New Gold Wireless Headset Hits Store Shelves Later This Month

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New Gold Wireless Headset Hits Store Shelves Later This Month

Featuring a sleek new design and enhanced performance.

We’re happy to announce that a new Gold Wireless Headset, which delivers enhanced comfort and performance, will be available in the next few weeks for $99.99 (MSRP) in the U.S.

The headset maintains everything you loved, while featuring a new sleek design with refined over-ear cushions that make it even more comfortable for long gaming sessions. The high fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound intensifies the audio experience within compatible games. And the augmented noise-cancelling hidden microphones provide crisp, clear communication with your friends and teammates.

With the included 3.5mm audio cable, the Gold Headset is compatible with PlayStation VR and mobile devices. The new design makes the Gold Headset extra comfortable to wear with PS VR. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in The Inpatient, a recently launched PS VR exclusive horror experience, with the unsettling sounds of scuttling insects and unexplained noises inside the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium (In addition to PS VR, you’ll need a PS4 system and PlayStation Camera to experience VR).

Also, don’t forget to download the Headset Companion App on your PS4 to load custom audio modes that are specifically tuned to enhance the audio in your favorite games.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the revamped Gold Wireless Headset!

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  • Sweet!

  • So PlayStation, what’s better for proformance? These or the platinum headsets ?


    • Platinum headset isn’t comfortable at all. I had to get rid of them because it tore into my head and was unbearable to use after 15 minutes. I’d definitely try before buying.

  • There’s no mention of the driver size, sound frequencies nor if it’s neodymium. These are important to mention as it affects whether we get booming bass or flat responses.

    • Expect more of the same from Gold/Platinums. Especially seeing the price for this, don’t expect anything amazing.

    • In my opinion, if those are your concerns, these are not the headphones for you. Since they didn’t give you detailed specs, I think it’s safe enough to assume that these aren’t for people who care about every minutia of the headphones.

      The only reason I think you personally should get interest for these headphones if you start seeing them appear in a bunch of top 10 lists.

      There are so many amazing headphones that were better than the original golds, at a lower price point and higher durability at this point, that unless there’s a lot of good word of mouth it’s not worth it. I got my golds on a black friday sale for like $40, and they started to crack even though I was stupid cautious with them, and then I won a pair of V-Modas on a forum, and from that point my $250 freebies were better than the golds, but outclassed by cheaper headphones than the golds…

      There’s so many great amazing headphone choices by so many companies. The stealths are supposed to be pretty good, I hear good things about some of the P2s by Skullcandy, I think the Astro A20s have been recommended before. There’s so many good options I guess we will just have to wait and see who recommends them and over what.

  • I can tell you this though: it’s hard to beat he quality of the Pulse Elitr with Bassimpact. To this day, it remains my favorite headset, and works great with PSVR.

    • I totally agree, temperedreason! The Pulse Elite is
      Still my favorite headset for PS3/PS4. It has solid construction (unlike the PS Gold Wireless which came out after the Pulse Elite but was made of low quality plastic parts) and a more comfortable design.

    • Aren’t those like 2x+ the price of the Gold though?

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU MAN!!!!!! Pulse elites were the best headset ever!!! And I didn’t know they worked for PSVR..

  • Are these compatible with PS3 as well?

    • Should be. The original golds are as well as with a PC as long as you plug in the USB wireless adapter your good to go. Also rumor has it they work on the switch since it uses the same USB set up. Sadly they don’t work on the Xbox since it uses the controller

  • Still 570mah battery ?

  • Will this fix durability issues from the previous design?

    • It looks like there’s no hinges this time so won’t snap as easily perhaps
      I wonder if they improved the Mic quality since that needed improvement alot

    • Despite knowing the durability issues of the folded ones, I still ended up buying a pair in December. I do enjoy that they are more compact for travel.

      I did end up buying a BB protection plan due to people saying that they break after about a year of use, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the new version if mine break.

      These new ones look nice!

  • I have both the Gold and Platinum wireless headsets. The Gold ones are older, but their material around the ear cushions are deteriorating. Is anyone else having that issue? Is this one of the improvements?

    I’m glad I have the Platinum now and hope those don’t have the same issues down the road.

    • Yep i have the same issue the skin of the ear cushions peeling off
      If this new headset uses same materials for the headset cushion skin then likely the same will happen
      I wish these blog posts are more informative

    • mine are too. its the only fault ive had with the golds and i have mine nearly 3 years

    • Same thing happened to mine. The rubber coating started flaking off. I just helped it along and they are now ok. It just easily comes off. Cheap, yeah, but at least you can still get use of them.

  • I hope that this headset will support 4K Bravia TVs. I wish to use this headphone while watching TV.

  • Another headset? I am still waiting for dev support on my Platinum headset. Each game should be required to have a profile to download to the headset.

