Horror Roguelike The Persistence Lands on PS VR July 24

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Horror Roguelike The Persistence Lands on PS VR July 24

Firesprite shares five tips to help you survive a malfunctioning ship populated by mutated clones of your former crewmates.

Hello, PlayStation VR fans! Stuart Tilley, Game Director at Firesprite here with some exciting news. I’m pleased to announce that The Persistence will be releasing on PlayStation VR on July 24, 2018! What’s more, there’s a new trailer to check out, as well as a pre-order discount for PlayStation Plus members.

If you don’t know much about The Persistence just yet, here are five things that will make you an expert.

1. Dying Isn’t the End

The Persistence

The Persistence is a roguelike, and chances are you are going to die a lot. You play as Security Officer Zimri Eder. Well, sort of. With each new life, you play as a fresh clone with her Engrams (her memories and personality) restored. With each new life comes the opportunity to re-sequence her DNA to create more powerful clones in the future.

The game is set aboard The Persistence, a colony ship that suffers a malfunction during a jump, landing it in the inexorable pull of a black hole, wreaking havoc on the ship and corrupting the Clone Printer, which is now creating mutated copies of your ex-shipmates.

You are the last survivor. Your mission? Restore functionality to The Persistence and somehow make your way back to Earth.

2. Stealth is Your Friend

The Persistence

The Persistence is totally overrun, and these mutants won’t think twice about beating you to a pulp. Keep out of sight and out of trouble, leaning-and-peeking in PS VR to stay aware of dangers, perhaps taking time to learn enemy behaviors and coming up with new tactics for your next run.

The Persistence

Movement uses smooth FPS controls, so getting around is really easy, and you’re equipped with a short-range teleporter which is perfect for moving stealthily between cover.

3. You Can Fight Back

The Persistence

If you prefer to be the hunter rather than the hunted, you’ll want to seek out weapon fabricators. Here, you can purchase any of the 20 different weapons carried onboard, including firearms, melee, and even some top-secret experimental ‘dark matter’ powered prototypes!

You can upgrade each of them, and you’ll need to as you explore deeper into the dark and terrifying depths of The Persistence.

4. Every Life is Different

The automated deck-configuring system has also been corrupted, so every time you die or activate the teleporter between decks, the layout of the ship changes. Every life plays out differently, with different enemies to face, items to find and weapons to buy and upgrade. Taking time to understand the ever-changing world around you is crucial to staying alive.

Deadly hazards are likely to get the better of you if aren’t paying attention, so learn to use them to your advantage. Try presenting yourself as tasty human bait to lure a mutant over an explosive floor plate for an easy kill!

5. You Can Call Your Friends

The Persistence

Your friends can help out by connecting to the game (local play only) with their phone or tablet and hacking into Solex, the ship’s engineering system.

Once connected, players get powerful control over the game, including abilities to lure enemies, open doors, and disable traps. By helping you, your friends can upgrade their Solex system to unlock even more powers, like the ability to freeze enemies to help you escape.

But beware, sometimes your friends get big rewards if you die! With the ability to spawn new enemies and make them attack, can you really trust your friends to help you out?

Pre-order The Persistence now, and receive a super cool concept art Avatar Pack of some of the mutants, and a discount if you are a PS Plus member.

Keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog for more details on The Persistence before launches on July 24.

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10 Author Replies

  • This looks like a must play. Wonder if it supports the aim controller.

    • Hey thanks for the comment! We are considering a number of different control configs, but with ‘The Persistence’ its a little bit more challenging to support the Aim, as you actively use both hands (left for Shield, right for weapons and gear) and it may feel strange!

    • So thats means movement is strictly teleport…lost my interest already

    • @Tigg – The game uses free movement, which you can customize to your liking. The teleporter is actually an in-game item and is completely optional. At least play the demo before you write an ignorant comment.

  • Reminds me of Zombi, but I think this is gonna be a bit more intriguing to me!

  • This looks pretty sweet. PSVR Without Parole was super into the demo, though I was too much of a scaredy cat to try it out myself.

    But reading about the interesting local play, PS Plus Pre-Order Discount, Avatars, and more along with the Rogue-Lite elements leaves this settled in as a must buy. Love the art design too. Great job on this guys!

    I think it’s time I check out that Demo now…Gulp!

    • Even for those making the game who play it *alot* we still get quite a few jumps in the Studio!

      Loads more info still to come about the game, so stay tuned. Be sure to tell us what you thought about the demo too… if you dare try it of course ;)

  • This sounds really good. Combines Dead Space and Souls like game on VR. I’m ready.

  • What is movement like?

    • The way we tend to play mostly in the Studio is absolute free movement and look-around. The Player is also equipped with a teleporter (that can be upgraded)

      We’re trying to give as many control options as possible and there will be a full set of comfort controls to play around with. We will release more information on this soon

  • Any chance for non VR for people like me. I’ve tried VR and i get sick everytime. But i would like to try this game on regular old TV lol…

  • How do you move because I hate teleporting. It is a very ineffective way of getting around and travelling short distances at a time to get away or out of the way. Actually one of the reasons i dislike various VR games. Farpoint has the right idea with the Aim Controller which has thumbsticks so you can actually walk/run and turn easily.

    • You have full control of the Player movement, just like a standard FPS

      I can see your point about teleporters, but we think ours comes in pretty handy for certain stealth moments and possibly, a good way to get into certain nooks and crannies ;)

  • Looks like fun to play with a friend! Hoping the story has some online coop

    • Thanks for the comment… You can play through the whole story experience with a friend (or foe) at your side, using a tablet or phone to help or hinder you

    • Oh I see! My bad I didn’t read the information all the way through. I like the idea of helping or hindering a friend playing it in VR on a phone locally

  • I had an awesome time playing this with Stuart at PSX and falling for the traps Gareth set using the tablet during the demo. Taking a stealth approach in this game felt extra satisfying. I can’t wait to help (or trick) my friends while they’re playing in VR.

    • Haha! Yeah, you really do find out who your friends are!

      Hopefully you’ll love the improvements we’ve made since you played. You are definitely going to have lots more stealth options available

  • Will this title support the PS moves to as the same with VR aim?

    • We are actively considering a number of different control configs, however its a little bit more challenging to support the Aim, as you actively use both hands (left for Shield, right for weapons and gear) and it may feel strange to see your left or right hand ‘floating’

      We will keep players posted with where we end up on this!

  • This. This is the game that gives me a reason to buy PSVR. It looks really really cool!

  • I had a blast playing this demo at Playstation Experience 2017. I hope you remember me – Stuart – you were really great answering all my questions and helping me with tips on making the enemy AI become my friend in game to help get thru the demo the multiple times I tried at your booth.

    Thanks for tossing me a Persistence t-shirt at the end of the show !! I cannot wait to prebook this and have been playing the demo at home now multiple times and telling all my buddies about the game. Thx mate !!

  • Not knowing exactly how you use the shield, I will say that here’s one more asking for AIM support. Does the shield have to be attached to your left hand? It could just be an attachment to the protagonist’s outfit, and then on the AIM controller, a simple slight shift of the left thumb could press a button to activate\deactivate… Just a thought but this game seems ripe for AIM!

  • Hell yeah. Day one buy for me.

  • Aim support= day one purchase for me

    No aim= I still buy but wait for a sale

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