PlayStation Blogcast 279: But What Does the NT Stand For?

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PlayStation Blogcast 279: But What Does the NT Stand For?

We continue the favorite fighting game train.

Hello! We’re back and continuing our conversations on both Monster Hunter: World and favorite fighting games, including Ryan’s early impressions of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Tune in for a massive news recap, new release highlights, and a very normal Sid Shuman. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Celeste
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2
  • Old-school fighting games

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  • New Tale.

  • A Blogcast on Friday? What is this madness!!!

  • Tuesday is my bday, I have the collectors edition of shadow of the colossus coming from Amazon and no work.

    Keep making new episodes of the Sid Shuman show and ill keep listening. Made any progress with ff7 Kristen?

  • Do we really have to let posts like the following even SHOW up here…?

    “””Trendy_Kid said:

    February 2nd, 8:22 am

    To me it stands for “Next Time”, because I’m skipping this one.”””

    This is a game that’s not important enough for this guy to buy, apparently, but important enough to trumpet this announcement to other people who most likely don’t care for this kind of input.
    I noticed that the post itself doesn’t show a reply button like other replies, so is there an automated algorithm here that detects this sort of thing and still let’s it show?
    I’m sort of interested in the game myself, since I passed on the two PSP games that I knew of, and felt this one might fit my tastes a little better. Even if I didn’t care about it, I don’t feel that I’d bother to post about “passing” on it.
    Maybe some people just live on these forums and live for the sole thrill of being a naysayer…

  • Don’t cage Sid’s free spirit. His weirdness is a huge part of this show’s charm LOL.

    To be honest I am a little disappointed with Dissidia NT because I’m a huge story guy when it comes to video games and the PSP games had a fantastic campaign but this game seems to be more about the fighting and you unlock cutscenes with points that you grind by fighting and that’s just not for me…

    That being said I came across this amazing mobile game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. It takes place in the Dissidia universe I’m not sure if before or after NT but it is extremely story heavy. Portals have opened to other Final Fantasy worlds and monsters are pouring in from them. MOG the guardian Spirit gathers together the Warrior of Light, Rem, Vivi and Sazh and together they go off and fight monsters and collect other Warriors from other Final Fantasy games. The combat mixes turn-based classic Final Fantasy gameplay with battle mechanics of Dissidia such as bravery and HP attacks. You build a party of three from the characters you have available unlocking more as you progress. I’m really enjoying it.

  • NT = No Tifa

    Loving the game so far. They need to adjust the requirements for those A++ ranking though.

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