How EA Sports UFC 3 Ups its Game In and Out of the Octagon

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How EA Sports UFC 3 Ups its Game In and Out of the Octagon

Champions Edition launches today on PS4.

EA Sports UFC 3 launches Friday on PS4! And this year’s entry will show off some potent new possibilities.

For instance, we’ve put major work into the animation system, which we’re calling Real Player Motion technology. RPM tech will make every move you make, and every strike you take, feel more realistic. With thousands of new striking animations, you can now combine your strikes with slips and lunges, so that you can perform each move while in motion.

EA Sports UFC 3

We also overhauled the damage system, which means that your positioning, stance, and vulnerability are critical factors. For example, your positioning on your opponent makes every punch an opportunity to finish the fight. Leave yourself open, however, and you could take a devastating counter blow.

Just like in the real Octagon, your fighter’s footwork is now at the forefront of every tactical encounter. RPM creates unique animations that replicate real fighter movements, allowing you to move across the mat, close gaps, and manage distance with seamless fluidity.

The action starts when you pick your favorite UFC fighter from across multiple weight divisions in our launch roster. In close collaboration with the UFC, we selected the top-rated fighters from eight male divisions and two female divisions, popular legends of the sport, as well as up-and-coming talent. We think it’s our best launch roster yet, but be sure to let us know your thoughts! Browse the full fighter roster here.

EA Sports UFC 3

For the first time in EA Sports UFC, the choices you make outside of the Octagon impact your path to greatness inside of the Octagon. Between each bout, you can make promotional choices that help you gain fans, build hype for your next fight, and earn more lucrative contracts from the UFC. How you promote outside of the Octagon matters just as much as how you perform inside of it — if you want to become the greatest of all time.

Build your fan base, create heated rivalries, and interact with them all on the new in-game social media platform. The choice is yours: Will you be the hot-headed contender, or the cool, calm, and collected champion?

Updated Suite of Multiplayer Modes

Get your friends together, pick a fighter, and step into the Octagon with one of these multiplayer modes:

Stand and Bang: Hone your stand-up skills as you fight your opponent toe-to-toe without the risk of having to grapple.
Knockout Mode: The rules to KO Mode are simple – both players start with the same amount of health, but with each devastating shot the health bar decreases. It’s a perfect way to hone your defensive abilities.
Submission Showdown: Only true skill can master the mat. Hone your ground game in this submission mode.
Custom Fight: Tune and adjust everything including stamina, transition speed, submission speed, grapple advantage, damage, health recovery, and perks to create your ideal bout.
Tournament Mode: The ultimate game mode for a group of friends. Choose your fighter and see how many opponents you can finish in a King of the Hill style tournament mode.

What’s more, you can get the Ultimate Octagon experience with EA Sports UFC 3 Champions Edition. In addition to getting three days early access to the full game, you get one permanent Champion Fighter and more in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports UFC 3

Choose between the five UFC 3 Champion fighters to permanently add to your UFC 3 Ultimate Team Lineup, including: Conor McGregor, Demetrious Johnson, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Georges St. Pierre, and Anderson Silva.

You will also receive an array of bonus content, too. Get full details here.

See you in the Octagon!

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  • Yeah no thanks, Ufc 3 is not even out yet and Ufc 2 has game features that are no longer supported. Good ol’ EA!

  • Now take this tech and please apply it to FIGHT NIGHT!
    But please don’t make it another weird interactive story campaign.

  • EA somehow managed to mess the fighting mechanics of this game up. The sway or dodge and weave almost become a non-factor and doesn’t really work like how it should intend to also the strikes do not feel realistic. IMO is seems that they tailored this game for more button smashers alike. We can also talk about the distant range game being non-existent and the KO animations feel empty, also no follow-up strikes?!

    • This as well, it has not and is still not a credible fighting game or skill based representation of the sport. It’s a high presentation lowest common denominator loot box casino game.

      A shame as they could make a ufc style game with fighting game chops like the long time Japanese fighting game devs. That isn’t what EA is about though. FIFA 18 suffers from rng and all kinds of problems to allow average people who spend to compete regardless of skill.

      It’s not like they will respond to my posts, the reviews of the previous two were pilloried for the poor gameplay, this like nba live is really not competitive with the top players of the genre. Soul Calibur 6 inbound at least. It’s a disservice to the massive ufc fan base. Correct me if I am wrong here community manager but why do we need these ufc points? Why is the game play not crisp and representative of at least the top style Brazilian jiujiuif nothing else?

      Everyone interested in this you have been warned.

    • EA, we dont want you anymore
      You ruined UFC this generation.. every game you use the new engine, you mess it up.. the only type of game where it works well is on Battlefield.
      and of course, those f… loot boxes, you will never stop that so I will be who say stop and dont buy nothing from you anymore.

      After playing all PS3 UFC games, and the last two, I can say, UFC and UFC 2 were boring. Worse than the bellator game. And that is heavy.

  • Can you explain why fighting game fans would actually want to play this when you have ufc points for $133 cad a throw and 5 Star jab upgrades in pay to win loot boxes?

    When people who drop $100’s to $1000’s on your lootboxes for online advantages can spam a 5 Star jab upgrade from a lootbox and people that paid full price for this get bodied because they don’t want to bow to the almighty EA Wilson lootbox which is in every and all EA game now whether it makes sense or not.

    I have played FIFA and ultimate team for years, I don’t buy FIFA points, and with a team sport it actually makes some sense to have a fantasy football economy in some ways.

    I have sf5 and Tekken 7, your game belongs in the bargain bin. I hate that Need for Speed was ruined this way as well. This is as crass as the mayweather fight last summer.

  • What is with having to pay for DLC for each weight class?? I understand paying for fighters that are not actually in the UFC. But $1.99 per weight class for the same fighter is ridiculous. It should be $1.99 for the DLC which grants access to fight as that fighter in any class you choose.

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