  • The original Gold headset was disappointing. They were nice the first year and then the plastic headband began to get cracks from pulling on it gently to put them on your head. Then the hinges would weaken from adjusting them and the “skin” covering would peel off.
    It felt low-quality, poorly constructed and when I saw the Platinum version announced(which were more expensive but looked just as poorly made as the Gold ones) I decided to buy the Pulse Elites instead.

  • These look much better, some blue accents would have been nice like the old ones but overall much cleaner look. They better sound damn good at the $99 price point when you can get HyperX Cloud Alphas for that though.

    • Is it true the HyperX Cloud Alphas are good? Read a review that said someone prefers them to the $400 Sony 1000x. I thought that was severe hyperbole… but I guess you never know.

  • won’t know til try, but I too have tried old Gold and Platinum ones, Gold hinge-bridge was weakest since needed to be slightly open wide to fit my big-head #sadtimes which over time, hinges gave out then cracks

    then there goes your $99.99

    the Plat ones got rubber AND steel bridge and all over perfect strength to widen open and I didn’t see worry of the bridge cracking anytime ever !!

    although when used more than couple hours, my upper ear leaves starting numbs up and then somewhat pains me when stretching out my ear-leaves for breather

    but then again, problems with big-heads definitely

    this Gold point 2 I’ll give it look, it still appears made out of same plastic materials the old Gold uses, which bridge-cracking over times still worrying me of

  • Can I hear myself better so I don’t have to yell while wearing these? I can barely hear myself speak with the current Gold headset and my fiance complains about the yelling all the time


  • Hopefully the headband isn’t as weak as the golds, lots of people including myself had them snap in half multiple places. Literally from their own weight. Still got mine, but they have tape holding them together.

  • Hello, Is the platinum headset still being supported with custom audio profiles? The last one was for Horizon Zero dawn. There have been a lot of games released since then like Destiny 2 etc…

  • Does it still work with PS3? I got the platinum headset and I was pretty disappointed that it wasn’t compatible with it. I sort of understand cause the 3D sound but still.

  • I’ll wait for some reviews before deciding. On the plus side, no hinges to break. The headband is more narrow, and it looks like there’s a decent amount of padding, so hopefully they’re comfortable. My concern is the potential pressure that they would put on my head. I’ve bought some headsets in the past that gave me headaches. Hopefully, the mic quality is better, too. Lastly, perhaps they should consider including longer charging cables (like we have for the controllers) in the box, and offer replacement dongles. Thanks.

  • Can we confirm that these will finally FIX the constant sound cutoff that we have with current Gold? On my side, I’ve had my gold for a few years and I have no complaints on comfort or build quality. My biggest issue, and quick search on the internet confirm I am not alone, we get a lot of sound cutoffs during gameplay. This appeared a year or more ago following a PS4 update. Since then, we’d had to deal with them. Some mentioned possible interferences and a few of use have been using USB extension cords to try to position the dongle further away from the PS4 to try to reduce it but it never fixed it.

    To me, this is software based since it was working flawlessly before the infamous PS4 upgrades. I’m just wondering if this particular issue is resolved with this new Gold headset.

    • Also experienced these sound cutoffs. Very frequent, not sure the cause. Definitely not interference since I’m sitting only 2 meter from my PS4. Never had them before PS4 updates.


    • Its on amazons website if you go take a look i preordered but if the quality isnt up to par I will send them back. Hope that is not the case TBH.

  • This looks exactly like the Platinums except the part that rests on your head and the ear pads look slightly better. Regardless, it’s cheap built plastic so no thanks. I remember the Platinums being horrible especially mic wise. Those cheap clickly plastic buttons are real annoying. I’ll stick to my Lucidsound LS40 which are sturdy and not a big chunk of plastic. Sony Gold headset were pretty good when they first came out besides the mic. Sounded like you were underwater. Overall, only great experience I ever had with a headset for PS4 and PC are Lucidsound LS40 especially PC.

  • Is there improved radio interference shielding? Plugging an external hard drive into the PS4 makes the original Gold Headset suffer occasional wireless connection dropouts (caused by the notorious radio interference caused by USB 3.0).

  • can someone from sony comment on the SIDETONE feature and if it really works on this new version of the GOLD headset. still a steal at $99 though definitely buying.

  • Why does it need to be tethered for PSVR?

  • Looks nice but is it durable, the previous ones would break after 8-9 months use on average. For a premium price, I expect a high quality product.

  • Any guarantee these won’t break from the slightest use unlike the old headsets?

  • In addition to this, can you guys please update the headset companion app for the the people who bought the Platinum headsets like myself? The list of sound profiles for the Gold headset heavily outweigh the $160 platinum headsets sound profile.

    I mean there isn’t even a sound profile for Destiny 2 on the Platinum headsets !

