Soar Through Fe’s Forest of Mystery Tomorrow on PS4

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Soar Through Fe’s Forest of Mystery Tomorrow on PS4

Make the world a home again. Use your voice to navigate a gorgeous, hostile ecosystem - with a little help from your friends.

It’s time for Fe to leave the nest and spread its wings. Hello, PlayStation fans! I’m Alexandra, the Community Manager at Zoink Games, and today I’m here to talk with you about Fe.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been living and breathing the forest you’ll soon get the chance to discover yourself. We’re so excited to hear your thoughts when Fe launches on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, February 16!

In Fe, you take on the role of a young cub waking up in a forest glade. You are alone. You don’t know who you are, or what you’re doing here. But if you keep your eyes open, you’ll soon discover other inhabitants of the forest. Gain their trust, and they might share their secrets and lead you forward in your adventure.



It seems so long ago since we first snuck a prototype of Fe into our old title Zombie Vikings as an easter egg. In the middle of playing a hack and slash brawler filled with bad puns and monsters, players were suddenly cast into a lush forest full of beauty – and danger. This was something unlike anything Zoink had ever done before, and I’m sure a lot of people were surprised by the sudden change of art style.

But the Zoink core of storytelling is still there, only in a different way. In Fe, you’ll use your voice to form relationships with the inhabitants of the forest.

To take on the Silent Ones, a new threat that recently arrived in the area, you need to work together with your new friends, jump, glide and fly to get through tricky areas and hostile environments.

Fe is very much inspired by our own childhoods in Sweden. It’s hard to avoid the forest when most of the country is covered by it, and it served as a playground and a place for adventures. Thick pines, small trails coated in fir needles, slender birches and croaking toads all gave their own touch to a world that was both playful and a little bit scary at times.

After some initial gentle pushes in the right direction, we’ll leave you to discover all the world’s nooks and crannies for yourself. You’ll soon realize some areas will be hard to reach before learning the oh-so-important skills of climbing and gliding. These are just two of the abilities you’ll be able to unlock and make use of throughout the game.

Hopefully, your journey with Fe will be just as enjoyable for you as its been for us. Enjoy your time in the forest!

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