New PlayStation VR Deals Available Starting February 18

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New PlayStation VR Deals Available Starting February 18

Nab a standalone PS VR starting at $199 USD, with discounts on the Doom VFR and Skyrim VR bundles as well.

Our PlayStation VR holiday deal was such a popular promotion, we’re bringing it back to our fans. From Sunday, February 18 through Saturday, March 3, 2018, PS VR standalone headsets and bundles will start at $199.99 (MSRP).

It’s a great time to pick up the PlayStation VR Doom VFR Bundle, which comes with a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, the PS VR Demo Disc 2.0 and the Doom VFR Blu-ray Disc. Doom VFR brings the fast-paced, kinetic gameplay fans of the series love as an all-new virtual reality experience. From an entirely new perspective, Doom VFR transports you to the UAC facility on Mars and the depths of Hell, as your skills are put to the test through intense combat. $299.99 MSRP (regularly $399.99 MSRP).

The most popular PS VR bundle this holiday, the PlayStation VR Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle, will also be on sale. This bundle includes the PS VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, the PS VR Demo Disc 2.0 and Skyrim VR featuring the award-winning core game and all official add-ons, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn add-ons. Perfect for The Elder Scrolls fans who want to experience the epic fantasy masterpiece with an unparalleled sense of scale, depth, and immersion. $349.99 MSRP (regularly $449.99 MSRP).

This PS VR promotion is available at participating retailers in the U.S. You can find more information here.

This deal comes at such an exciting time for PS VR, with recent launches such as The Inpatient and Accounting +, and upcoming titles like Moss, Bravo Team, and more! There are more than 150 games and experiences available that are compatible with PS VR, and more than 130 highly anticipated games and other entertainment content expected to launch by the end of this year. There is so much to look forward to for PS VR this year and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

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  • Damn! That is a nice going rate. Good on you SONY with this promotion. Hope the PSVR userbase will be boosted even further, cause more to matc hmake with is a good thing.

    Plus more AAA investment with potential consumers! :D

  • Does the $199 headset include the new processor unit that is compatible with HDR on the Pro?

    • Doesn’t look like it – the $199 bundle is the Gran Turismo bundle, which had the older hardware.

      Unless they’ve updated it…which would be awesome, as I’d rather have Gran Turismo, but really want the HDR passthrough for my HDR television.

    • Yes, it’s the newer PSVR model. You can clearly see that is because of the tripoints on the side where the headphones plug-in.

      All newer models come with the HDR pass-through compatible processor unit.

      You can also see where the cable comes out of the HMD compared to the original model (up above in the ad banner space) and the headphone slot on the back band.

      The Doom VFR/Skyrim Bundles also come with this updated HDR passthrough model, but the Gran Turismo Sport Bundle comes with the older model and does support HDR passthrough.

    • Assuming the art included above is correct, that is the PSVR v2 headset.

    • @FeistFan

      This is not the limited $300 Gran Turismo bundle from the Holiday season. This is a standalone $200 unit, which is indeed the newer model.

      There is no current Gran Turismo bundle in stock online and it is marked as [DISCONTINUED] as it was a temporary deal for the holiday.

    • @FIESTFAN Gran Trusimo only has one mode and one lap is in vr. The whole game is not vr. I was disappointment. Did buy DriveClub vr which the whole game is vr.

    • @TWEEDZ877 Slow your role buddy, you are incorrect in the PSVR offering that Gran Turismo Sport offers. The entire Arcade mode is what is available to play in VR. When you first pop in the disc you have access to five tracks, not one, and over 100 cars. You can unlock more tracks, up to 20 I believe, by simply playing any mode in the game and leveling up your driver rank.

    • If it’s the new bundle, they have not changed the art. Yes, the single image in the blog post is the newer model, but if you click through where it says to click for more information, it shows all three bundles, and the image used for the Gran Turismo Sport bundle is the same as it was originally, clearly showing the original (not revised) hardware. The link to go to for more information on that specific bundle also still shows only the old hardware (and packaging for that matter).

      Your best bet is to find a retailer actually offering the bundle and check the bundle’s box. If it says “CUH-ZVR2,” then that’s the revised headset and processor box. If it says “CUH-ZVR1,” it is still the original. My bet is on original.

  • Where is the stand alone version of the new Headset?

  • When you click on more info and stroll through the options.. the 199.99 is the old headset

  • Sony, if you take the NEW headset and bundle it with the camera and sell it for $199, you’ve got a new customer right here. The Gran Turismo bundle is sold out almost everywhere and it’s also the old model. I’ve already got 3 VR games from PS+ waiting for me, so I don’t need a pack-in.

  • Now if Sony would drop the Ps4 Pro down to 199.99 for awhile i might finally “upgrade”

    • I bought a PS4 Pro the other weekend for approx $210 by trading in a PS4 Slim at Gamestop and taking advantage of their final $50 bonus console trade-in day.

