Discover the Creators: Ed Boon’s Favorite PS4 Games

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Discover the Creators: Ed Boon’s Favorite PS4 Games

Get over here! Netherrealm Studios creative director and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon shares his top PS4 picks.

Discover The Creators is a PlayStation Store curation program in which we’ve asked some of the biggest names in the biz to pick their favorite PS4 games in order to help your find your next game to play.

One of the most amazing things about games on the PS4 is the variety of experiences available. From intense shooters that challenge the hardcore players to deep rich storytelling titles that give a completely different feeling of immersion, these are some of my favorite titles that have been released so far.

Discover the Creators: Ed Boon - Batman Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR

I don’t think there is an experience anywhere (movies, TV, comics) that immerses you deeper into the Batman universe more than Batman: Arkham VR. After playing for a while you really do forget you are in a VR simulation and find yourself living in this amazing world that Rocksteady built. I’m not exaggerating when I say you literally become Batman.

Discover the Creators: Ed Boon - What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch

Amazing story telling game experience. Such a refreshing, stylized and creepy (in a good way) presentation. I loved the way the story was broken up into the different “rooms” and how the different family member’s stories linked together. This game was the winner of the “Best Narrative” award at The Game Awards for a reason.

Discover the Creators: Ed Boon - Inside


This game is quite simply one of the best arguments that exist for video games being an artform. Describing this game requires so many words: Beautiful, dark, disturbing, eerie, and dreamlike only begin to scratch the surface. On top of the amazing emotional visual presentation are fantastic game mechanics and audio score making this game an absolute masterpiece.

Discover the Creators: Ed Boon - Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

For someone who hasn’t played as much of the previous Resident Evil games, you can only imagine the emotional reactions this game got out of me. I was not prepared for this. Add in PS VR support and you have one of the most heart-poundingly intense (perhaps too?) experiences in entertainment. Anyone doubting VR needs to play this.



Yes, I know…..this game has been on almost everyone’s favorite lists for more than a year and a half now, but that’s my point. Not only has this title taken the gaming world by storm, but it has managed to hold on and dominate. That kind of staying power deserves recognition. Anyone who hasn’t tried this game needs to see what all the hype is about.

Discover the Creators: Ed Boon - Doom


Fantastic return to its classic (frenetic, fast, crazy) form. I just love the pacing of this shooter. The team who made this game are obviously fans of the original and have delivered a game that captures its intensity with amazing updated graphics showcasing the PS4.

Discover the Creators

Head over to PlayStation Store to browse Ed’s list as well as picks curated by Tim Schafer, Yoko Taro, Cliff Bleszinski, and more.

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4 Author Replies

  • When do we get to see the next Mortal Kombat?!?

  • so it seems like we should expect the next Mortal Kombat to be a first person fighting game ;)

    Ed Boon REALLY loves his first person games.

  • Are is there anything in the making besides fighting games? :)

  • Are going to add anymore playable characters to Mortal Kombat X because that would be cool and you know what characters I want to play as is Chucky and Michael Myers and Pinhead and Ghostface from from Scream and Ash from the Evil Dead

  • Where are the RPG Games at Boon?? But I love the taste. Little bit of everything. :)

    • Really wish I had the time to experience some of the great RPG games out there. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’ve seen some great ones!

  • I can’t wait for the next NRS game. I really hope they will do a slasher game since those characters are my personal favorite additions to the recent MK games and I’d love to see obscure characters like Chucky that might not work in an MK game. However, I’m sure their next project will be another MK game which is fine by me.

  • Hey Ed,

    I’d love a new 2D Mortal Kombat and Mythologies game.

  • And a port of MK Trilogy for Nintendo Switch would be awesome.

  • Have you ever considered developing a sandbox/open world game (maybe with RPG elements) based off MK? Like maybe an evolution from Shaolin Monks or the old Konquest games but on a grander scale. Outworld and Edenia sound like they’d be fun places to run around having adventures in.

    Maybe even an MMO, although those tend to water down their settings.

  • Greetings Ed
    I’m a fan of the series and i really really like MK X.
    I’m looking foward for the next one.
    P.S I know you got something in mid :)

  • Damn fine choices Ed…those are all great games.Keep up that great work with MK and Injustice.

    PS:I love how the industry recognizes Inside’s might.

  • Hey Ed, Im still waiting on KOMBAT PACK 3!! Wth happened? You let your MK fans down man.

  • @Ed Boon Is there a chance for the power rangers to come to injustice 2. Especially Tommy The Green Ranger :) That would be Rad

  • Will Ed Boon showing such appreciation for VR, would be interesting to see what he and his team can come up with for VR themselves.

  • Edward, please try to make a Mortal Kombat Telltale game happen :)

  • I would love to see a complete remake of the first 3 Mortal Kombat games. Nothing changed but the graphics. I also do not think we need a new Mortal Kombat game. I think adding more content to XL would be just fine. Start releasing more stages and character packs.

  • Great insight inside the brain of a brilliant developer.

    Such a shame you couldn’t do for Marvel what you did for D.C. I can’t even imagine what NRS could do with Wolverine and the X-Men.

  • If for some reason you do make MK again, the fatalities being looked up, like having to pause the game to see how to perform them was always a buzzkill. It’s like… Wait, wait. But then you can’t get the code right. I remember going to the grocery store with my cousins just to get the fatalities out of the gaming mags. Good times. But a game where you’re Scorpion would kick ass. I want to dig into the backstory, like the way I wrote that backstory for him back in 2010. I ended up changing the character named and made it not MK now. I’m working on the script for that now. Taking it from book to Script. Not such an easy task so far, as the action has a lot of text since it’s in book format right now pasted onto the script formatter. That would be awesome to turn that into a video game and couple it with an animated DVD so that way you can watch the movie when you don’t feel like picking up a game controller. Hmm. What do you think? That would be a great idea. Hoping no one steals this idea like that plagiarist that tried putting my book story into a film and pass it off as his own idea. Uhg. Content thieves suck. It really upsets me to be plagiarized. IT HAPPENS ALL TOO OFTEN TO ME. :P

  • Won’t it cost alot of money if you put black panther in injustice 2?

  • When will you actually support your games for a reasonable amount of time? Under a years worth of new content is absurd when literally every other fighting game developer supports their games for years. And if Mortal Kombat is so great then why has half the franchise been left to rot on old consoles while every major Street Fighter, most of the KOF franchise, and various others are available on current gen platforms?

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