Behind the Scenes of God of War’s Epic Half-Time Show

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Behind the Scenes of God of War’s Epic Half-Time Show

How the team behind God of War used projection mapping to give attendees of Saturday's game an unforgettable half-time experience.

As you may have seen this weekend, Kratos and Atreus made a special – and unexpected — guest appearance in Oakland, CA.

The immersive illusion employed cutting-edge technology called “projection mapping” to bring Kratos, Atreus, and the Norse world of God of War to life in front of thousands of fans. You can check out a recording of the performance above.

This projection-mapping magic uses ultra-bright video projectors together with powerful media server engines to paint vivid imagery complete with sense of motion and depth directly onto large surfaces. It could be a building, a wall around Asgard, a World Serpent…or in this case, the basketball court during half time. Because when you think of Norse myth, you think — basketball. Of course!

Santa Monica Studio drove the creative process over several months in collaboration with a fantastic company called Platige Image to ensure it aligned with our studio’s vision for the game. After storyboarding the epic action sequence, we mo-capped the official in-game stunt performers for both Kratos and Atreus to ensure both characters moved and behaved in an authentic fashion.

This action vignette shows Kratos and Atreus facing off against Draugr, Helwalkers and one particularly unhappy Ogre. While this sequence does not appear in the game, its inspiration comes directly from Kratos and Atreus’ adventure.

This is just one more step closer to God of War’s April 20th release date, so stay tuned for more exciting info and content in the weeks leading up to the launch.

A big thank you to everyone who collaborated to bring this vision to life.

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  • So when can I get that piece of Technology in my living room. Outstanding!

  • A very cool way to market this game. Can’t wait for it. I preordered the Stone Mason edition and hoping the PS4 pro console rumors are true. 4/20 can’t get here soon enough.

  • Dilly Dilly…..

  • What’s the possibility of the game being true 4k 2160p? Is the pro capable of that? God of War is the main reason I bought a 4v tv.

    • It’s going to be checker boarding, and if you can see the difference between a 4K native Xbox one X game and a PS4 pro checkerboard games while playing you’re seriously amazing, because you couldn’t tell them apart in a blind test at a regular distance…

  • So where can we watch the actual video?

  • Every tweet I saw from anyone at the stadium said it was awful in person – they couldn’t actually see anything. Apparently it was much more impressive on YouTube (where, to be fair, the video directs your attention between the scoreboard and the floor).

    It looks cool on video, but if it really doesn’t work in person, y’all need to go back to the drawing board.

    • And what if you’re sitting on the wrong side of the arena?? Epic marketing is less impressive when the video is upside-down.

  • If there is a console it needs to be announced and shown. Many of us like to reserve and have time to pay things like that off.

  • Pretty cool!

  • No jump button! No buy from me
    I’ve played GOW way back since PS1 all the way upto PS3 and now ps4 version has no jump button, nope no thank you, i’ll be skipping this one!

    • That’s a stupid reason not to buy the game. If you’re really a fan then you would get it regardless. But since you’ve been playing it since ps1 where it never appeared then you’re not a real fan.

    • This is more an openworld games, a jump button is a ridiculous reason not to buy a game that’s clearly better than everything before it..

    • I’m not gonna be climbing or taking cover every time, I just don’t see why they removed the jump button

  • Nice…was wondering how you guys did that,it was incredible.

  • If the game is as good as the creative marketing, I may finally have a new favorite God of War game (still stuck on God of War 2 being the best and the rest just not meeting that bar).

  • oh boy, this game looks VERY COOL and guess what…. i am going to pre-order this game because i have all of the God of War games and no doubt i am going to love this one because i am going to love this one like i do like the rest of the God of War games….


    I wonder if they’ll have naked girls for QTE style mini game lol

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