Five Ways Elite Dangerous: Beyond Changes The Galaxy

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Five Ways Elite Dangerous: Beyond Changes The Galaxy

New updates are coming to the massive space sim on February 27.

One week from now Elite Dangerous will change. Elite Dangerous: Beyond — Chapter One is the first of four free updates launching in 2018 focused on community-requested core changes to the overall experience of the game, together with fresh content for Commanders to experience as you explore the Milky Way.

Last year PS4 players launched into Elite Dangerous’ massively multiplayer full-scale simulation of the Milky Way. Starting with a small spacecraft and a handful of credits, we want you to make your own way in the galaxy however you choose. Trade, fight, mine, explore, hunt, or just survive — the choice is yours.

From the very beginning an important part of Elite Dangerous has been the feedback we receive from our community. Your actions influence the galaxy and the ongoing story, but it also changes the way we develop the game. Your feedback has shaped our third season of content updates, and that’s why we wanted to give it to all Elite Dangerous players for free.

Elite Dangerous

Beyond — Chapter One will launch February 27 with an automatic update for all Elite Dangerous owners. You’ll find lots of small changes we hope will improve the ways you choose to play, but here are some of the big things we’re most excited about everyone experiencing in Beyond — Chapter One.

1.) A fairer Open Play environment, and a challenging career for criminals with the new Crime and Punishment system.

The Crime and Punishment system that balances criminality and the consequences that come with it is designed to make the galaxy more challenging for advanced players, more accessible for newer players, and more difficult for any Commander who likes to hunt weaker prey.

Elite Dangerous can be played Solo, with friends in a Private Group or in Open Play where the galaxy is massively multiplayer and friendly fire is always on — but we know the Open Play experience can be as daunting as it is exciting. We’ve heard your feedback and implemented a series of changes that will make life difficult for criminals who prey on new players. We’re introducing “hot ships” to increase the consequences for seasoned lawbreakers, and we’re deploying a new Advanced Tactical Response unit to hunt for repeat offenders.

Elite Dangerous

We’ve also rebalanced the bounty system and added levels of notoriety to create a fairer PvP environment in the open galaxy. We think Open Play is the most exciting way to play Elite Dangerous, but we want to make it a fairer place to play, too.

2.) A choice of mission rewards.

In Chapter One we’ll also be making changes to the mission reward system to give players more freedom and more tools to accomplish their goals. The new system will allow players to choose between three different sets of reward packages all of roughly equivalent value at the end of every mission. It’s another way we’re making the Elite Dangerous galaxy a place where you can really play your own way.

Elite Dangerous

3.) Find the best deals with improved Trade Data.

We’re boosting trade with more accessible Trade Data. It’s a big change affecting the way information about the commodities markets is made available, and helping space truckers find profitable routes without turning to guides.

But the new Trade Data isn’t a “win button” for traders. You’ll have to explore the galaxy and add systems to your database before the info is accessible. The more systems you visit the greater the amount of trade data available when you’re looking to make some credits for that new ship, armor plate, or missile rack.

4.) Galnet Audio keeps you up to date.

The Elite Dangerous galaxy is full of news and weird events. GalNet — the main source about important events taking place in the Milky Way — gets an upgrade in Beyond — Chapter One, making it easily accessible right from your ship’s HUD with GalNet Audio.

Elite Dangerous

The galaxy’s news moves fast, and GalNet Audio gives players a chance to listen to the latest updates and ongoing narrative while traversing the galaxy. The story updates daily based on player activity, and we want to give you a better chance to impact it.

5.) The introduction of the Chieftain.

For Elite Dangerous Horizons owners, we’re introducing a new combat-focused ship: The Chieftain. This warship was created in response to the growing alien threat and is designed to bring heavy firepower to any alien encounter. Favoring weapons and maneuverability over armor means the Chieftain will be able to dish out a lot of damage but won’t be able to take much. It’s a fun ship to fly, but also a risky one!

Beyond — Chapter One

And the Beyond series doesn’t end here! Chapter One opens the new season, The following two updates will see the introduction of new content, while the last Chapter of the year will once again bring major operational changes to core systems of Elite Dangerous. We’re especially excited to introduce Squadrons — a new way for Commanders to manage their player groups and take part in community goals together.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we know Elite Dangerous wouldn’t be where it is today without you, so we’re thankful for your support and we hope you’ll join the players exploring, fighting, and trading across the Milky Way.

Available for all Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons owners, Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One makes its way onto PlayStation 4 on February 27.

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  • I gave this game a shot last year, and was really excited about it. But after three hours of trying to get through the obtuse mining and combat tutorials, decided that this was not for me. Maybe I’ll give it another shot with the update.

    • I totally understand how you felt, I nearly gave up at the same point as the tutorial and lack of hand holding or direction at the start of the game is soul crushing.

      Having said that, once you really get in to the game, its brilliant! I would watch Obsidian Ants vids for help and tips.