      Yes, it’s Gamestop; however, “upgrading” to a Pro for $200 was possible for a few weeks.

  • That is nice but I am waiting for the same deal with a camera to get on the VR thing. In canada it is still 100$ more with the currency exchange and its a bit expensive to try it. At 300$ CAD with a camera I’m in until then I will enjoy regular ps4 games

  • Ahh so the christmas deal part 2 is making a comeback. I’m thinking of getting a PS VR on Feb 2nd. I just need to rationalize if its worth the expense given not very many VR Games out there, and given i’ve not seen the PS VR used on pc yet for say other vr based games, it drastically reduces its value to me as both a selling point and a entertainment point.

    • Have you actually looked at the VR section in the store? Not saying that they’re all great games but there are a buttload of games on the headset.

    • It actually is “unofficially” possible to use PSVR on PC, but the setup and support is both complicated and varies as far as compatibility goes.

      Don’t expect full roomscale support, but definitely better tracking than you’d initially presume. VRChat, for example, does work with the setup.

  • I need a new PS4, any console deals coming?

  • I bought the Skyrim bundle when it came out. Haven’t played it in a bit though thanks to Monster Hunter World.

  • Can someone please clarify if ALL of these bundles AND THE standalone model are the upgraded “2.0 with HDR pass-through”?

    I do not want to buy any of these and be stuck with the old model. Sony really needs to make it clear if these are the updated headsets or not.

    Thank you…eagerly waiting the hopefully good news they are the 2.0 models.


    • @x_UltraZilla_x

      Unless they’ve put out new bundles (which doesn’t seem to be the case), you’ll get the new hardware with the Skyrim and Doom bundles, but not with the Gran Turismo Sport bundle (or any other bundles, for that matter).

      If you aren’t quite sure what to look for in the picture to be certain, look at the end of the box where they list the components (usually white text on blue background). It’ll give the model number of the hardware. They both start “CUH-ZVR” but then the original model will end in 1 (CUH-ZVR1), while the new model will end with 2 (CUH-ZVR2). (As a bonus, if you get the new headset and processor box, say in the Skyrim bundle, the included Move Controllers, if there are any, will be the ones that use the typical PS4 micro-USB cable to charge, rather than the PS3 era mini-USB charging cable of the older models.)

    • I bought the old model in december and solved that HDR problem with a 15 dollars HDMI 2 switcher and an extra HDMI cable I already had.

    • Then you will still be stuck with the old model then, they’re trying to get rid of the V1 stock for that price, I’m in the same boat as you are.

    • The 199 bundle is the old model. To bad, I already have the other games. This would have gotten me to get GT and try VR. But not going to mess with the wiring between my pro and hdr tv.

  • Will Walmart price match this deal? None of the retailers playstation links you to has the bundle listed at $199.

    • Walmart only price matches or Wal-Mart savings catcher only!

    • It doesn’t say the bundles will be $200.

      “Nab a standalone PS VR starting at $199 USD, with discounts on the Doom VFR and Skyrim VR bundles as well.”

      The standalone unit starts at $200. People are having trouble reading on this blog post.

      As far as the Gran Turismo bundle goes, it is the older model and the bundle is discontinued. Any stock of it is leftover from the holiday inventory.

      Most ignored it cause the VR support is weak and well…Skyrim and Doom, while in no way perfect, are significantly better implementations.

    • Participating retailers listed are Walmart, Best Buy, Target, & Gamestop

    • Participating retailers listed are Walmart, Best Buy, Target, & Gamestop

      Convenient timing for clearance with E3 coming. If they follow the trend at CES, wireless headset are here and let’s be honest the current tethered version is rather cumbersome

    • Even if the store doesn’t list it at this price it probably will ring up at this price because it’s a manufacturer discount. I bought the Skyrim bundle when they did this same deal around Black Friday. At the Gamestop I went to they thought only the Gran Turismo bundle was on sale because that was the only one shown in the GameStop ad. But when they scanned it to check the price it was $350.

    • @IamDubV
      Sale starts on the 18th, so nobody is listing the lower prices yet. Wal-Mart is specifically linked from the promo page, so they’re probably participating.

      Instead of accusing us of not reading, why not do some reading yourself? Follow the “more information here” link – where there are *NO* links to a standalone unit, and the only $199 option listed is the Gran Turismo Sport bundle (which, from the picture, seems to use the older hardware).

    • @FeistFan

      That is a limited run bundle from the holiday. Current stock is only leftover. The $200 going rate for that is the same as it was during the holiday. It’s not a bad deal for the price, but the lack of Move controllers, an underutilized game (in regards to VR support), and no HDR pass through makes it a weak offering all-in all (unless you really love GT and are slightly curious about VR).

      There’s no reading issue here, cause that’s just following a link (which has little to do with reading). Furthermore, the rest of my reply followed up with more information about the GT PSVR bundle. In this post, it does “not” mention the GT bundle specifically. Yes, it’s shown in the following link, but that’s not what I was referring to. It is also update to $200 (it wasn’t before, it was still $300).

