Watch More Than 25 Minutes of Ni no Kuni II Gameplay

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Watch More Than 25 Minutes of Ni no Kuni II Gameplay

The latest episode of PlayStation Underground highlights the gorgeous upcoming RPG.

Who knew racking up an astronomical gambling debt could be so adorable? Last week our colleagues at Bandai Namco brought Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom to our studio to showcase its gorgeous story and action-packed battle system. We had a little too much fun.

Ni no Kuni II follows the story of Evan, a young prince with aspirations to reclaim his kingdom. On this episode of PlayStation Underground we join Evan partway through his campaign as he enters a gambling town in search of resources. The stakes quickly rise, and we’re left with a lot of debt and a magical bird with a big mouth. Only in Ni no Kuni II, friends!

Watch the complete episode above and see the incredible battle system at work, including a full suite of options for tweaking your party’s strengths and weaknesses.

Enjoy the show!

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  • I have the collectors edition reserved. I have a few reservations like the new strategy elements not shown in this video but I loved the first game so I am not to worried.
    Can’t wait for this to come out. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch just has this charm to it that most games do not have. This one seems to be shaping up in the same manner.
    This is a packed beginning of the year for me with all the games coming out. It is kind of nuts.

  • Are we going to see a Ni No Kuni 1 remastered on PS4?

  • I think this is going to be the first RPG on the PS4 to really sweep me off my feet. It looks incredible, and the revamped combat is perfect.

  • I, too, have the CE pre-ordered from Bandai, for the collectables, but I’m going to play with the digital version so yes, 2 copies. That’s how much I’m looking forward to NNK2. My most anticipated game for 2018.

    No spoilers, so not going to watch any gameplay. I loved Ni No Kuni and am only mad that there won’t be a Mr. Drippy in 2. He stole every scene in the original. And yes, I would play a re-master on PS4.

  • Wait is this game really running at 60fps?!!

    • yup, they confirmed 60fps on ps4 and pro. As well as a 4K mode for pro though I think dynamic 4k, so likely checkerboard 4k from a different res

  • Its been a while since I’ve had PSNow, but I went ahead and got a month subscription of it just to replay the first game. I have to say I’m impressed with the improvements to the service it’s running flawlessly. Good job Sony!

  • Ni No Kuni is a guilty pleasure. It’s really a Sesame Street of JPRGs. Ni No Kuni 2 looks to be more of the same. I would probably indulge if not for the Season Pass that Bandai Namco is latching on it. That makes it a definite pass for me. Instead of watching Sesame Street, there are some awesome JPRGs from last gen that are worth revisiting. I’ve been diving into Ar Nosurge, a very story-heavy JRPG. I keep meaning to do another run of Persona 5. I got Trinity Universe on the way (long out of print for PS3 and not available digitally). Anyway, these are just a few suggestions to scratch that JRPG itch for your PS3/4. Also I think Tales of Berseria is on sale this week at the PS store. At least it doesn’t have a Season Pass, which Ni No Kuni will have. It’s not listed in the store, but its existence is just a google away to verify.

    • I only mind season passes when they have gimped the game to sell them.

      Ni No Kuni 2 doesn’t seem like it would be one of those. I bet it is just as deep as ever and very long and the season pass would just give you more. Meaning, a complete game even if you never buy extra content.

      Same as with the Witcher 3. It had DLC and that DLC seemed worth it, but you didn’t have to own to to experience the game and if you did buy it, you got your monies worth.

      I do have a problem with predatory DLC though. Like the kind EA likes to cram their games full of.
      But you gotta be able to parse out the predatory from the good stuff.

  • I love how the game goes but can yall make sure that no hackers or modders get i. To it so it wont be to easy of a game and also i love black ops 2 and no other game can beat that thats all i want to say have a nice day

  • Why do these guys sound so feminine in the video? It’s distracting and inappropriate.

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