love letter to the old games, it’s an introduction for everyone who’s coming in late- and it fills both of those roles super well IMO.

  • As someone who imported fairly late (i.e. a month ago), I’m still hyped for this release so I can support Western releases of hardcore music games. Respect has had my attention from the get-go and right now it’s the only thing I’m actively playing on my PS4.

    I’m gonna get to test out the local multiplayer this weekend, and even when my other big March release drops (Burnout Paradise Remastered) it’ll be hard to drag me from Respect. And I can’t wait for the DLC packs… Black Square is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m hoping that pack is coming soon.

    Thank you all so much for bringing this game stateside. I’ll do everything I can to share this game.

  • Any idea when this will be available to pre-order nothing yet on the playstation store

  • “Dark Souls of rhythm games”? No no, that was already claimed by Thumper (check out the GameCynic review of it)

    As a huge rhythm game fan though I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  • looks great and interesting

  • I really wanted a physical version. :(

  • Well, I usually would be upset about no physical copy but I already have a physical copy. I own the HK version with all DLC that”s currently available. I’m not gonna buy this version as a result but this would help me recommend the game to people much easier. They won’t be able to use the excuse of “b-but importing” as the game can be easily purchased on the PlayStation Store.

  • Dear Playstation, you uploaded two easy levels on your Youtube channel and now the game’s being mocked for being too easy.

    If you want, you can copy one of my gameplays instead that show harder difficulties (especially 6B and 8B!): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzXFGeAcna0O0-xlPguwt48aEiW1kfwy2

  • where PSN EU verion? all i see is the demo.

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