PlayStation 4: 5 Years Ago Today…

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PlayStation 4: 5 Years Ago Today…

Some fond memories from those who participated in PlayStation 4’s reveal on February 20, 2013.

Today marks five years since we stood in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City to share a name that would change our lives and hopefully yours: PlayStation 4.

Introducing PS4 was an important moment in PlayStation history, so we reached out to some of the key figures who provided those first crucial details on February 20, 2013.

Mark Cerny, PS4’s lead system architect, recalled the excitement of the console’s much-anticipated unveil.

“It was a thrill ride of a day, that’s for sure! I’d been working on the console for about five years and had really no idea what the reaction would be – would it be welcomed? Would our event even get any attention? The response was pretty quick, though — by the end of the day, we were on the way to 34 million views of our launch trailer and it was clear that gamers really did appreciate the concept and execution of PlayStation 4.”

Revealing PS4 also meant announcing exceptional new titles that would go on to become fan favorites. Sucker Punch unveiled inFamous: Second Son, one of PS4’s early hits.

Five years later, Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox is in a reflective mood. “Everyone participating was so passionate about making games. In the years since then, we’ve all got to play some magnificent stuff made possible by the new hardware. For me it’s all best summed up in the two words — robot dinosaurs.

On that note, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst recalled the “amazing opportunity and crazy challenge” of showcasing Killzone Shadowfall during PS4’s unveil. Onstage, that sequence was then uploaded to Facebook in one of the first demonstrations of PS4’s media sharing capabilities.

“While standing onstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC that day, all I could think was: ‘Please, please, don’t crash!’ Well, it didn’t.”

“Back then, we wanted to show that the PS4 was the real deal. Laser-focused on gamers, with perfectly balanced hardware specs for developers…. that winning combination has led to a generation of incredible titles.”

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono also remembered how PS4 opened doors in the development of creative new gaming experiences. “It made me remember how exciting it is to be on board from the ground floor and create awesome content for a powerful new machine.

“The people responsible for the design of the PS4 gave us all manner of tools to scratch our creative itches and they were always eager to hear how we thought things could improve. They were very developer-centric in their approach. It’s not an overstatement to say that this philosophy is the driving force behind the amount of great content now available on the platform.”

Shinji Hashimoto joined us on stage to highlight Square Enix’s Final Fantasy tech demo, which set a new bar for graphic display in gaming. He remembers the nerves he had before jumping on stage. “It was an incredible honor to be invited to speak at the New York announcement! I tend to get a little nervous even with events in Japan, but traveling all the way to New York took it to a whole new level.” That demo foreshadowed the impressive graphics work seen in later Final Fantasy PS4 releases.

PS4’s announce shined a bright light on some standout independent studios too, including a stunning title that left many itching for more: The Witness. Jonathan Blow’s 3D puzzle game was a unique and innovative release for PS4, and he remembers the rapid-fire prep that went into the game’s announcement.

“We had just two weeks to put together a trailer that could somehow stand on the same stage as these huge-budget system-seller games — but no area of our game was finished enough! We worked crazily, figuring out what the game would really look like, building those models, and making an in-engine system to render video out at a solid 60fps. It was all worth it!”

Of course, the rest is history. The last five years have been a memorable ride — thanks for joining us on it!

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  • Kingdom Come deliverance is totally broken, it have major game breacking bugs including crashes and corrupted save file.
    i bought it on PSN , it is a defective product but they do not want to refund me.

    Do not buy this defective product.

    • The game has been patched and works fine, it had bugs you could expect from an indie dev but it’s good, kinda like The Witcher 3

    • Worse is that I cannot get a refund on a preorder. Something I did not even play yet. I love my PlayStation 4 to death but PlayStation really has the worst customer service out there.

      That being said, I hope PS4 continues to do well because it has amazing content and hey may in a year or two we’ll be talking about what’s next.