      To reiterate: Unless they announced an updated GT bundle, it does not carry the newer model HMD and Processor Unit.

    • @FeistFan

      Furthermore, this is how you read…

      “Our PlayStation VR holiday deal was such a popular promotion, we’re bringing it back to our fans. From Sunday, February 18 through Saturday, March 3, 2018, PS VR standalone headsets and bundles will start at $199.99 (MSRP).”

      February 18th…18th…18th…What’s the date today? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the 18th. So that means, it’s *NOT* going to be $199.99 just quite yet for the standalone headset.


  • Is this discount available only on or is it also at major retailers like Walmart, Target, or Bust Buy?

  • When will the offer end on march 3 what time just wanna make sure I can still purchase the VR bundle which I really want anyone know please let me know thanks?


    Guess those of us who are current owners have to wait until they sell out their current stock for that price, then we’ll have to pay at least, probably $250 for them!

    • It says starting on the 18th for the standalone in which is shows the newer model. So, that would mean it’s starting on the 18th for 199.99.

      It says it right above.

  • Great price! Going to get one!

  • Ok so it’s the 18th everywhere in the US but the West Coast, so does this sale go live only when it’s 12am PST or when exactly?

  • What retailers are participating in Canada? I have checked multiple sites and none show updated pricing.

  • If I got a ps camera for my ps4 already…will I need a different camera or will it work with this unit?

    • It can use either the old PS4 Camera (the boxy one) or the newer one (cylindrical). The only difference is that if you have an odd TV setup like I do, you might need the newer camera because it’s easier to angle downward or upward without throwing off its horizontal level. No need for a new camera if you already have one, though.

  • Would be real nice to know where to buy this bundle, I live in Regina,SK and nobody seems to have this? Where can i buy this??

    • “This PS VR promotion is available at participating retailers in the U.S.”

      Unfortunately it is not available for us in Canada. I even looked at buying it through to try and save a little bit, but what you saved on the deal you lost in the exchange rate and duty tax.

  • Welp, none of the listed retailers are selling the GT bundle for the MSRP, price gouging by 50$. Oh and no website has a “Standalone Bundle” for 200$ either. 200$ would have been a great price but I’m not willing to spend almost 300$ ( 258$ + tax) on the GT bundle that has the old headset, and the Standalone bundle doesn’t exist. Maybe next time actually get the stores to commit on the prices.

  • The deal’s available in Canada?

    • “This PS VR promotion is available at participating retailers in the U.S.”

      Unfortunately it is not available for us in Canada. I even looked at buying it through to try and save a little bit, but what you saved on the deal you lost in the exchange rate and duty tax.

    • Bouuuuuuuuu

  • Kind of screwed up that the only way you can get the v2 unit is to buy the Doom or Skyrim bundles. I have no interest in either of those games and already have the camera and move controllers. I don’t need more of those. I just want to get the VR unit that has passthrough. Nobody sells the v2 unit as a standalone, only the v1. Why do you force bundles down peoples throat like this?

  • My Wal-Mart had two GT bundles. They rang up at $299 but I asked them to match the promo deal at $199 and they did. Just showed them the PlayStation website since they were out of stock online but all the other bundles were matching the promo pricing on, so they gave it to me for the promo price as well. Amazing deal!

  • I’D love to buy this but it makes zero sense considering there arent really any exclusive VR games that are really interesting when it was first introduced the only game that actually looked competitive and fun was eagle flight now if this was a $100 accessory like your Gold headset then this would be a great deal because thats what VR is an accessory like the move controllers on the PS3 or the kinect on Xbox

  • This is awesome,but, as an Australian I’m confused as to where I can pick this up from. Local eb games isn’t in on it and I can’t find it online. Please help.

  • Folks, I was very disappointed when the sale first started since I could not find the $200 version anywhere at the stated price. However, today I happened to check Walmart online again and found one in my area. They only had one left and I ordered it right away. Perhaps this gives hope to those that are still interested in this version (which is the older model VR), so keep looking.

  • Is the new model available for purchase by itself or must if be purchased with a bundle?

  • Amazing! I’ll buy! :)

  • I just got a VR so far i’m loving it.

  • What about Canadians? :(

  • I’m Canadian so this sale doesn’t apply to me unfortunately. However according to PlayStation Canada’s twitter account PS VR bundles are dropping by $100 for a limited time starting March 2nd. Only problem is NONE of our retailers up here sell just the stand-alone core headset! I already own the PS4 camera and 2 Move wands from my PS3 so ALL I need is the core package. On the 1-year anniversary of PS VR back in November 2017 there was a $100 off promo on ALL SKU’s – including the core package. I couldn’t afford it back then but I can now it’s just I don’t want to buy a bundle with a game I may not be interested in as well as extra camera, Move controllers etc? Do you know when Canada will be getting more core/stand-alone headset packages?

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