      The only question remaining… WHERE THE HELL IS PSVR SUPPORT?!? This game would be amazing in VR

    • Elite Dangerous is a very overwhelming game at first for some. This is literally dozens of things to control and alot of them you will have to macro to a controller. Elite dangerous is best played with a group of people because it helps to have someone who is familiar to lean on for advice or learn as a group. With that said i wouldn’t mind helping people im on discord since i play on ps but i also own a ps4. My discord tag is Cynge#9150 if you want some help advice or just wanna chat send me. Friend invite. We have a group of about ten people who hang in my discord and play that s well as elder crols. I play eso on pc and ps4

  • That’s all well and good, but you forgot to mention when you’ll be shipping PSVR support. I’m holding off on buying both the game and PSVR until that happens!

  • Now from my previous understanding the game wasnt “open” in that I mean if you wanted to play with friend or PVP you had to queue for it, so the game was pretty much instanced in that regard…. Now are we saying the game is now completely open in that I can see hundreds of other players exploring the galaxy along with me and shoot at them (or get shot at myself) if I choose? Kind alike EVE Online? Because if thats what this game has finally turned into then sign me up!!! I was first uninterested because of PVP and multiplayer being looked behind instances/queues.

    • @DuoMaxwell007 No, you still can’t see more than a few dozen other players. The game is still running on P2P and suffers badly from instancing. “massively multiplayer” is just Frontier marketing hype.

  • Frontier, it’s been nearly three years since you took $180 from players for the FPS expansion, including walking around ships and space stations etc… and still you haven’t delivered it. When are you going to make good on this?

  • Cool stuff! But what about PSVR support?
    You made us hope for a probable support in virtual reality, but after several months we still have no clarification on this subject…
    I’m tired of hoping, I just want an clear answer.

  • Crime and Punishment what a joke… more like Punishment alone. There’s not a single reward for being a criminal… not against Players neither NPCs, it’s already an ungrateful, but fun, career… now it’s gonna be a pain. Thanks to all the carebears that kept crying at anyone defending pvp.

    Also, Hot ship it’s gonna be the stupidest thing ever, you just un-equip everything, buy a new one, re-equip, sell “hot” ship or dismiss it.
    Ships are cheap tbh, it’s the update where the money and effort of grinding goes to.

  • Brilliant Sandy, just brilliant! o7

  • All very wonderful BUT: Both Frontier and Sony have refused for the last year to address why, after all the hoopla about launching the game on PS4, and all the publicity, they did NOT in fact release it in Asia. And still, after all this time, no release, no news, no comment, no response. Contempt for customers from both organisations. If it wasn’t going to be released in Asia, why on earth wouldn’t both Frontier and Sony make it clear in all the publicity and self congratulation that this was the case? And why, since so many gamers in Asia are interested, have you all remained silent on the subject since?

    And no doubt this will be ignored, as so many queries and enquiries have been ignored. Given this game was a reason to buy the PS$ in the first place, I think the next gaming platform will be a PC – at least won’t have to put up with being ignored by Sony, plenty of choices on a PC…

  • What about PSVR support?
    That’s the only thing that can make me buy the game.

  • Crime and Punishment what a joke… more like Punishment alone. There’s not a single reward for being a criminal… not against Players neither NPCs, it’s already an ungrateful, but fun, career… now it’s gonna be a pain. Thanks to all the carebears that kept crying at anyone defending pvp.

    Also, Hot ships are gonna be easily solved for anyone, you just un-equip everything, buy a new one, re-equip, sell “hot” ship or dismiss it.
    Ships are cheap tbh, it’s the update where the money and effort of grinding goes to.

  • New player and very excited by this massive update but waiting also for vr atmopheric planet and walking in/out myship

  • So… Can i expect a sale x% for next week. I’ve been waiting for one since black friday and nothing yet

  • If this was with VR support like on PC I would have bought it on PS4.
    Because there was no VR support I did buy it for XBone, but honestly without VR is is not that exciting.
    That said if they came out with it for PSVR I would likely buy it again..this time for playstation.

  • Hm. I played it for quite a while and, aside from my being a sci-fi space pilot enthusiast, I really don’t know why I stayed for so long. It was honestly a bit boring. I am not sure if this update will spice things up but I will give it another try. I do wish they would implement PSVR support (how can they not, especially at the $199 price today).

  • I’ll be glad to get back in and try out the new features. But I must say say; As a Space sim fan, I purchased and played the game when Horizon dropped then I drifted off after a few months of exploring, community goals and a few upgrades as I found the experience a bit redundant and time consuming. The fact that I could never find players for a more fast paced cqc made look for more Immediate thrills like Strike Suit Zero. With the cost drop of PSVR I found myself immersed in EVE Valkyrie and have been stuck in there since. I have read in some blogs that Frontier is not interested in implementing VR because of concerns about maintaining graphics standards for the game and degrading the game experience. I must say that EVE may not be the highest resolution sharp beast that it can be, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a blast and I’m completely immersed. More importantly is that my time in EVE is time away from Elite. Where there is a will there is a way and I would recommend that Frontier really look into implementing VR (specially since everyone and their mom’s bought PSVR last holiday season).

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