    • Where is ps5 T.T I know you guys already have it and want to surprise us stop making us wait. XD

    • I preordered a physical copy and it IS riddled with bugs!!! One night it froze on me TWICE! Very frustrating considering the game is pretty challenging and you aren’t afforded many opportunities to save… During conversation scenes, Henry often appears to be missing pieces of his upper body as well. And last night, the guards in Rattay threw me in jail for no reason!!!!! I hope they patch the game soon… The plot seems very interesting and I would like to continue playing it, but the overwhelming bugs and glitches are making what could be a phenomenal RPG adventure an unbearable frustrating teeth grinding chore instead!!!!

    • Make New game (2018-2020)

    • The best experience i’ve ever had

  • Been a playstation fan sence the 1st console dropped. Would have anything eles. Good job playstation keep up the good work.

  • I’ll never forget the moment inFAMOUS: Second Son was announced for the PS4, but what resulted in all of this was one of the most special PlayStation consoles to date as we brought together the old with the new in not only delivering the strongest Uncharted experience yet, but we also succeeded in bringing back the Bandicoot, and now Sir Daniel Fortesque as well. Keep up the good work PlayStation! :)

  • Still have my launch ps4

  • Demon’s Souls on PS4 when? Seriously though, PS4 is my favourite console of the bunch and its library just continues to grow in leaps and bounds. We are still missing some key features though that Steam has like a proper wishlist system, game gifting, and a refund system that punishes developers who release faulty software.

    • This is one of the few posts here that actually makes sense. I happen to like the wishlist here, but it would be nice to have email notifications sent to us when an item on our wishlist goes on sale. Game gifting is a phenomenal idea, and a tweek to the refund policy is long overdue. Refund pre-orders, and have criteria similar to Steam, 14 days and/or maximum 2 hours of play time. Of course, the infrastructure would have to be changed a little to track play time.

  • What I remember, the first days of Playroom and how people just abused Ustream. So much inappropriate content and users banned for showing naughty bits.

    Oh, fun times PS4 gave us :)

  • Things the PS4 are missing…
    1) Play digital PS1, PS2, and PS3 games you bought on the PS3 with no additional charge
    2) Either auto update or update all option of all download PS4 games

    • That would be great. Of course, even better would be the ability to play my PS1, PS2, and PS3 discs on the PS4. With BC PS3s being a rare thing these days there is no good (official) way to play PS2 games on an HDTV otherwise, and that’s a shame. Hell, add digital PSP and Vita games to that just for fun, it’s not like it would eat into the PlayStation TV sales or anything……

    • Yes!!! I have Soo many digital games from PS3 era that I cannot use anymore, Xbox has backwards catalogue for alot of games that all play on Xbox One. Why PlayStation can’t we have this too?

  • I still remember that epic reveal of Japan Studio Knack. Guerrilla Games Killzone Shadowfall. Evolution Studios Driveclub. Sucker Punch Productions Infamous Second Son along with Jonathan Blow game The Witness. With the amazing tech demos from Quantic Dream & Capcom new engine Panta Rhei and new game Deep Down. and finally Square Enix New Engine Luminous Studios demo for Agni’s Philosophy Epic Games Tech demo of Unreal Engine 4 and Third Party games from Ubisoft Watch Dogs Blizzard Diablo III Activision & Bungie big online game Destiny also the PS4 reveal gave detailed information regarding specs engines tools developers that will support the PS4 and new features and Gaikai Support PS4 was described to having five key focuses on the UI it must be Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated and Personalized also introducing the Dualshock 4 with the share button that’s big innovation big reveals big surprises which is why PlayStation 4 is the king of console gaming thank you!