  • Does this revised headset have 3D audio? If it doesn’t I feel like that’s a bit of an oversight, especially since you can get Dolby Atmos on the Xbox One with any headset for much lower price. I’m usually an advocate for Sony but not in this issue. Sony please let us know!

  • looks like I made the right choice by not buying a new pair for $80 around Christmas. My LE White Gold headset is falling apart. The leather on the earpiece is coming off and the clip that folds broke on one side. Worst of all the battery doesn’t hold much a charge any longer. It looks like these don’t even fold so that won’t be an issue. And don’t get me wrong, I love the Gold headset. But for how I treat my stuff they should be holding up better.

    On a side note to PS. I love the app but can you guys get more developers on board here? There’s rarely any new games listed anymore. The headsets are great w/o but each game that has custom audio for the headset is so much better. And when in party chat I don’t have the option to use my surround sound. So please, work to bring more games custom audio to the app.

  • they should be $80 like the current ones and the OGs discontinued (unless you’re telling me R&D for the redesign equates to $20 increase?). Platinums should be $100-120

  • Please make it durable. My PS Elite, Gold V1 and Platinum headsets all broke within a year…

  • It looks nice to have a new and improved PS Golden Wireless Headset, well, I satisfied with the one I already got which is the original Golden Wireless Headset.

  • The audio quality of the platinum headset is great. It can handle bass that the gold headset couldn’t handle. Here are my questions:

    – This new goldset has 50 mm drivers just like the platinum headset. Does this mean I am getting the same sound quality from this new gold headset as the platinums?

    – Will this new gold headset be compatible with the PS3? I still have a lot of PS3 games to play.

  • Still with the dongle huh, I’m surprised ps4 don’t have Bluetooth feature like ps3 has,

  • What material are the ear pads made of? I have had the pulse elite (which are awesome but is too tight when gaming in glasses) and the now old gold wireless (which are light and comfortable but not too durable). I love the old gold but 11/2yr in the earpads started to peel. I was able to remove them and cover them in a pair of cool looking socks from the dollarstore. They looked cool but I should not have to do that with a $100 device. Also I notice that this is no longer foldable, the folding hinge on the older version broke, but I liked how compact it could get for traveling.

    Some more details in a promo video would help sell us on the improvements claims!

  • I have two of the old gold sets, one white one black for my teens. The plastic lasted two months before it just crumbled from use. Great sound except the bass is lacking but the comfort and mic quality is great. Both pair are now duct taped up so they can even wear them. Not buying another set until I can afford very durable ones with as good or better quality sound and mic. I looked into these new ones and the plastic is the exact same material composition and will not last for most gamers.

  • Are the plastic materials more resistant to breaking than previous products? This seems to be made of very cheap materials.

  • It’s terrible, avoid this product. The plastic starts to crack over time, it’s a bad design flaw that they haven’t even bothered to fix. SONY, you seriously need to consider hiring product designers that know what they’re doing.

  • Will this be available by the end of the month in Canada too?

  • Any playstation headset could be use on TV? I planned to use while I play as while I watch TV. Is that possible?

  • the last version of the gold headset felt pretty flimsy with those hinges glad they moved away from them. think you guys can update the headset companion app to give folks tht still have pulse elites some sound profiles from some of the more recent games? my old pulse elites are still going strong with some help from gorilla glue lol love em

  • Want to get them or the platinum look sick!

    • DO NOT GET THE PLATINUM!!! All of your friends will mute you because the mics are not properly shielded and there is NO NOISE CANCELLATION. Trust me on this one.

  • Did you Guys finally get rid of the hinges?? If you did, I can finally retire my 6 year old PS Pulse’s.

  • Oh god I hope they don’t leave this one in the dust like they did with the platinum headset.. what a complete failure

  • I dont know why these new headsets doesnt support 3D Audio. Sony is killing its own technologies…

  • Now when you say noise cancelling… Do you mean like the Platinum? Because the “noise cancelling” on them was so good that some of my best online friends mute me as a MAJOR echo is so not there. You say don’t be a jerk on here? What do you call ripping people off with cheap plastic for $100? (PS Gold) and to say sorry PlayStation doubles the price of the platinum and flat out LIES to the community by telling them they are noise cancelling? It even lies on the box, I believe that is false advertising. If that’s not being a jerk then I don’t know what is.

  • Was this headsests ear cups designed with wearing glasses in mind like the newer Turtle Beach’s are ?

  • Cool, possibly a better microphone and not much else. The old Gold version was comfortable enough. If this has increased battery life(and I’m not talk a few hour difference but maybe even double the old 6-8 hour golds), increased range(I get maybe ten to fifteen feet at best until it cuts out), and more durable, then I’ll happily buy the new version. But at the end of the day, if it’s just cosmetic changes and a mic upgrade, I’ll wait until the Platinums come down in price.

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