Secret of Mana Out Today on PS4

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Secret of Mana Out Today on PS4

Square Enix producer Masaru Oyamada shares notes from recreating a legend.

This is Masaru Oyamada from Square Enix. I am the producer for the Secret of Mana remake.

I have been working on the Mana series since 2006, when I had the opportunity to work alongside series creator, Ishii Koichi, on porting Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu – Final Fantasy Gaiden) to mobile phone platforms.

As a fan, I first played Final Fantasy Adventure in 1991 and since then I have completed every game in this series and grew a passion for the franchise. I was one of many who felt great disappointment at there being no new Mana games after Mr. Ishii left the company. In 2014, when I was working on Rise of Mana, I had heard from many fans who wanted to play the previous titles in the series, but were unable to do so on current generation hardware. As such, I worked to remake Final Fantasy Adventure in 2016. Since then, there were many voices stating that they wanted to see a port of Secret of Mana globally, which now brings us to this remake.

Having finally arrived at release day, I look back over the development and I feel that the hardest challenge we had to overcome was recreating the world map that is used when flying on Flammie. We had to alter the basic system, as well as tweak the visual design, in order to convert the way the flat terrain was depicted from the original into 3D, and making sure that everything still fit together properly.

Secret of Mana on PS4

What I am most pleased with in the remake is the penultimate scene with the three heroes, just before they face the last boss. This was already a very emotional scene in the original game, but the remake enhances the drama even more with the new voices, 3D models and music, which is why I like it so much.

Secret of Mana on PS4

We invite fans who played the original game to indulge in your nostalgia, as well as enjoy the new elements, such as the interlude episodes that will let you see the story in a new light. There are also some nice little Easter eggs hidden in towns across the world which we would love to see long-term Mana series veterans pick up on!

Secret of Mana on PS4

This game was made with the incredible support of all the fans of the series. Everyone on the development team took care to leave in what made the original great, while also striving to make this a game that puts the Mana series on the map for many generations of gamers. As time continues to pass, we would love to see a new generation of players continue to remember Secret of Mana as one of their great gaming experiences.

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  • No words on the Vita version?

    • The ps vita version of secret of mana is delayed until March 1st

    • Thanks. 2 weeks is not too bed. We’re used to getting it a year later when it’s not cancelled!

    • What are you talking about Secret Of Mana is out on the Vita and I bought it and been playing it’s not delayed until March 1. I don’t know what you’re smoking but I think you got it information wrong.

  • It looks like the Vita version was finally added to PSN. Of course it’s completely ignored in all marketing materials, because that’s the way the Vita has been handled. ><

    • I can’t wait to see how Sony will ignore the release of Muv Luv, the best visual novel ever, which won’t be available on any console other than Vita…

    • I’m just happy Muv-Luv is coming, that was reason for celebration yesterday. And physically no less. If only NISA were still releasing physical games instead of jumping ship entirely. ><

  • Is the Vita version cross play, cross buy? Is it digital or a cartridge?

  • Please bring all Dragon Quest games to US PSN. Thanks.

  • Can you confirm if the game is still as grindy as the original, or has it been balanced better? Would love to play through it again, but can’t commit to the OG’s grindfest. Either way, thanks for supporting my favorite platform!!!

  • I just found out from gamestop that Sony said that it’s delayed until March 1st for the ps vita version of secret of mana

  • One of my favorite SNES games. Excited to try out the Vita version some day.

  • I’m very excited about this remake and very disappointed! No Cross-Buy, no Cross-Play, no Cross-Save for 53,49 $ on PS4 and 39,99 $ on PS Vita for a game with the size of 2.71 Gb!!?? Really!? Square Enix have the money and the ressources to make it happen on the PlayStation platform and use none of the technology available! This is completely absurd!! I don’t predict a lot of sales. Very bad from marketing!

  • @Masaru Oyamada when I first heard about this remake, I was excited, and still am. I just can’t help being somewhat dissapointed at the graphic style. Square Enix keeps pumping this kiddy, big-headed characters, and a bold pastel color theme in many of their games. In an age where we can see great graphics like those of Guilty Gear Xrd, I was hoping Square Enix would do something similar.
    I think the character models in the SNES game look more similar to the great artwork of Yutaka Izubuchi and Akira Ueda than they do in this remake.
    I am ready for Square Enix to let go of this kiddy, big-headed, saturated pastel color theme that was very common in portable consoles. I am ready for Square Enix to evolve. Thanks.

  • Even the producer of the game with No words about Vita !?
    We are customers, we pay with money like ps4 owners do

    Sony (still) has a lot to learn from Nintendo..

    Vita customers should not buy this game.

  • Love the original Secret of Mana but not sure about this… the art direction just looks so bland like they put no effort into it.

  • Looks like the physical version at gamestop is already sold out. Glad I prordered.

  • It’s very well done all the way up to the cannon travel after saving the dragon. It then forces you to go to the desert. That’s where the bugs begin multiply like rabbits. It quickly becomes unplayable.

  • This is a big disappointment and as usual square enix doesn’t care. He is talking like they made all the good stuff from the original better, but they just copy paste everything including the bad things. No cross-save, like seriously? The new music is simple terrible not even close to the original. It’s not even close as hard as the original was, it’s a joke. You did a poor job and there is just not enough people at square enix (if any) to tell you that.

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