  • I purchased every PS console and handheld. What PS4 needs is a PS4 portable that plays digital games (no physical copies). I love PS Vita, but nothing is good on it lately. And PS Remote just doesn’t work on the road, period. So, the only portable handheld right now is Switch. Please Sony, I would love to bring my PS4 games on the go. Or at least make a PS3 portable.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I really hope Sony will re-enter the mobile market, with a device that has a shared library with PS4. I would love a PS4 Phone with 4G and eventaully 5G. Full PS4 OS, Apps, Games, Services, Calling, Texting, 24/7, what more could you ask for. Open the doors to Banking/Financial Apps, Health/Fitness Apps, Productivity Apps, and let 3rd party software makers, help make PlayStation not only the best place to play, but the flat out best place to connect with the digital world.

    • Bull, depends on what you like to play on the go with PS Vita. I have several games running on mine at the moment and more to come as of March of 2018. My only complaint about PS Vita is the memory card prices and lack of a Funimation Now app.

  • Great, great system!


    We still can’t change our names.

    My PS4 crashed last night the solution they gave me was to update my up to date software

    Blog posts still need work for weekly drops

    Still no backwards compatability

    Try and download a game you installed via disk. You literally have to delete the disk version and download the online version. Why?


  • If you do ever let all PlayStation games you bought available on ps4, will the downloaded ones get uploaded to? I have bought many games on ps3 and i still have the same account but never was able to have my games on ps4

  • Boy there sure are a lot of “fives” in this PS4 update ;-)

    Congrats on an awesome five years since PS4’s announce! A high point for me on February 20th, 2013 was feeling totally floored we finally got to see such a detailed look at The Witness on the PlayStation stage.

    Really curious to see where things may go from here :-)

  • Men, i can’t be 100% happy with playstation, I’ve conquered few trophies and they didn’t appear, this is sad, never heard something like that from xbox!

  • PS4 has been out for 5 years! Holy mollies

    • PS4 has not been out for 5 years. This post is commemorating 5 years since the PS4 was first revealed to the public. It wasn’t released until November 2013.

    • It took a year before the PS4 was out. the it took ANOTHER year before games shown actually arrived like Mad Max and the Order 1886. So to me it’s 3 years old.

  • What a special time it was. I will never forget being first in line at my gamestop and getting it right at midnight and running to my car past the hundreds of people in line. That was an amazing night!

  • Where is the PS5, Sony!? You guys better have it out by next year.

    • So what specs would you have in PS5 for $500 or less that offer an expereince that the PS4 can not deliver?

      I don’t think Sony should drop a PS5 until AMD moves to 7nm+ fabrication. Zen 3 and AMD’s Next Gen Graphics Architecture on 7nm+ in 2020 would be the perfect time to start a new generation. Building a console on GPU tech that is at its end of life for a device that should offer a 10 year life cycle sounds like a bad idea.

      Also they need to move to SSD tech on the storage side, which is still a little to expensive right now. Samsung expects SSD to match HDD TB/$ in 2020. This again makes late 2020 the perfect time for PS5. If they stick with HDD they will continue to be limited to 80 – 100MB/s, moving to M.2 SATA they could be at 500MB/s, M.2 NVMe would offer 1.5GB/s or more. Moving to SSD tech will allow much larger worlds, quicker loads, better asset streaming, and much more.

      My PS5

      Release: October 2020
      Price: $499.99
      CPU: Ryzen Gen 3 on 7nm+ (8 Cores/16 Threads @3.4GHz)
      GPU: AMD Next Gen on 7nm+ (15 – 20TFLOP/s)
      Memory: 32GB GDDR6 or HBM
      Storage: 1TB M.2 NVMe (User Upgradeable and External Support)

    • @KBG29\

      Your post is exactly the reason why Sony and MS should move over to a modular box and allow the user to update their hardware as they see fit or at the very least support external GPU cards. The latest and greatest tech is always around the corner and if we keep delaying gens just so that we can get our hands on that tech 6 – 7 yr long gens will become standard.

    • @KBG29 – Nice specs. i’m hopeful for that. But as long as the PS5 has AT LEAST 16 gigs of RAM, i’ll buy it. it really should have more, like 20, 24 or IT SHOULD have 32, but i think they skimp like they always do, skimping on something.

  • Please, have an answer for the Switch! Perhaps A Vita 2 or new iteration of PSP.
    Also, let us play our old discs. PS1, PS2, and PS3.

  • Five years and still waiting for a reason why to get a PS4. Which is sad since I have been a fan of Sony PlayStation brand since 9.9.95. Nothing has impressed me enough to buy a PS4. No exclusive has done it, all the third party games I’m interested, have a PC version. Still play my Vita though, and my PS3 and on occasion my PS2 and original PlayStation.

    I guess I might just wait for PS5.

    • @Sirynx77,

      My PS4s are collecting dust, while I game on PS3 and PSTV, not including my non Sony gaming here. That said, I’ve enjoyed my PS4 gaming experiences immensely.

      Here’s A Very Short List Of Reasons to Own PS4/Pro:
      1. HORIZON ZERO DAWN! Not on PC or Xbox!
      2. PS4 plays 3D blurays. Xbone DID play 3d, but not anymore grumble grumble.
      3. 4k Bluray…ok, scratch that.
      4. Pro still has far more enhanced games than X.
      5. VR. It’s still gimmicky for PS4/Pro. The hardware is insufficient for a great gaming experience. It’s comparable to 3D for last gen consoles. Doing 3D on a high end PC was an awesome experience. Playing 3D on a PS3/360 severely reduced the resolution and framerate.
      6. Uncharted 4 and a few other gems exclusive to PS4.

      But yeah, there are many titles either available on PC or PS3/Vita. I gotta say that Trails of Cold Steam I-II are outstanding on PC. I haven’t played Persona 5 on PS3 (since they stupidly made PS3/PS4 share the same trophy list). That said, I am sure playing on my Pro was a slightly better experience.

      At the moment my PS4s are collecting dust, while I game on PS3 and PSTV, not including my non Sony gaming here.

  • I totally remember the announcement of this beautiful console and still remember I firstly put my hands onto it and my favorite part was feeling the Dualshock 4 Controller cause it wondefully designed to hold onto plus love the Shoulder buttons and the sense bar :D

    It was wondeful moment for me like it was THAT of a Treasure Chest to open for the goods. Thank you for making this exist~

  • First post in few year’s. Anyway my ps4 launch editions still kicking very well. I take great care if it. I blow mine out ever few months with air compressor.

  • The only problem with sony is them tossing backwards compatibility to the wayside. Remasters are a money grab because all they have is trophy support, they don’t even look better, still the same ps2 graphics… looking at games like Devil May Cry HD. At least a remake has more effort put into it ie. The Crash remake. . If Sony isnt going ti let me play my old ps2 games on the ps4 without re-buying them then drop the price, $40 is too high an asking price for just trophy support and a lack of online multiplayer to some games.

  • Got my first PS4 at the launch of Destiny with the Glacier White Destiny edition PS4 and I still have it.
    I love my PS4 for mostly playing adventure and RPGs on it. I actually love my PS Vita a little more because of all the visual novels and RPGs I can play on the go. I’m only disappointed by the fact that the memory cards are so expensive and no Funimation Now app.

  • Making digimon, pokemon and something adventure and travel

  • Create new game (2019-3000)

  • Yeah, so… where is Deep Down?

  • PlayStation is the very best place to play! プレイステーションはプレイするのに最適な場所です。

  • Thanks for 5 more years of real life distraction when it’s needed, killing monsters, aliens, and bad guys all while saving loved ones, creating world peace and saving the world as needed.

  • I’ve been a playstation guy since I played the first console way back during the original system released, and I’ve owned pretty much every Playstation since including my Beloved Vita. Playstation has continued to prove that it is the best place to play! Also just remember their old PS2 slogan “Live in your would, Play in ours.”

  • Wow, 5 years already. How time flies.

  • Thanks for 5 years of Greatness. Really looking forward to PlayStation’s future, and I wish my entire PlayStation family a great year.

  • It’s been an AWESOME 5 years with my PS4 and I’ve been an owner of a PS4 day one! Sony it’s simple keep giving us the awesome 3rd party and 1st party exclusive games. That’s why PlayStation kicks Soo much ass! Stuff like SFV, KoF XIV, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Shenmue III is how you win and keep customers loyal. Exclusives baby! Don’t forget why the Xbox One is STILL on damage control….It can happen to you guys too. Oh and one more thing PLEASE remember other PS1 series like Wild Arms and Legend of Legaia…..Don’t disrespect us by making them mobile phone series… That’s not nice.

  • Also Sony since y’all and Ono are buddy-buddy…How about funding Capcom vs SNK 3? Or hell I’ll take Rival Schools.

    Talk to Capcom.

  • SONY
    Please add Persian language to PS4

  • Cheers to 5 years everyone

  • Very cool! Unlike maybe some others here, getting the PS4 on Day 1 was my first entry into the world of PlayStation. A very nice transition of sorts, because for the first time in many years gaming I felt like I landed in an incredible gaming community that I actually wanted to stay in. I consider PlayStation to be my gaming home now. Looking forward to seeing the future of PlayStation!

  • Wow! Congratulations on a strong 5 year anniversary.. and so well deserved.. gaining on some rich lessons from the previous generation, you’ve leave no doubt that content truly is king.. a winning strategy for you and your fan base!

    I have to admit that I came to the game a bit late.. getting my PS4 little more than 2 years ago.. and I hate to admit that I have a backlog of games that will likely keep me using the platform for the next 5 years.. never mind a PS Plus subscription offering incredible online engagement and a PS Now subscription with some great titles that I missed in the previous generation.. thank you!

    Now, I suppose I should get back to infamous: Second Son.. yeah, I only just started it this past weekend.. such a great game.. love you guys and wish you the very best for the next 5 years!

  • When would the date for PS5 be released ?

  • I didn’t know that play station 4 was 5 years old!

  • I didn’t know that play station 4 was 5 years old!

  • Hoping and waiting for ps5….anyway I am very much happy using my ps4 pro…. new games please for 2018

  • Well I have to say… PlayStation Rocks!!!! Thx for the hours of hours of enjoyment.

    PS. PS5?

  • We have 2 ps4’s and working on getting 2 more the games are awesome we have so many it’s hard to play them all…lol plz don’t stop doing what you’re doing Awesome! Work. The Hart Family.

  • PS4 miss backwards compatibility. I hope in some of the updates we will have at least PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility.

  • You have to offer a lot of gifts on this happy occasion

  • Can someone please remember back Dead Space or something like it?

  • Happy 5th Birthday to Playstation 4 ive been playing playstation since 2000 and ive been playing video games since 1997 i’ve had off the playstation systems since christmas 2000 ps1 from 200-2005 had the playstation 2 4 times from 2005-2012, had the playstation 3 from 2013-2015, and i got my playstation 4 June 7, 2016. i had A bugs life on ps1, crash bandicoot 1,2,3, and crash bash, spyro 2 riptos rage, jet moto 123, nba shootout 2001 and 2002. ps2 i had nba 2k5, live 2003, nba live 2006, nba 2k7, grand theft auto vice city and san andreas, ps3 i had nba 2k8 to 2k14. ps4 i had nba 2k15, 16,17, 18, Grand Theft Auto 5. 1997 to 2000 Super Nintendo, and 64 Kobe Bryant in nba court side and 2002 Mortal combat, Game Cube, Dreamcast Playstation is the best and sony.

  • pkmn_tcg_gallade

    The PS4 change my life with gaming and gave me new things to try out with playstation and other great games they for over five years. thanks for letting me join this awesome playstation brand and great games to try out

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